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Richard Chase

- Serial Killer, Cannibal, Necrophile….

- Warning: This article is graphic and reader discretion is advised. It is full of sexual content, cannibalism, murder and just about every other vial thing you can imagine. This man was completely deranged.


On 23 May, 1950, Richard Trenton Chase was born into a strict household. He was physically abused by his father, and a text book serial killer, in that his youth saw him drinking, starting fires, and killing/mutilating animals.

As a teenager, Chase was not unknown to the ladies, and did have girlfriends, but he couldn’t maintain a relationship because of his erectile dysfunctions. During a consultation with a psychiatrist, it came to light that he could not become aroused around ladies, and the cause of this was probably repressed rage or a mental illness. You’d think being told something like this would make him seek further help, but he didn’t, because he already knew that it was only through violent acts, such as mutilating animals and having sex with dead things, that he was able to achieve sexual release.

Chase’s delusions increased, and he began accusing his mother of attempting to poison him, and thus kill him. It was his increased aggravation with his mother that drove his father to purchase a unit for Chase, and move him in to it. Living on his own, Chase could get up to all kinds of things, such as capturing, killing and disembowelling all manner of animals, putting their entrails into a blender and eating them raw. He told himself that by doing this, he was preventing his heart from shrinking. In his sick mind, his heart was on the way out, shrinking to oblivion – and once it was so small it would disappear, he would die.

Chase’s delusions grew, and in 1975 he went so far as to inject a rabbit’s blood into his veins, which caused blood poisoning. The hospital referred him to a mental institution, and he was committed. He managed to escape, fleeing to his mother’s house, but was captured, and this time sent to an institution for the criminally insane. The staff at this institution nicknamed him “Dracula” when they once found him covered in blood. He had managed to capture two birds through the bars of his window – snapping their necks and sucking out their blood.

During his time at this institution he was prescribed a medley of medication, which turned him into a walking zombie. When he was so timid that he could hardly talk, he was released back into the custody of his parents, but his mother wanted her son back, so crazily weaned him off the antischizophrenic medication that was the only thing keeping him from doing what he would eventually do….

Before long, Chase was back to his old tricks of killing, mutilating and eating stray animals, such as dogs and cats. He also developed a macabre fascination with firearms, and bought himself several handguns, practicing his shooting in an obsessive capacity. His delusions started to turn towards a conspiracy which had him believing that Nazi’s (or perhaps UFOs) were storing poison under his soap dish in order to kill him, by turning his blood into powder… he also believed that the same thing was happening to the serial killer known as the Hillside Strangler.

Chase’s mental declination saw him lose all vestige of personal hygiene. He did not bathe, brush his teeth, and rarely ate, which resulted in him losing a vast amount of weight. One day he rang his mother’s doorbell, and when she opened the door, he was standing on her doorstep with a cat in his hands. As she watched he bit into the stomach of the cat and smeared its blood all over his face. His mother did not report this, she simply closed the door.

I could go on and on with all of the depraved acts Chase performed in relation to animals, but instead we will move on to the humans who were his victims.

Chase killed his first victim as a ‘warm up’ for what he had planned in the future. On 29 December, 1977, 51 year old Ambrose Griffin, an engineer and father of two, was helping his wife unpack her car, when Chase drove by and shot him, fleeing the scene.

On 11 January, 1978, Chase broke into the house to David and Teresa Wallin. David was at work, and Teresa, who was three months pregnant at the time, was home alone. Chase killed Teresa by shooting her three times. It was what he did next that was really shocking. Teresa’s body, after being brutally murdered, was then desecrated further by Chase having sex with it, mutilating it, and then bathing himself in her blood.

On 27 January, that same year, Chase entered the home of 38 year old Evelyn Miroth. Inside the house he found Evelyn’s neighbour Don Meredith, who he fatally shot at point blank range. He stole Don’s wallet and keys, before coming across Evelyn’s 6 year old son Jason who had fled into her bedroom at the sound. Chase ran after him, and on the way he shot Evelyn’s 22 month old nephew David in the head, and eventually caught up with Jason too, shooting him at point blank range.

He found Evelyn in the bathroom, having a bath. He shot her once in the head, killing her instantly. He dragged her body to the bed, sliced her open in various places in order to drink her blood, and sodomized her.

He did many other things to these bodies which I won’t go into, but it got much, much worse.

He was disturbed by a knock on the door, so he grabbed the body of the little 22 month baby and fled, driving Don’s car away from the scene. When he returned to his house, he mutilated and consumed the body of the baby, before dumping it in the grounds of a nearby church.

Five days after this horrendous mass-murder, Chase was on the FBI’s radar. The police went to visit him, but he refused to open the door and speak with them. They hid outside his apartment, and eventually he emerged, and they arrested him. On his person he had Dan Meredith’s wallet, as well as a box which contained bloody wallpaper and a gun covered in blood. When the police searched his apartment they found that blood was soaked over everything, and that the blender he used to make ‘smoothies’ out of the remains of people and animals, was caked with coagulated blood and internal organs. The fridge contained some internal organs of Evelyn Miroth and Teresa Wallin, and the little boy David’s brains in a Tupperware container. He was well and truly caught.

He was found guilty of six counts of first degree murder, and sentenced to die in the gas chamber. Due to his completely psychotic nature, he was even feared in prison. On 26 December 1980, a guard doing the rounds found Chase dead in his cell. An autopsy found that he had overdosed himself on prison issued antidepressant medication.

By Peet Banks from APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Picpost by Ashley Hall 2014

Main: Richard Chase – the Vampire of Sacramento
Left: A younger Chase
Middle: The box David Ferreira was found.
Right: The Richard Chase blender…

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Peter Manuel, the “Beast of Birkenshaw”

- Serial Killers

- In 1927, in New York, a monster named Peter Thomas Anthony Manuel was born to Scottish parents. They had moved to America to make a fresh start for themselves, but having no luck, the family moved back to Scotland, to the town of Birkenshaw in North Lanarkshire, when Peter was 7 or 8.

He was bullied by school kids as a child, which caused him to leave school after school, and by the age of 12 the police knew him because of a tendency towards kleptomania.

At the age of sixteen he was arrested and charged in a number of sexual assaults. He ended up spending nine years in Peterhead Prison.

It is thought that the first time he killed was on 2 January, 1956. Seventeen year old Anne Kneilands was excited at the prospect of going dancing with a date, but it turned out her date had a New Years hangover and stood her up. Instead, she went to a friend’s place, and as she left, Peter spotted her. He started pursuing her before steering her towards a quiet golf-course, where he raped her and beat her to death with an iron bar.

Although he was a known sex offender, his father gave him an alibi, and the police couldn’t pin it on him.

Nine months later, for no apparent reason, he killed again. On 17 September, 1956, he broke into the home of Marion and William Watt. William was away on a fishing trip at the time. Peter fatally shot Marion, her 16 year old daughter Vivienne, and Marion’s sister Margaret Brown. There was a sensational case in the media after these deaths, because it was thought that William had made a 90 mile trip to kill his own family, and covered it up. It took the police two months to realise that he had not done it, and that there was a serial killer on the loose. By this time Peter had been put in prison over a burglary charge, and when he was released, in 1957, his murders continued with a fever pitch.

He shot his next victim, a taxi driver named Sydney Dunn, while he was looking for employment. Dunn’s body was found in the moorlands of Northumberland. He was actually only linked to the murder after he had been executed, so was never formally charged. A button from his jacket was found in the taxi. Researchers have questioned if he actually committed this murder, or if, perhaps, he simply took a ride in the taxi. Either way, he is officially attributed to the murder of Sydney Dunn.

Only a few weeks later, on 28 December, 1957, 17 year old Isabelle Cooke left her home to go to a school dance. She was never to be seen alive again. Peter spotted her as she was walking to the dance. He abducted her, raped her, strangled her to death, and then buried her body in a field close by. Her body was not discovered, Peter actually led police to it after he had been arrested.

And finally, on New Years Day, in 1958, Peter broke into the home of Peter and Doris Smart. He fatally shot them, together with their ten year old son Michael (some sources say Michael was 11 years old). After he killed them, he took up residence in their house, eating their food, staying in their beds, and even feeding the family cat. He then made the mistake which was to be the reason for his capture… he stole some banknotes from the house.

The police around the area knew Peter. They knew his criminal history, and his profile, and many of them suspected him of carrying out these murders. They had no evidence though. It was not until Peter used the stolen banknotes to buy himself some drinks at a pub in Glasgow, that the police could link him to the Smart’s deaths. He was arrested and a sensational trial followed, during which he sacked his legal representation and defended himself. Ultimately he was unsuccessful and the jury found him guilty and sentenced him to be hanged by the neck until he was dead.

A medical report, written while Peter was awaiting trial, says:

“He is properly orientated and is not feebleminded. He appears to be above average intelligence and to be quite mentally alert. His ordering conversation is quite intelligent and shows no confusion of thought or speech. He declined quite politely to discuss matters leading to his arrest but otherwise he discussed himself and his everyday affairs rationally and reasonably.”

His psychiatric reported noted:

“I was surprised by the fact that the prisoner, a man facing so serious a charge, was remarkably relaxed and at ease and, at times, even jovial.”

These reports, in their entirety, lead modern psychiatrists to believe that perhaps Peter was a sociopath/psychopath. It is also possible that the police knew this, but were so pressured by the general public to find and punish the killer; they disregarded this piece of evidence as he would not have been executed had he been found of unsound mind.

Instead, on 11 July 1958 Peter Manuel became the third-last person executive in Scotland. His last words were apparently “Turn up the radio and I’ll go quietly”. Because of his reign of terror, he became known as the Beast of Birkenshaw.

By Peet Banks 2014 from APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Picpost by Ashley Hall

Main Pic: Peter Manuel.
Upper: Police searching for evidence.
Lower: Crime scene photography.

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Nikolai Dzhumangaliev aka ‘Metal Fang’

- Serial Killers

- In the early 1980’s the Soviet Union Republic of Kazakhstan had a serial killer. This serial killer was a cannibal, a necrophiliac and a hater of women. He was an all-round disgusting individual. The scariest thing is, he’s still around, AND is possibly a free man.

If you asked anyone who knew Nikolai Dzhumangaliev to describe him, they would say he was a well-spoken gentleman, who was always neatly dressed and was clean shaven. They might tell you he came from a loving family, and had three sisters. They’d also have to mention his frightening smile though… you see, Nikolai was also known as ‘Metal Fang’ due to the fact that he had lost all of his teeth, and had replaced them with metal teeth (white metal false teeth that is).

Nikolai would go for walks along the river bank. If he was lucky, we would meet a young lady in his travels… In a romantic gesture, he would walk with them, wooing them with his good looks and charms. Somehow he would manage to manoeuvre these young ladies to a deserted area of the park. A dark, isolated spot. When there, he would rape them and then hack their body to pieces with the knife and axe he would carry on his person at all times.

Now for the most horrific part – as if rape, murder and mutilation weren’t enough – he would sometimes have sex with the dead bodies, before cooking the choice parts of his victim’s, there, at the scene of the crime, and eating them. He would take the rest of the body home with him, invite friends over for dinner the next night, and serve them a lovely roast.

Nikolai didn’t exhibit the typical symptoms that most serial killers show. He didn’t hurt animals as a child. He didn’t come from an abusive background. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for his behaviour. In 1979 he accidently shot a colleague while he was drunk and was placed in an institution for just under a year, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He had already murdered, mutilated and cannibalised five women by the time he was locked up. He committed at least three more murders after he was released – although he admitted to many, many more – possibly as many as 100.

One night he had friends over for dinner. For reasons unknown, he took one friend into another room, killed her, and began dissecting her right there in the room. His other friends heard the commotion and came in to the room to check on what was happening. What they saw naturally terrified them, so they fled. Of course they called the police, but by the time the police arrived, Nikolai had taken off – but not for long. He was arrested the next day, and was on trial a year later.

(Another version states it was two town drunks invited back for dinner who alerted police upon discovering a womans severed head in the kitchen).

Due to his previous diagnosis of schizophrenia, he was declared innocent by reason of insanity. He was sent to an institution where he spent the next eight years. In 1989 he escaped, while being transported to a different facility. He was on the run for two years before finally being caught again – after propositioning many a working girl in Fergana, and probably even killing again.

There are two different stories about where he is located today. One says he is locked up in an asylum, isolated from the public by a barbed wire fence. Another tells that he is a free man, having the right to move around within the European community, although living in an asylum, as (quite rightly) nowhere else will accept him. Either way, he’s still alive, and that’s scary enough.

By Peet Banks from
APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Picpost by Ashley Hall 2014

Main: Dzhumangaliev in 1991
Left: A younger Dzhumangaliev
Right: Dzhumangaliev handcuffed to the chief of the Moscow Criminal Police.

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Ahmad Suradji

- Serial Killers

- Ahmad Suradji lived in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia. He had a great reputation and was much sort after when it come to matters of the heart, of the wallet and of the body. He was known as a witch doctor, and described as a ‘traditional sorcerer’. It therefore came as a shock to his clients when he was arrested for the murder of several different women.

One night Ahmad had a dream and in his dream his dead father appeared to him. His father told him that to be a great sorcerer, he needed to kill 70 women and drink their saliva. Most people would wake from a dream like that and head straight to a psychiatrist… but not Ahmad. Ahmad decided to do what his dream father told him to do, and set out to fulfil that wish.

When clients would come to see him, and if he thought their death may not be noticed (many of his victims were prostitutes), he would lure them to a sugar-cane field nearby his house. Once there, he would bury them up to the waist, telling them that this was a requirement for the magic he was about to perform. But once buried, when they couldn’t move, he would strangle them to death, and while they were dying, he would drink the saliva that dribbled from their mouths as they struggled.

Once the poor victim had died he would then uncover them and move them closer to his home. He would rebury them, with different parts of their body facing his home. These sacrifices, he believed, gave him extra power.

It is possible that he could have gone on killing for many more years, if it wasn’t for the fact that he chose a victim whose family didn’t give in when their daughter did not return home. The father of the victim knew where she had gone, and when she didn’t come home, he rang the police. The police visited Ahmad and while there, found the body of a dead girl in the field near his house. This naturally sparked a frantic search.

At first Ahmad thought if he confessed to some killings, then the police would not commit such a thorough search, so he told them that yes, he had killed 16 times in the past five years. This backfired on him though, because the police believed that when thoroughly searching the house, they could find the special effects and clothing of at least 25 different people, so they continued searching.

In the end, the police retrieved 43 bodies of women, in various forms of decay, in the land surrounding Ahmad’s house. These women’s ages ranged from 11 years of age to 30.

Ahmad and his wife were both arrested and charged with murder. A sensational trial was held, during which Ahmad changed his tune and claimed that his confession was under duress from the police, and he did not kill a single soul. It made no difference, the evidence was mounting, and eventually he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by firing squad. Apparently everyone in the courtroom cheered as the sentence was relayed.

On 10 July, 2008, Ahmad made his final wish – and that was to see his wife one last time. This was permitted. He was then taken to the execution ground, and I can only imagine he would have been blindfolded, placed in front of a pole, with a piece of distinguishing material, such as a square of white cloth, placed over his heart (this is so the members of the firing squad knew where to aim).

There was a failed, last minute appeal to save his life by Amnesty Interna-tional, but Ahmad appeared to be resigned to his fate as his life was extinguished – and in a much quicker and more humane way than those of his victims.

By Peet Banks from APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators

Picpost by Ashley Hall 2014

Main: Suradji on trial
Left: Recovering bodies from the land near the house.
Right: Suradjis house was trashed by an angry mob

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