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Not what I’m currently working on but I thought I’d post it here and DA since I’m no longer using Redbubble for prints :/

Anyway some Razaya fanart that I finally got around to finishing,only took almost a year to finish XD,mostly me just being an lazy ass but at the same it was good because I learned how to use some coloring techniques better :D


It really is sad that this needs to be said. Many of you that I consider friends understand this but quite a few people over the past few days through PM’s or Anons have asked me why I want to “downgrade” to a revolver instead of a higher capacity semi automatic. Sure money is an issue for me but it’s not the reason I’m going to a revolver. I’m a revolver shooter. Always have been and always will be. My first handgun was a revolver at age 15 that my father bought and let me carry and use when we were doing various things in the wilds of Utah. Since around 2005 I have had one constant revolver in my collection that I have done everything with from defending myself from Coyote and Snakes to target shooting and even attempts at trick shooting. It’s the type of firearm I am most familiar with and the type of firearm I have the best aim with. So let me show you it and then I’ll get into what is really pissing me off about people. 

This is an older pic of that revolver. S&W pre model 10 known as an M&P before the semi auto M&P existed. It says off hand, it should say one handed. Not too bad for testing out new grips with a few cylinders one handed at 15 yards. I eventually went back to the original grips though and this is what it looks like now. 

It’s been on my hip for twelve years and never failed me. It’s in .38 Special which is my favorite handgun cartridge and I’m well versed in using it. However it has a six inch barrel which does not make it decent for Conceal Carry so I opted to go for something with a snub barrel. 

Now, my situation is that I needed money in a bad way so I recently sold my Makarov which has been my CC piece for nearly five years and I’m using the funds to purchase a snub nosed .38 Special revolver. Why? Because I fucking want to that’s why. I don’t mind people offering their opinion about a Glock, M&P, Springfield or anything else. That’s perfectly fine to make a suggestion. What I am annoyed at is people that are telling me I’m stupid, ignorant or just clueless and why would I ever want a revolver when I can get a gun that has twice the capacity. 

I’ve been in this business longer than many of you guys have been alive. I’m not a fudd by any means. If you want a Glock then buy a Glock. They aren’t my thing. I’ve used over a dozen different firearms for conceal carry in the nearly decade that I have been doing this and the Makarov fit great for a time but now I am consolidating to one caliber since money is tight and I can use that caliber over two guns. 

My choice is my god damned choice. It shouldn’t matter to you and you have no right to call me an idiot for making that choice. Just like how I don’t like Kimber, never had anything positive about them happen but others do. That’s ok, it works for them. It does not work for me. A snub nosed revolver works for me, I had one for a couple years before the Makarov. 

So this also gets into other people wanting to get into conceal carry and purchasing their first gun for it. Women especially get this but so many people are told to get a revolver right off the bat because they’re somehow “easier” to shoot and less troublesome than a semi auto. Which is not entirely true. A revolver can be just a finicky as anything else and when it jams, it really jams and you often need a hammer to unjam it. I would never reccomend a revolver to anyone as a first conceal carry gun unless they were familiar with shooting them and had a history with them. It’s not easier when you have great guns like the Ruger LC series of CC pistols, Glocks, S&W Shield and so on. There are so many better options out there and I will suggest a few then let people decide on their own. 

I don’t make fun of others for owning weapons I don’t like. There’s no point to it. I also don’t make fun of others for conceal carrying pistols I’m not into because again what works for me does not always work for everyone else.