@NASAjpl’s new poster series “Visions of the Future” takes wanderlust to new heights with stunning, futuristic tourist ads for (literally) out of this world travel destinations including Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Europa and several other planets it says “can become a reality” for travelers, with further innovation and exploration.

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Stay Determined Poster Series
now available for free download!

That’s right! My Undertale Typography set, series 1 through 3, is now available for download as hi-res printable PDFs. You can take these files to any print shop and have them printed on tabloid (11x17) stock for your own personal display!
Please do not redistribute these posters in any way; they are for personal use only. Support Toby Fox and Undertale by buying some official merch!

A series of illustrations for IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). 

“DOG PARK PROJECT: The IAABC has collaborated with Dr. Jessica Hekman and artist Lili Chin to create a series of posters for use by trainers, dog parks and community dog organizations to promote safety in dog parks and dog play.

The posters, four so far as we begin the collection, are available as PDFs, intended for 11 x 17 printing, and in jpeg form.To download a jpeg to your desktop on a Mac, control+click on the image when the jpeg web page opens.

To download a jpeg to your desktop on a PC, right or shift + click on the image when the jpeg web page opens. IAABC members have free access to these posters, which can be found under “resources” in their user accounts. 

Members are encouraged to distribute these as they see fit to their local dog owner’s groups, dog parks, training centers, veterinary offices, and anywhere else they might be useful.The jpegs are suitable for distribution on Facebook and other social media outlets as well as for placement within other promotional materials.Through this campaign we hope to educate owners in a simple, friendly way, improve safety for the dogs playing in dog parks, and to help make the IAABC a household name for people looking for further help!”



Artist George Caltsoudas is celebrating “Batman: The Animated Series” with a series of posters, each one dedicated to an episode of the show. Caltsoudas’ plan is to draw one poster a day, five days a week, of all 65 episodes from “Batman’s” first season. The posters capture the show’s “Dark Deco” style, a term coined by the original series’ creators to describe the show’s look. For your daily dose of “Dark Deco” “Batman” posters, you can follow Caltsoudas: