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Morisco bromance (Morata and Isco :) 

Materials of this drawing: watercolor

More drawings you can see in my blog

Who wants to see some  “The Adventures Of Tara and Kevin” Concept art?

I have been planning on starting a webcomic for a long time, but I think I finally have enough confidence in my self and my art to go for.
So to celebrate, here is the first batch of concept art:

The relationship between Tara and Bradley is gonna be a major factor.

Who doesn’t love mer-folk?

@oopsie-doodle​ The harpy family will play a big part.

Why? cuz they are adorable. @caseadeacass​: Expect more Cassidy and family.

I wanna do a lot more character interactions.
Colin: “So, he’s a DEMON… and you just sorta… let him hand out here…”
Jordon: “He’s a paying customer and a loving farther… who just also HAPPENS to be a demon.”
Ithcic: [I like fuzzy navels]

Will there be shipping?
Yes, there will be shipping.

And of course, fan favorites Mike and Ranjeet being asshats.

And a healthy dose of the heartwarming.

What do you think?
Any advice?