Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman talk The Beatles, World Tours and Doctor Who Series 9

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman interview for Doctor Who series 9 in Berlin. (original link)

Some of the translation is not accurate

Translation: : What is your first memory of “Doctor Who” ? How did you first come into contact with the series?

Jenna Coleman : I am what we call in Britain a “denied child” . I come from the generation of Doctor Who that was withheld . I just grew up in a time when the series was not running on television . It only came back when I was 18 . So I am a child who has grown into a world without Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi : For me it was a bit different . The series went off when I was five years old . I mean, I’d seen the first episode , but I’m not quite sure. The first really vivid memory I have, is of the episode “The Dalek Invasion of Earth ” . Especially the scene where a Dalek rises out of the water . By this I can clearly remember yet . I was not afraid . In fact, I was never afraid in Doctor Who . I just loved the show ! Every episode I watched then. I was a huge fan of the series. It was part of my childhood and youth. I found it magical and exciting and mysterious. They need to know I grew up in the 60s . And as a child in the 60s in the UK, there was a only two great things : Doctor Who and the Beatles.

Jenna Coleman : Good combination!

Peter Capaldi : It is! The Beatles were the first rock band , which was not taken so seriously. I remember as a child we had - or rather our parents - purchased small guitars with the autographs of the Beatles…

Jenna Coleman : We really need to make an episode with the Beatles!

Peter Capaldi : The Doctor has already met the Beatles. They have appeared in an episode.

For Real?

Peter Capaldi : In the 60’s …I mean… I hope I say nothing wrong. ( laughs)

Jenna Coleman : Was it perhaps just a dream ? ( laughs)

Peter Capaldi : They were in a series . (Pause ) Or maybe ran even one song by them in a jukebox . Or maybe I am now also totally wrong - and this has been only in my imagination . ( brings out his cell phone and starts to type … ) Maybe the Beatles were even mentioned … Hmm …. must surely be able to find out … ( totally engrossed in the research )

Jenna Coleman : they do best with me on… ( laughs)

Are there any, among the earlier Companions, a figure that you would call a role model?

Jenna Coleman : No, not really . Before I went to the audition, I had seen an episode with Matt ( Matt Smith ) and Karen ( Karen Gillan ) . But basically, I had no idea what to expect. And it I have also applied . I did not want to be influenced by what I’ve seen , but just look at what happened . After I got the part , I watched a couple of the earlier episodes . Steven ( Moffat ) has placed me especially with James Corden own heart, because Amy occurs less in it.

Stevens’s theory is that the Companion discovered the world of the Doctor for the first time all over again - and therefore (for the actress) there is no reason to look back (to previous episodes). He did not want me to look at it so much. Only when the filming of Season 7 had already started and I felt I was familiar with the role, I then looked at everything. So all episodes of the current series as well as a few classic episodes.

They have played different versions of Clara. But even within the current version of Clara, so my impression has been changed - of the Nanny in Season 7 and schoolteacher in Season 8. How would you describe the evolution of Clara? The development was so much more out of her character.

Jenna Coleman : Yes , because they no longer had to be mysterious. We were able to bring more in experience, which was very nice .

Has the Beatles mystery now been solved, Mr. Capaldi?

Peter Capaldi : Unfortunately not. I have found a website, which says that the Doctor has already met the Beatles frequently, but they were novels…

Jenna Coleman : You should text Steven!

Peter Capaldi : That’s a good idea! After all, I found a photo of the Beatles with someone who looks like Matt Smith.

Jenna Coleman : Really?

Peter Capaldi : Yes , there are so many different answers on whether the Doctor has met the Beatles. I can not look through them now.

Jenna Coleman : I’ll send a text to Steven ( brings out her cell phone )

To return again to the beginning, Mr. Capaldi : I have a theory, that it’s always the first version that you get to know, the first Doctor, the first James Bond, who formed their own expectations to the figure. How influential was William Hartnell for you?

Peter Capaldi : There is definitely an element of it! I loved William Hartnell in the role! However, I do not know how aware I was at the time of his portrayal of the character. I was no more than six or seven years old. And what I do not like is to go back now and look at my old episodes from the 60’s.

I think the real strength of the series lies in the existence of which it’s assumed in my imagination . I think this is even one of the reasons why Doctor Who in the UK has been such a lasting success : Because the series fired the imagination of the audience.

These consequences were not produced to be looked at again decades later. These episodes were made for the 25 minutes that they have completed on Saturday night . And whoever today mocks the sets or special effects or monster, costumes then consequences, in my view completely overlooks the actual point: What these creative people had made ​​for an incredibly low budget , was a series which has sparked the imagination of an entire generation.
If you ask me what influenced me , then I would say it is the tone, the atmosphere, which had consequences in the 60s and 70s .

What do you say about the old episodes, I can understand very well. Unfortunately, it is so that it has time to avoid the TV station in Germany in particular because of the lack of production values ​, “Doctor Who” radiates here with us .

Peter Capaldi : Last year, we did a small World Tour …

Jenna Coleman : Yes, exactly, very small …

Peter Capaldi : We also went to Latin America, where the series is a huge success. In Mexico it has been running and actually been around since the ‘60s! I was even shown a short clip in which William Hartnell was dubbed in Spanish. And the series was then called in Mexico “ Doctor Misterio ” . Which makes me happy because it sounds somehow like a Mexican wrestler . “ Doctor Misterio! ” ( Laughs) I wish the series would still be so in Mexico.
Now what I really wanted to say? ( laughs)

Jenna Coleman : You wanted to get rid of the Doctor - Misterio - story ! ( laughs) I’ve sent the to Steven with the Beatles question, but I do not know if he will reply in time .

Unfortunately I’ve only got time for one last question. let me introduce this by saying how extremely excited and moved I was by Mr. Frobisher in your performance, Mr. Capaldi in Torchwood Children of Earth.

Peter Capaldi : Thank you, that’s very kind of you. Many Thanks.

It was said in the past, that in the ninth season an explanation is found as to why your face, Mr. Capaldi, has been seen before in the “Doctor Who” universe . Can you tell me, if this is not a big spoiler, whether the explanation will also include Mr. Frobisher?

Peter Capaldi : ( laughs) I can’t really tell. ( long pause ) It could be . The more I tell you, the more I spoil the fun.

Jenna Coleman : We can say that in any case the face is discussed.

Peter Capaldi : Yes, we can. The question of course is aimed at ensuring that Frobisher just like Caecilius ( The Fires of Pompeii) exists as part of the Doctor Who universe . And then we must also not forget that the name of Frobisher Shapeshifter out. I mean, one of the Doctor Who comic books says that Russell T Davies has borrowed for the character in Torchwood .

Jenna Coleman : layers upon layers …

Peter Capaldi : ( chuckling) You’ll have to wait for now, unfortunately .

I’m very excited!

Peter Capaldi : I hope you like it.

Jenna Coleman : Steven Moffat has replied : “No, but William Hartnell had a time-space visualiser and Ian Chesterton has looked at how they (The Beatles ) play "Ticket To Ride.”

Peter Capaldi : ( claps his hands ) So then I was right ! At least a little . Ian Chesterton has looked at the Beatles.

Jenna Coleman : And here ( showing her phone around ) Steven has sent the image which you talked about earlier

Peter Capaldi : This looks exactly like Matt .

Jenna Coleman : Matt is a real time traveler!

Mrs. Coleman , Mr. Capaldi , thank you very much for the interview!

According to, the final episode on Season 4 (4.12) will be entitled ‘The Broken Spell’ and will feature the return of Isaac, Jackson and Allison.

It reads ‘All star cast for Teen Wolf Episode 4x12 The Broken Spell’.

We know Colton came back to the set at some stage earlier this year, and Isaac returning has always been hinted at. Although, take this with a grain of salt.