• Dazai:[Sleep over voice] Are you awake
  • Akutagawa:[Sleep over reply voice] Yeah
  • Kunikida:[Regrettable sleepover invitee voice] You guys SHH
  • Dazai:[Confused sleep-over voice] What is the meaning of life
  • Tanizaki:[Annoyed sleep over voice] Dude shut up
  • Chuuya:[Sleep over host voice] You guys be quiet my mom's gonna hear us
  • [Serial killer voice] Got room for one more?

‘We’ve all heard women scream in horror films… still, we know that no-one is really screaming. Why? Simply because an actress can’t produce some sounds that convince us that something vile and heinous is happening. If you ever heard that tape, there is just no possible way that you’d not begin crying and trembling. I doubt you could listen to more than a full sixty seconds of it.”
- Roy Norris speaking about the Shirley Ledford tape

Lawrence Bittaker discussing in court the heinous murder of his final victim Shirley Ledford that he committed with Roy Norris. Norris and Bittaker abducted sixteen year old Ledford from a gas station on Halloween of 1979. 

Once in the back of the van they recorded the torture she endured all the while being raped by both her captors. From forced oral copulation to her elbow being smashed at least twenty five times with a sledge hammer. Bittaker mutilated her with a pair of pliers he inserted into her vagina and rectum after which Norris lamented that he had to “settle” for oral sex with the girl rather than vaginal intercourse. Bittaker eventually murdered Ledford by twisting a coat hanger around her throat with the same pair of pliers which, nauseatingly enough, became his nickname in prison. Ledford was the last of five young girls the pair would murder before their arrest.

“Fuck my parents. They are being so stupid. Only thinking of themselves. My father doesnt even want a wedding anymore. He wants us just to go to City Hall. Screw that! We’re having a good time. If he wants to sit at home and be miserable, hes welcome to.

He hasnt worked except for one day since Tammy died. He’s wallowing in his own misery and fucking me! It sounds awful on paper (but you know what i mean).

Tammy always said last year she wanted a forest-green Porsche for her 16th birthday. Now dad keeps says "I would have bought it for her, if I had known”. Thats bull. If he felt that way he would be paying for my wedding because I could die tomorrow or next year or whenever?

He’s such a liar".

- Karla Homolka in a letter to a friend after she and her partner Paul Bernardo murdered her younger sister, Tammy Lyn.

Chinese ‘Jack the Ripper’ serial killer caught

An alleged serial killer, who is accused of raping and murdering 11 female victims in northern China over more than a decade, has been captured by police, say local reports.

Gao Chengyong, called China’s “Jack the Ripper”, was detained at a grocery store he runs with his wife.

He admitted to the killings, which took place between 1988 and 2002, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

The 52-year-old is a married father of two.

Police say Mr Gao targeted young women dressed in red and followed them home, where he would rape and kill them, often cutting their throat and mutilating their bodies.

His youngest alleged victim was eight years old.

In 2004, police had said the suspect they were looking for “has a sexual perversion and hates women”.

“He’s reclusive and unsociable, but patient.”

Police had then posted a reward of £22,900 ($30,000) for information leading to an arrest. It was the first time all the crimes had been linked.

However, no leads were found until China’s Criminal Investigation Bureau earlier this year re-launched an investigation into the case, using new technology to re-examine DNA.

Mr Gao was tracked down after his uncle was arrested for a minor crime, according to news outlet China Daily. He gave a DNA sample which police then linked to the crimes, determining they must have been committed by a relative.

Mr Gao’s first alleged killing took place in May 1988, the year his son was born.

The 23-year-old woman was found in the city of Baiyin with 26 stab wounds to her body.

Subsequent murders followed a similar pattern, with the killer often targeting young women who lived alone.

Mr Gao also cut off parts of his victim’s reproductive organs, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

Women in Baiyin would not walk alone in the streets without being accompanied by male relatives or friends after the spate of attacks.

Mr Gao went on to work at a vocational school in Baiyin, and had two sons, both of whom attended university and found jobs.

There were no immediate explanations as to why the killings stopped in 2002.

I’m not going to reblog Sieg’s PSA bc it mentions things that are potentially triggering and I don’t want to put a trigger tag on this because this is fucking important.

I’ve been raised by someone with massive amounts of trauma, a lot of which I don’t know bc she refuses to tell me on grounds that I’m her daughter. However she still loves to write out certain scenes and whatnot that are actually abusive or traumatic to the characters involved.

Wait. Hold up. That doesn’t make sense to you?

To some people, the act of putting fictional characters through something traumatic like you yourself have been through is a good coping mechanism. Especially if said writing deals with the fall out thereafter. It’s a great release, just like seeing it done on a TV show or movie and done correctly can help some.

Just because someone writes/RPs a thing doesn’t mean they condone it

Just because someone writes/RPs a thing doesn’t mean they condone it

Just because someone writes/RPs a thing doesn’t mean they condone it

So stop judging and maybe ask or stop to get to know the person before you decide to call them out on “problematic behavior.” There’s a difference between agreeing with an action and writing it.


My copy of ‘Cooking with a Serial Killer: Recipes from Dorothea Puente’ arrived today. It is signed by the coauthor Shane Bugbee and has a handwritten and signed note from Dorothea herself. I am so excited to try out some of these recipes because most of them actually sound really good. Let me know if you guys want me to post pictures of the dishes I try and review them. lol… As Shane suggest, I’ll skip the meds. ;)

Over a three year period starting in 1989, serial sniper Thomas Lee Dillon murdered five men in several counties throughout Ohio. His second victim was Jamie Paxton, a 21-year-old man who was shot to death while hunting. Jamie’s mother, Jean, spent a year writing letters in the local newspaper addressed to her son’s murderer in hopes of appealing to him, and she eventually received a reply, which was also intended for the Sheriff. It was a two-page anonymous letter sent to the Martins Ferry Times Leader that read:

“I am the murderer of Jamie Paxton. Jamie Paxton was a complete stranger to me. I never saw him before in my life and he never said a word to me that Saturday. Paxton was killed because of an irresistable (sic) compulsion that has taken over my life. I knew when I left my house that day that someone would die by my hand. I just didn’t know who or where. I’m an average looking person with a family, job, and home just like yourself. Something in my head causes me to turn into a merciless killer with no conscience. I was very drunk and a voice in my head said ‘do it.’ I stopped my car behind Jamie’s and got out. Jamie started walking very slowly down the hill toward the road. I raised my rifle to my shoulder and lined him up in the sights. I took at least five seconds to take careful aim. My first shot was off a little bit and hit him in the right chest. He groaned and went down. I wanted to make sure he was finished, so I fired a second shot aimed halfway between him hip and shoulder while he was prone on the ground. I jerked the shot and hit him in the knee. He never moved again. Five minutes after I shot Paxton I was drinking a beer and had blacked out all thoughts of what I had just done out of my mind. I thought no more of shooting Paxton than shooting a bottle at the dump. I know you hate my guts and rightfully so. I think about Jamie every hour of the day, as I’m sure you do.”


The Gainesville Ripper
Daniel Rolling

In 1990, the college town of Gainesville in Florida was living in fear, after 5 students were murdered. All victims were stabbed to death, raped, mutilated and one even decapitated, and the bodies were left posed. All par one who was a man, but this was due to the fact he was staying in a girls dorm.

In late 1990, Daniel Rollings was arrested, but not for murder. After being caught on a burglary charge, authorities realised his weapons matched those of the murders.

In 1994, Daniel Rolling was sentenced to death by lethal injection, and on the 25th of October 2006 he was executed.

After the trial, Rollings was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Paraphillia. Louisiana linked him to a murder of a family as he lived locally and it had similarities, but Rollings was never charged.
The White Queen Running
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Were you ever punished?
“Only for faults,” said Alice.
“And you were all the better for it, I know!” the Queen said triumphantly.
“Yes, but then I had done the things I was punished for,” said Alice: “that makes all the difference.”
“But if you hadn’t done them,’ the Queen said, “that would have been better still; better, and better, and better!”


Clarke wakes up wearing the tattoos of the Ice Nation.

(OR: Soulmates, parallel worlds, and Ice Queen Clarke; oh my. Canon divergent from 2x16.)