anonymous asked:

what are your favourite blogs? 😊

Oh anon you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting for this ask ♥

If i want to laugh internally or show my friends some vines to annoy them then i would say @whouer @ur-dream-and-nightmare @ted-buddy @haha-lol-no-lol-dont-care @cool-ranch-humans @dahmer–eats–dick @i-am-not-hitler @memesandmurder @itistuesdaymydudes @pixelphantasm @future-doctor-of-physics @itscolumbinerdogthing @ruinedchildhood

The true crime blogs i like are @thoseinperil @crookedhomicide @boyinredconverse @theblooodcountess @freudsblog @congenitaldisease @coma-kidd @truecrimehothouse @murphkitteh @millkcoffee @birdmilk4eva @adeadlyinnocence @dahmerboy @anatomicdeadspace @teddiddlybundy @nbkwrath @nbk-godlike3 @thewallsofconcrete @luciferlaughs @true-grittt @ruincus @too-true-crime @kipkinky @cerealkillerwithmilk @calzone-slut @truecrimeobs @myrahindley @crimeandmadness @interestedin-serialkillers @gruesomedetails @elegant-suffering @fuckingbundy

Those who are related with the hot blonde weird serial killer @dahmer-man @darklydreamingdahmer @dahmersbeer @damn-dahmer @i-dream-of-dahmer @bruised-and-fvcked @lairofthecannibalzombiemaster @jeffdaahmer @world-dahmer-nation @mixedoffender @villageheretic @lonesomedahmer @jeffrey-is-a-babe @jeff-lionel-dahmer @by-sashas-hammer @jeffophilia 

And these are the ones who i also like @i-couldnt-resist-it @brightvoyant @murderouswolfs @sluthotel @lovcare @nnaturalerection @property-of-reb @psychopath213 @psychopathvevo @ed-gein-sex-machine @rxchardramirez @everythingramirez @hoe4dylannroof @hybristophiliafreak @spreekillerfanforlife @yarichin-cr-club @asaproofie @children-are-tasty @childofthegrave @99s-boys @rebelofvodka @jesusjowarhol @jesusxhitler @blurryfaceone @jokersbabygirl19 @jokerwithoutcircus @mallshooter @gaydolftitler @amandabel1man 

Holy fucking balls i’m sure i missed others too but i just have a lot of fave blogs tbh lol

A book I did with serial killing grand-ma Dorothea Puente… Really great recipes and I have a bunch of cards Thea signed, that we had to have smuggled out of the prison that I include with the signed, very limited edition. #dorotheapuente #sacramento #serialkiller #cookingwithaserialkiller #killersalsa #recipebook #shanebugbee

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