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Being Gay But Not Being Out Yet

watching a show with my parents and a gay scene comes on.

Me: *excessively talking over the scene so my parents think I’m completely fine and not enjoying it at all*

brittana is the cutest shit idc how many years it's been

the fact that santana lopez, aka snixx, the resident badass of lima heights adjacent, is always the little spoon, just wants to be held, gets giggly and blushy and turns into the sweetest and softest little smol gay around when it comes to brittany s. pierce is the cutest thing to ever exist i will fight

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Remember when Blaine wanted his “boyband spin” used in sectionals but got rejected by Sam and his “sexy moves”?

I was rewatching Glee this summer and found out that Blaine actually spins a lot while singing like:



A lot


Even while jumping

Or live

Swimming pool? No problem.

And of course The Warblers:


Bonus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)