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Change Your Mind (m) || Part 5

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // childhood friend au & fwb au // love triangle ahoy

Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2928

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

A/N: alskgdfkl sorry this took a while qq i hit the road block for this so i’m also sorry that it is quite short and probably isn’t what you guys are expecting ^^; there’s one last part to this btw, i promise it’ll explain everything that is unanswered from here

Jungkook’s words reverberate in your mind, astoundment striking you like lightning.

“You… what?” You ask for clarification, ebullience leaving your body as if it has never been present to begin with. All you are left with is plain shock, movements desultory as you take a few steps back.

Jimin’s eyes widen at Jungkook’s proposition of a panacea, for those words are the last he thought would ever leave Jungkook’s mouth. Jimin remains niche against the wall, rising tension hitting the room in untoward waftures. The younger boy sighs and scratches the back of his neck. “I said we need to cut off what we have—whatever it is.”

“W- why?” You say a bit too desperately, feeling yourself unravel at his sharp statement. “I thought you- we had… why?

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The Very First (Proper) Time

I’d like to say I knew what I was getting into, but I’m not sure there is anyone who does. Most mornings I have the first half hour that the shop is open to myself. I make tea – and coffee for customers – read the paper, putter about. Today was different.

The woman who walked in carried a god in her eyes. And she knew what I was – I was certain of this, no matter how strong my glamour is. She came with a boy of eleven who smiled at me with an innocence lost even to babies. I new he was human, but the smile said otherwise.

“I am sorry: we aren’t open for another half an hour,” I lied smoothly. I am a very good liar, and that it was the truth meant it wasn’t a lie at all.

She smiled. Her smile was strained. “I know. But Jay needs a haircut.”

His hair was long, though not unduly so. “Yup! Only the very first time I had one, my hair didn’t want to be cut and it kinda got into a fight. Which was an adventure,” he added proudly.

“I thought you might have more luck, being fae.” The woman shrugged. “If nothing else, you could hide the damages.”

“Sleep.” The glamour for sleep is old and deep but unravelled as it reached him.

“Sleep?” The boy looked shocked. “Sleeping during the day isn’t jaysome at all! I’d miss out on lots of adventures!”

Even I, quiet and trying to remain so, even I had heard of jaysome. I had not believed, of course. But to every sense I had he remained human as though operating on a level of glamour beyond even our kind. “How many haircuts have you had?”

The boy scratched his head. “Four, I think. But the last two were when dragons tried to eat me, so they might not count?! And the one before that was cheating!”

I stared at him. Nothing save innocence stared back. “I have run this shop under four names for over twenty years with no one suspecting it is anything other than it is,” I said softly.

The woman nodded. “I know,” she said, the words almost an apology. “I had a haircut a week ago so he’s been asking about one ever since.”

I suspected ask was too mild a word. I gestured, and the boy practically leaped up into the chair and began telling me about his breakfast, adventures with Charlie and Honcho and a host of other things as breathtaking speed. He didn’t bother to pause for anything like breath. His hair moved away from my brush a few times. Two combs broke. But I finished it in under half an hour, shaking only a little by the end. The hair on the ground vanished, going some place Other so it could not be used against him. I doubt the boy even noticed doing it.

“This is my first time cutting hair like yours,” I said.

“Oh, good!” The woman – Charlie – had got outside to get a coffee and Jay spun the chair a few times and then grinned at me. “Thanks! It’s nice to get a haircut and not have to hide as much you know!”

A small part of me says I have glamours, if he wishes not to hide at all. I squelch it firmly. “Oh?”

“Uh-huh! Most of the time I have to remember to pause for breath when talking but I didn’t need to here so I got to tell you about even more adventures!”

I nodded, and told him the haircut was free because he had been very jaysome. And the last thing I wanted was a creature like this in my debt, though I didn’t even think that on the surface of my thoughts. He hugged me, tight and gently all at once and I think he did bindings on levels even I can barely feel. Nothing that would ever harm, of course. I understand that much about Jay by now. After he bound out of the chair and rushed outside to inform Charlie he had had the best adventure with his hair except for the time he’d pretended to be a Rapunzel.

The look on Charlie’s face was almost worth what I had been through.

I love Flip Flappers, it has a cute style that reminds me a lot of Madoka Magica, with the sketchy themes and transformations, but in its own beautiful way. The animation is so great too I feel like this anime’s really underrated like look at this beautiful stuff

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heeeeeeey i dont wanna bother u so u dont need to answer if you're not in the mood, but if so- could you please recommend me some comic books? everything u love, whether its the batfam or other superheroes- i need more comic books to read and your hcs are so funny and good and aaaaaa (also dont "go easy" on me, tell about e v e r y single comic book ud like to recommend, im all ears)!!! just tell me which characters it focuses pls, so i can pick up more easily. thank you ♥♥♥♥

Ooh, my friend, I could rant for days about my favorite comics!

Red Robin: Hands down my favorite comic series of all time. It’s about Tim Drake and his search for Bruce after he “died”, but Tim is the only one who knows he’s alive while all his friends and family write him off as insane. It’s really really good and features Tim just being an amazing hero and taking on the Council or Spiders and even Ra’s Al Ghul himself in an epic showdown. I recommend this series with every fiber of my being.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: This one is about Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire as their own team of outlaws who fight crime in their own cool way and are just awesome in general. I love it because of the great friendship the trio has, and it really shows Jason bonding with his friends which is good, and it’s just really great in general.

Red Hood and Arsenal: Kind of a continuation of RHATO, but it’s just Jason and Roy, who start a business where people hire them to take down bad guys for them. It’s really funny, has Joker’s Daughter in it, and shows so many great moments of Jaybird and Roy bonding. 

Young Justice (based off the tv show): If you watch the Young Justice animated series then I highly recommend this. It has a bunch of great storylines that happened between episodes, and it’s honestly just so cool to read.

Young Justice: This is the original Young Justice comic series, and it’s super good. It has Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Secret, and other young heroes forming their own team and fighting crime while getting into funny hijinks together. And it’s super funny and adorable, like in one storyline they spent a few issues playing baseball with aliens in space, I kid you not.

Teen Titans Go: These comics are based off the original Teen Titans show, and they’re pretty much just funny stories about the team if you want to make you laugh. It does have its serious moments, and I liked having some more Teen Titans after its cancellation.

Grayson: At one point Dick Grayson got his identity as Nightwing blown and had to take his death, so while he was legally dead he went undercover as a Spyral agent. It’s really good, and Dick was so cool and funny as a secret agent. (Also at some point he carried a baby across the desert and saved its life and I cried, and at another part he spent like five pages singing a song about himself as a spy and it’s still one of my favorite comic moments to this day)

Teen Titans volumes 4-5: I’m only like halfway through this one, but already I love it and highly recommend it. It has cool heroes like Red Robin, Kid Flash, Solstice, Bunker, Wonder Girl, and others. The perfect balance of humor and drama, plus the artwork is incredible. (Wonder Girl’s outfit is so sparkly 😍) 

Li'l Gotham: This is the ultimate Batfamily comic. It’s pretty much a fluffy Batfamily fanfiction and it’s just adorable in general.  

Robin: This series features Tim during his time as Robin, and I can honestly tell you it’s amazing. As you know I’m a Tim Drake fanatic, and this series is exactly what you need if you’re a Tim fan. It includes his early days as Robin, all the struggles he goes through with both his hero and civilian identities, super great storylines, and the cute time and Steph dated, which was adorable. Highly recommend. 

Batman and Robin: There are two volumes for this one. The first is Dick and Damian during their stint as Batman and Robin, and it was really nice to see them grow as brothers and partners. The second one is after Bruce came back and he and Damian started working together. It also contains the aftermath of Damian’s death and how Bruce practically went crazy with grief and tried every conceivable method to bring him back, which he did. Just lots and lots of Damian Wayne.  

Super Sons: This series just started days ago, and already I love it. It’s about Damian Wayne and Jon Kent as two teeny crimefighting friends. Totally adorable, and especially good because it just started so it’s easy to get into.   

I’m pretty sure there are a couple more but I just can’t remember right now, so yeah, try some of these out and if you do tell me what you think! Happy reading! <33

Drawing Time! - Billy’s Bucket List (S5E52)

[Drawing Time Series] [YouTube Speed Paints]

“You remind me of Billy when he was young”


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Do you think Digibro "killed" SAO? He pretty much opened the door to all the SAO-hate videos on YouTube.

Do I think Digibro killed the third best selling light novel series of all time, one with two absolute cash cows of anime seasons (and a third effectively guaranteed), a TV special, a theatrical movie (that is getting a manga adaptation), three spin-off light novel series (two of which have manga adaptations), a manga adaptation for each and every arc (save for the one that released about two weeks ago), four spin-off manga series, four video games with a fifth on the way (one with a manga adaptation), and a live-action series in the works? You know, it’s kinda hard to say for certain whether the series I just described is dead or not…

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Still talking about mass effect, someone on your team died in the second game?

I didn’t lose anyone in the second game. That being said, I’ve beaten the trilogy probably 16 times so I know how to get just about every ending there is lol. 

Mass Effect is an all time series for me. Forever in the top 3.

Also someone else asked and I romanced Liara, even when I tried not to, it always came back to Liara,

It's Time : For You [ANGST] Pt. 2

Ultimate Masterlist

GOT7 Masterlist

Part 1

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: WARNING: ANGST (time to prepare your tissues my love if ever you know you’re going to cry)

Summary: When Mark realizes it’s time….

Word count: 1107


It took me some kind of alien guts to finally get the chance of leaving her. I guess not completely, but most of the time. I admit, I do miss her. Who wouldn’t, right? “Yo Mark!” Someone yelled from my back, panting heavily as soon as he held on my shoulders. “Oh hey, Jackson.” I greeted before he smiled at me. “Want to go outside and maybe have some quality time? I’ll let you meet my group.” Well, that’s not a bad idea so I agreed with him and went to the karaoke bar. I am quite nervous too and I’m really awkward in meeting new people. Once Jackson opened the door to the room, a figure caught my attention. “HEY THE– oh. Hello there (Y/N)” I heard her name. After three months, I heard her name again. I’m not over her, not yet. “You know her, hyung?” A boy said before circling his arm around (Y/N). “Hey Bam! Is she the ‘girlfriend’ you are talking about?” He hummed and smiled brightly. I pursed my lips and took a light gulp. “Well, I’d like you to meet my friend, Mark.” I looked up and showed the most fake smile that I could ever show. Showing her that I’m happy, it hurts me. I saw her look down and her attitude changed. “Well, I better go now. Just making sure that Jackson gets here safely.” I smiled before bowing down. “Oh and… Take care of (Y/N).” I mumbled, earning a lot of confused eyes looking at me. A chuckle went past my lips before I closed the door, keeping my hands inside my pockets before walking outside the bar. I looked up, pushing back the tears that were threatening to fall. “You really do have the guts to show yourself again, (Y/N).” I mumbled before looking from the left and right of the street. I feel really empty and I was really in to my trance until I heard whimpers. I looked around the area before I saw a puppy of brown in color. I sat down in front of it then sat down on the ground. “Hey there.” I spoke softly. “Don’t worry. I’m here now.” I added, patting my lap gently and the puppy crawled out of its place. I slowly placed my hand in front of it and it gently pressed its head against the back of my hand. I patted its head lightly before carefully carrying him. “Well, a cute boy doesn’t sound bad.”

The pup barked and wagged its tail, causing me to chuckle. I hugged the ball of fluff close to my chest before going home. While I was walking, my phone rang up. It was Jackson. “Yeah?” “Mark?” “(Y/N)? Why are you holding Jackson’s phone?” I suddenly heard quiet sobs. I was about to speak up when I heard her voice. “I miss you… Come back?” I bit my lower lip and let tears run down my cheeks. “(Y/N), you do know that I want to have a life too, right?” Silence… I never heard a single word from her and it only took me a sigh to startle her. “Good bye, (Y/N).” I mumbled before ending the phone call. I kept the device inside my pocket after setting it into silent before focusing more on the puppy. “Let’s get you home. I’ll take care of you instead…”


It was graduation day and I really  just want to get out from this cage. It was years when I last saw (Y/N). Two years or so. I haven’t talked to her since then. She suddenly went missing and we really have no idea where she is. So far, I got really close to Jackson and so am I with his friends. After the incident at the karaoke bar, (Y/N) broke up with Bambam. I felt sorry but whatever is running in (Y/N)’s head, I have no control over it. After the ceremony ended, we went to meet up with our colleagues and have a final talk for the mean time before we go to college. Our group decided to go to music school and aspire to be famous one day. I was just having a casual conversation with one of my friends when I saw a silhouette of a girl behind a tree. She seems shy so I excused myself and tried to look and keenly observe her. I was about to move closer when she stepped out of the shadows and smiled softly. That smile… I miss those. It took me all my strength to gather up all the courage I have to finally approach her. Her smile slowly fades and tears started to form at the brim of her eyes, causing my body to react in the same way. Her face got blurred as my eyes were filled with my tears. (Y/N) raised her hand to cup my cheek and caressed it with her thumb. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I know, I’m not over her… Not yet… “Hey there” she muttered with her shaky voice. “Hey.. I missed you.” (Y/N) nodded then let out a pained giggle. “And so did I.. But you know the reason why I’m here, right?” I looked down at my feet then nodded. “I just want you to know that I did adore you, loved you even, but I am dangerous. I don’t deserve an angel like you. You’re my life, Mark. I just can’t get myself to give you a chance because I know I’ll only hurt you.” She paused, trying to cover up her obvious sobs. The sobs that I used to hear way back when I tried comforting her. “I’m so–” I took the opportunity to cup her cheeks and firmly press my lips against hers. Heaven knows how much I love this girl but it has come to the point that the both of us were already hurting too much. All our bitter-sweet memories were collated and were shared into this, our first and last kiss. I trapped her into a tightest hug I could ever encase her in and I know, at the back of hers and my mind, she did the same to me. I pulled away gently to place a light kiss on her forehead as tears continue to roll down. Her hands grabbed a fistful of my clothing before she let out the words the both of us needed to hear. “Good bye, Mark…” I slowly let go of her and slowly walked backwards. “Good bye, (Y/N)…” I said, turning my back to her as I ran away, letting her watch my diminishing figure.


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition