Whiskey Blood and Love. - Hoofdstuk 5 (on Wattpad) Haar gil ging door merg en been, maar daar hield ik van. Hier kreeg ik kippenvel van. Maar dan op een goede manier. Hier deed ik het voor. Hoe dit ooit begonnen is weet ik al lang niet meer. Dit dit was een deel van mij. Sterker dit was het gene wat mij maakte wie ik was. Een serie moordenaar werd ik genoemd in de kranten en op tv. Ik dode mensen, en veel mensen, maar nooit zonder reden.

Recensie: Verlangen, Chelsea Cain

Wat brengt een seriemoordenaar mee voor je verjaardag? Recensie: Verlangen, Chelsea Cain @lsamsterdam

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Verlangen is een deel uit de serie waarin Archie Sheridan, rechercheur, de hoofdrol speelt. En natuurlijk zijn eigen nemesis, de knappe seriemoordenaar Gretchen Lowell. Waarmee hij ooit een relatie mee heeft gehad! Keer op keer weet hij haar te vangen, en weet hij haar op te sluiten. En weet zij weer te ontspannen. Zoals ook dit keer, uit een zwaar bewaakt gesticht. En net als de afgelopen jaar…

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“Kelli overhandigde het papier en ik vouwde het open en legde het iets links van mijn linguini op tafel. Het was zo'n gestoord bericht dat seriemoordenaars en andere gevaarlijke gekken vaak in elkaar flansen, teneinde het zo fel begeerde dodelijke evenwicht tussen roem en anonimiteit te handhaven. De woorden waren zorgvuldig uit kranten geknipt en op het papier geplakt.

Ik voelde een zeer lichte huivering bij me opkomen. Ik wist niet zeker of dat door de brief kwam of door de zuppa di pesce. Er was iets mis met mensen die dit soort berichten samenstelden en verstuurden. De misdaden zelf waren, als ze tenminste gepleegd werden, misschien nog dagelijkse routine - maar woorden uit kranten knippen en die op een vel papier plakken duidde er meestal op dat je een griezel was, tenzij het een kind of een oude dame met een plakboek betrof.”

  • Kinky Friedman - Musical Chairs, p. 104-105, vertaling: Herman Mock

Below is a questionnaire filled out by John Wayne Gacy. When he filled it out he was in prison, waiting to be executed for his crimes. His answers make him seem like a very ordinary person. Misspellings and other errors have been left as is (certain anwers are partly illegible).

  • Full name: John Wayne Gacy
  • Date of birth: March 17, 1942
  • Age, Ht., Wt: 50, 5'9", 208
  • Home: Menard Deathrow, Chester, I11.
  • Marital status: Twice divorced
  • Family: 2 sisters, 5 children
  • Most treasured honor: 3 times son of the year Jaycees 3 different cities
  • Prefect woman or man: Independent thinker, self starter, mind of her own.
  • Man: Bright, bold, honest dependable says what he is thinking
  • Childhood hero: J.F. Kennedy, R.J. Daley.
  • Current hero: M Cuomo, Donald Trump
  • Favorite TV shows: Unsolved mysteries, National geographic specials
  • Favorite movies: Once upon a time in America, Good fellas, Ten Commandments
  • Favorite song: Send in the clowns, amazing grace
  • Favorite singers: Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Shan a na
  • Favorite musicians: REO Speedwagon, Elton John, Zamfir
  • Hobbies: Correspondence, oil painting, study of human interests
  • Favorite meals: Fried chicken, deboned lake perch drawn in butter, salad. Tea
  • Recommended reading: Texas Connection, Question of Doubt
  • Last book read: naked lunch and wild boys William S Burroughs
  • Ideal evening: Dinner and concert or live show, drinks and a quiet walk by lake
  • Every Jan 1st: resolve: Correct things that I go year before
  • Nobody knows: I’m a character who love to tease and joke around
  • My biggest secret: being so trusting and gullible. Taken advantage of.
  • If I were president I’d: make sure the people of this country had jobs and a place to live before worrying about other countries
  • My advice to children: Be yourself, think positive respect parents
  • What I don’t like about people: Phonies, people who don’t keep their word.
  • My bigges fear: Dying before I have a chance to clear my name with truth
  • Pet peeves: People who say things they have no intention of doing.
  • Superstitions: none its for negative people
  • Friends like me because: I am outspoken and honest, fun loving dependable
  • Behind my back they say: The bastard got it made and he grandiose
  • People in history I’d like to have met: Michelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci
  • If I were an animal I’d be: a Bear or Eagle
  • Personal goals in life: To see to it that my children are provided for.
  • Personal interests: Reading, Writing meeting people, classic movies and music
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite Number: nine
  • I view myself as a: positive thinker, self starter, open minded, non judgmental.
  • What I think of this country: Great, if people would work for it instead of against it, pointing fingers at others, the problem takes all races to [illegible]
  • Political views: semi-liberal Democrat, that one party doesn’t have all winners.
  • Thoughts of crime: Too much political corruption, and allowd drugs by governed has set off the balance of the judicial reform and punishment.
  • Thoughts on drugs: Make some legal to avoid crime [illegible]
  • I consider myself to be Conservative__Moderate__Liberal with values: Liberal with values
  • What I expect form friendships: lighthearted, fun loving, dependeble [illegible]
  • Religious thinking: My faith is in god. Churches need to work on the family unit.
  • What are you’re thinking now: why the hell did I fill this out and who cares what I have to say.
  • Your artistic interests: To please myself first and hope that expression is enjoyable to others. Art as in life is a journey not a destination. If you don’t like it move on. Just like music to the ear, food to the smell and taste.

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes (his real name was Herman Webster Mudgett) was one of the first documented American Serial killers.

“I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing.. I was born with the Evil One standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.”

From the convession of Dr. H. H. Holmes

Maria Catherina Swanenburg (Leiden 9 September 1839 - 11 April 1915) was a Dutch Serial killer.

Between 1880 and 1883, she poisoned up to one-hundred people with arsenic; twenty-seven died. She failed in her attempt to kill at least another fifty using the same method. The investigation included about ninety deaths. 

Her first victim was her own mother in 1880; later she killed her father too. She was caught when trying to poison the Frankhuizen family in December 1883. Her trial began on April 23, 1885. Maria Swanenburg was found guilty and sentenced to live in a correctional facility for the rest of her life. She died there in 1915.