serie project

Yes Jumin will look at Yeongmi with those loving eyes..
(I’m very sorry about the watermark thing)

I think I’ll be starting on my elliverse soon.
Please look forward to the drama between mysme’s MC2, who we’ve named Yeongmi, and her interactions with the RFA in my AU :)


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

1: Hidden Figures

In many ways, Hidden Figures, was a perfect movie to start this project with. This film tells an incredible story of three inspiring women (each in their own ways) who work at NASA in the 1960′s, during a heated time in American history and the Space Program itself. The audible gasps of the crowd during the movie - and the discussions I heard after leaving the theatre - made it clear to me that the message of this story came across beautifully and its themes may resonate now more than ever. Highly recommended!

Added bonus: the movie started late so we didn’t have to watch any previews!

- This is a part of my MotionPictures project, a series where I see a movie every week in 2017 and create a GIF based on it. 

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Hi guys! So, I know we all love Holmes and Watson and their relationship. And I know that we are all…incredibly disappointed. And I know that we all say that we can tell our own stories better. Well, then, let’s do it.

I’ve been doing fanbased film work for a few years now. You can see some of it with some of the people I work with on @the-real-sherlocks. (This project wouldn’t be from that group, but I just want you to see what I’ve already done so you know I’m dead serious.) The videos include “Superwholock the Musical” which was the first thing that we did and we had no idea what we were doing so it’s objectively terrible. We kept doing projects until we improved enough to make our most recent film, “Romeo and Julian,” a modern queer adaptation of the time-old play. I’ve learned so much about filmmaking, and I have friends who can do some amazing cinematography. Plus, I’d be counting on getting help from you guys.

Again, I’m going to clarify that I am 100% serious about this. I’m dedicated and willing, if I can just get some help. 

Firstly, I need a few writers. This is going to be a hard job, we’re going to need to work together. No age requirements or location requirements. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we can write together wherever we are. Message me if you’re interested.

Second, I also need some people who have also had experience in film. You can have taken classes, done it professionally, or just have an interest in it. Again, message me if you’re interested.

Unfortunately, cast and on-set crew are going to need to live in California, either in the Sacramento area or willing to make the journey here. Or, if you have other suggestions about how to make travel work to somewhere else where it might be easier to get everyone together, let me know. I’m flexible and willing to compromise. Next year I will be living in Maine, so I don’t know if that would make things easier or harder. Or, I don’t have to be present for any/all of the filming. I would be perfectly fine with just arranging everything and getting organized and writing.

And again, I just want to make sure that you know that I’m serious about this. Let’s take ACD’s stories and turn them into the modern adaptation we all truly want. Please message me if you’re interested in helping. 

One person alone couldn’t do this, but it’s like Stone Soup. One person in the village couldn’t make it, but if all of the materials and talents of all of us in this community can be brought together, we can make something magical and beautiful and more than the sum of its parts.

Thank you. Message me at @clarehope128 or shoot me an email at I love you, and I can’t wait to start working with you.


K Return of Kings

Saruhiko Fushimi, Reisi Munakata, and Seri Awashima star in pretend movie poster art for Scepter 4, which has a fancy Sherlock vibe to it. This B2-poster was illustrated by character designer Shingo Suzuki (鈴木信吾) and animation director Rina Ueki (植木理奈) for Spoon.2Di Vol. 18 (Amazon US | Japan).

And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)


White Rabbit Project - Trailer

The coolest tech. The weirdest weapons. The craziest escapes. Three science-loving sleuths put them under the microscope.

Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara rank history’s greatest inventions, heists and more in this series from the producers of “MythBusters.”

Premieres December, 9, 2016 only on Netflix.