Carmilla pouting and sulking and Elise’s “secret smirk of triumph… ” just telling how I see it. LOL. natvanlis is adorbz.


speaking of, I finished my feminism project at school, I’m currently waiting to get them approved and signed so I can hang them around campus probably next school year because it’s the last week of school and I don’t want to leave them up for only a week. But anyways I created a series of posters to hang around my school to spread awareness and educate ignorant people. Being someone who lives in the suburbs of Austin Texas, even as liberal as it is, there are many misoginistic people who don’t really know what true feminism is. I wanted to start speaking up and start making a difference at my school to make it a better place.
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Garbage Pail Kids - Where are they now?
30 Years Later, The Adult Variant Series

Britt is the poster child for growing up tough. Her pit hair started growing early, and fast. Shaving did nothing, and as a poor family they had no money for laser treatment or waxing. She lived in a trailer with seven other extended family members, one of them being a touchy uncle who loved fondling her armpit hair.  She turned to drugs at an early age. By 15, she had been to jail and rehab more times than the number of pit dreads under her arms. Britt turned things around the best she could, and now sober, she provides for her five kids working steadily at two jobs at the local truck stop and corner liquor store.

1 of 6. A collaboration between Jake Houvenagle, Brandon Voges and Jordan Gaunce.

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2 hours left of our Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion - the animated fantasy series! We are 4% from reaching our stretch goal which is another episode! Since our backers choose (by voting) who they want to follow in the next episodes we have made a thank you illustration where the main characters are racing against each other! Amerath is in the leading position but Epic Wilhelm and Vito are really close to her! 2 more hours to vote or back the project if you haven´t already :)

Thank you everyone! The warmest and most passionated high fives to all of you!

In the next update on the Kickstarter we will also announce the winner of the drawing competition where you could get your own monster design (#toamonster) into the series from twitter, tumblr or instagram:) Follow us on youtube for much more about the series!


Horror Icons Poster Series by William Henry

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