Ed Kemper assigned part of the blame for his crimes upon a society that allowed individuals such as himself to slip through the cracks.  Before his release from the mental institution to which he’d been sentenced for murdering his grandparents at age 15, the naturally anxious, then 21-year-old Kemper was assured that he would see a social worker and parole officer each twice a month.  However, when the day of his release came, Kemper found himself simply thrust back onto the streets without any mention of a support system.  “Two weeks after I was on the streets, I got scared because I hadn’t seen anyone,” he recalled.  “Finally, I called the district parole office and asked if I was doing something wrong … was I supposed to go to my parole officer, or would he come to see me, I asked.”  The man on the phone gruffly asked if he had a problem.  Kemper told him no.  The man then told him that they were very busy with the clients that they had, but that they would “get to him.”  They never did.  “I didn’t have the supervision I should have had once I got out,” Kemper stated. “I think if I had, I would have made it.”        

Me on a date

Date: So, what are you interested in?

Me: *don’t say serial killers, don’t say serial killers*

Me: School shooters.

ok but being interested in serial killers/mass shooters is cool and stuff like same here do that but fucking telling how you wish they would rape you/kill you/blow up the school/calling them daddy or anything similar is so uncomfortable and ugly please just stop stop stop. studying about their mind is alright, feeling bad for them because you know a thing or two about their life is also alright, but please know the limits.

10 Strange Serial Killer Facts.


Ted Bundy, confessing to at least 30 murders, once saved a child from drowning. He also received a commendation from the Seattle Police Department for chasing after a purse thief. 


Dennis Rader installed home security systems while he was killing. Ironically, a lot of people had these installed in fear of him. 


Kenneth Bianchi, dubbed the “Hillside Strangler”, applied to join the LAPD while murdering his victims. He also went on several ride alongs and attended classes. 


Albert fish, convicted of killing at least 3 victims, helped place the electrodes on his body during his execution before uttering his last words: “I don’t even know why I’m here.”


Lewis Hutchinson, dubbed the “Mad Doctor of Edinburgh Castle“, lived in a castle, obviously, and hunted his victims for sport. 


Katherine Knight cooked her husband and tried to feed him to her children. 


Vlado Taneski was a valued Macedonian crime reporter; he was often admired for having such a detailed writing style. Ironically, this turned out to be because he was killing people himself. 


Richard Chase, dubbed the “Vampire of Sacramento”, would kill an eat animals raw, but it gets weirder; he blended the organs of these animals with Coca Cola if he fancied a drink. 


Ed Gein was involved in a bush fire with his brother. The bush fire ended up killing his brother but left Gein without so much as a first-degree burn. A lot of people now believe that Gein murdered his brother, considering he led the police right to his body. 


The Axe Man of New Orleans, never caught, promised one night not to murder anyone in a house playing Jazz. True to his word, after every house in the city played Jazz that night, the Axe Man murdered not a soul. In fact, that night in history went on to inspire a Jazz song titled “Don’t Scare Me Papa”.