H.H. Holmes and his Hotel of Horrors - Behind the facade of nomaility, this house contained secret passages within the hotel walls, peepholes for spying, trapdoors, staircases leading to nowhere, doors opening to walls and an elevator shift with no elevator. It was a maze of the macabre and morbid. There was also a room that was converted into an airtight steel chamber, used to gas victims. The basement contained a concrete pit with vats of acid, used to dispose of the victims. Sometimes after dissolving bodies in the acid, Holmes would sell the skeletons to medical laboratories.

Holmes was finally apprehended in 1895 and executed in 1896. It is thought he could have killed up to as many as 200 victims.


“He fooled everyone. He fooled me…he fooled his probation officer, his attorney, the police…He had bodies in the next room when the police were standing in his outer room.” - Lionel Dahmer

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Damon AU Event - Theme 2: Human!Damon

↳ Damon Salvatore as a  Detective / Serial Killer

Damon is a detective, the best of his department and he knows it. He was a little insane going with everything he has against the suspects, loving being in the field instead of doing paperwork but always following the rules. A year ago, when he was working undercover to catch a gang with connections to the mob, he was betrayed by some dirty cop and the whole mission was compromised. The gang killed his wife Elena Salvatore and his partner Alaric Saltzman as retaliation.

Since the day he buried the two people that he loved the most, Damon is a shell of what he used to be. Drinking too much, driving his car like a mad man and playing Russian roulette everyday before he goes to bed. His boss and colleagues weren’t sure how many days he would survive like this but then suddenly he started to function again. Coming to the station on time, catching bad guys and even making conversation at work sometimes. However, what nobody else knows is that Damon found a new purpose in his life.

After his work is done at the department every day, instead of going to the bar and drinking himself into oblivion, he is out on the streets, searching, torturing and killing members of the gang that murdered his wife and his partner. He is organized, methodical and has no mercy. And he won't stop until he kills the last one of them. After months of investigation, he finally found out who is the officer that ratted him out when he was working infiltrated: Wes Maxfield. And now that Damon has his hands on him, he’ll pay. Slowly.

Jeffrey Dahmer was deemed the weird kid throughout highschool. He would show up to first period drunk with a Styrofoam cup filled with hard alcohol. Sometimes he would act out and fake seizures for laughs. People started calling it “doing a Dahmer”