“A series of posters from the ‘A to Z Poster Alphabet’ for Conways’ Photosetting by Colin Forbes, ca. 1973”

Colin Forbes is probably best known as one of the five co-founders of Pentagram, he was also in its forerunners - Fletcher/Forbes/Gill and Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes. Alas his work is sadly less well known, and less well-documented online, than both Alan Fletcher and Bob Gill. These posters are a fantastic example of his typographic skill.

I was lucky enough to go to a lecture about Forbes and Alan Fletcher, as well as Anthony Froshaug who taught them both (and many more), at Alan Kitching’s typograpy workshop a fortnight a go, hopefully I will be able to write a bit more about that soon…

Images via the V&A

18″ x 24″ high resolution poster based off of Jenny Holzer’s Survival Series: In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive and You Were Full of Joy, 1998. As with all our posters, feel liberated to print out and wheatpaste at will!

Survivance &