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Basic Richard Ramirez Facts

Richard Ramirez

Nickname: The Night Stalker

Tortured 25 victims and killed 13


Named Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramirez

Born February 29,1960

El Paso, Texas

Mercedes and Julian Ramirez

He was heavily influenced by his cousin Mike, who was a Green Beret

Mike had recently returned from the Vietnam war

Mike told him stories about him torturing and mutilating many Vietnamese women, even showing photographs

Together the discussed Satanic Worship

At around the age of 15 he watched Mike murder his wife

His criminal record began in 1977 for petty crimes

Killing Spree

First Known Murder

June 28, 1984

Jennie Vincow (79)

Sexually assaulted and stabbed

Second Murder

March 17, 1985

Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, and Tsai Lian Yu

Maria Lived and was injured, but Dayle and Tsai were murdered

March 27, 1985

Vincent Zazzara (64) and Maxine Zazzara (44)

Vincent was shot to death

Maxine was assaulted and stabbed to death

Maxine’s eyes were gouged out

A full scale police investigation gave no results

April 1985 William and Lillie Doi were killed

From the next 2 months, his murder rate escalated, claiming another dozen victims

After an overwhelming demanding of the police to do more the FBI stepped in

He then moved to San Francisco

He then killed Peter and Barbara Pan on August 17th

Then named The Night Stalker

Final Murder and Capture

His final attack was on August 24, 1985

His stolen car was identified by the victim

The car was found with fingerprints inside and his named was put to the night stalker

His previous mugshot photo was pasted everywhere

He was captured on August 31th

He was brutally beaten by L.A. residents before the police arrived

Trail, Convention, and Sentencing

July 22, 1988, the Jury selection began

Took 1 year to hear

He had gained many groupies, even marrying Doreen Lioy

September 20, 1989, a verdict of 43 charges, including 13 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, 11 assault charges, and 14 burglary charges

November 7, 1989, Ramirez received 19 death sentences


After 23 years on death row, he died on June 7, 2013, at the age of 53

Died due to complications related to B-Cell Lymphoma

10 Strange Serial Killer Facts.


Ted Bundy, confessing to at least 30 murders, once saved a child from drowning. He also received a commendation from the Seattle Police Department for chasing after a purse thief. 


Dennis Rader installed home security systems while he was killing. Ironically, a lot of people had these installed in fear of him. 


Kenneth Bianchi, dubbed the “Hillside Strangler”, applied to join the LAPD while murdering his victims. He also went on several ride alongs and attended classes. 


Albert fish, convicted of killing at least 3 victims, helped place the electrodes on his body during his execution before uttering his last words: “I don’t even know why I’m here.”


Lewis Hutchinson, dubbed the “Mad Doctor of Edinburgh Castle“, lived in a castle, obviously, and hunted his victims for sport. 


Katherine Knight cooked her husband and tried to feed him to her children. 


Vlado Taneski was a valued Macedonian crime reporter; he was often admired for having such a detailed writing style. Ironically, this turned out to be because he was killing people himself. 


Richard Chase, dubbed the “Vampire of Sacramento”, would kill an eat animals raw, but it gets weirder; he blended the organs of these animals with Coca Cola if he fancied a drink. 


Ed Gein was involved in a bush fire with his brother. The bush fire ended up killing his brother but left Gein without so much as a first-degree burn. A lot of people now believe that Gein murdered his brother, considering he led the police right to his body. 


The Axe Man of New Orleans, never caught, promised one night not to murder anyone in a house playing Jazz. True to his word, after every house in the city played Jazz that night, the Axe Man murdered not a soul. In fact, that night in history went on to inspire a Jazz song titled “Don’t Scare Me Papa”.

The footprint that caught Richard Ramirez. At the time, Ramirez bought a new pair of shoes that were extremely unique and rather easily traceable. Were it not for this footprint, Ramirez might have still been killing to this day.

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Basic Zodiac Killer Facts

Most notorious cold case


Taunted police from 1969-1974

First Attack

December 20, 1968

David Faraday (17) and Betty Lou Jensen (16)

Shot to death

Lake Herman Road, Outskirts of Vallejo, California

No motive was found

Second Attack

July 5, 1969

Darlene Ferrin (22) and Mike Mageau (19)

Shot Ferrin killing her and wounding Mageau

Same Vallejo location

Mageau gave a description but little progress was made


August 1, 1969

3 individual letters we sent:     

San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco Chronicle

Vallejo Times-Herald

Letters began: “Dear Editor: I am the killer of the 2 teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman     

Letter threatened to kill more if weren’t printed on the first page of all three newspapers

Each contained a symbol consisting of a circle with a cross through it    

Contained one of a three part cipher that claimed to contain the killer’s identity

Another letter several days later  

Sent to San Francisco Examiner

Began: “This is the Zodiac speaking…”

Letter contained taunts toward the police for not  cracking his code or catching him   

Cracking Code

Donald Harden (High School Teacher)

Bettye Harden (Wife & Mother)       

Began: “I like killing people because it is so much fun”


September 27, 1969

Cecelia Shepard (22) and Bryan Hartnell (20)

Tied them up and stabbed

Both in critical condition when found but Shepard dies of wounds later

Lake Berryessa in Napa County

Killer dressed in hood and shirt displaying the circle-cross symbol

Killer left a message on car door

Fourth Kill

   October 11, 1969

Taxi Driver Paul Stine (29)

Shot to death

San Francisco Presidio Heights

Killing did not fit the killer’s pattern   

October 14, 1969, letter sent to San Francisco Chronicle

Stated he killed Paul Stine

Contained a bloody scrap of Stine’s shirt

End of letter stated his intentions to murder a school bus full of kids

Extra Facts

Descriptions made by witnesses at Paul murder gave police ability to create a sketch

1974 letters abruptly stopped

At least linked to 5 other murders

Major suspect was Richard Gaikowski but was never proven

This is the perfectly preserved head of Diogo Alves, a serial killer from the 18th century. Alves would throw people off the Águas Livres Aqueduct in Lisbon, Portugal. Due to the area being a popular suicide jump site, nobody is sure how many people he truly killed. 


These are the photos from Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. The jars and various containers in the fridge were filled with human organs and remains. The skulls and jaws were kept in the freezer. 

Inside the blue tub and freezer were various body parts. The police discovered a full human torso, a bag of human organs, and human flesh stuck to the inside of the freezer. In the 57-gallon drum were three more human torsos dissolving in acid. 

There were a total of 7 skulls found in Dahmer’s apartment. Four in the kitchen and three in the closest of his bedroom. 


Basic Jeffrey Dahmer Facts

Jeffrey Dahmer

Nicknamed the Milwaukee Cannibal



Born May 21, 1960

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer

At the age of 4, he had surgery for his double hernia

Dahmer stated his compulsions towards murder and necrophilia began at the age of 14

Crime Scene/His arrest

Arrested July 22, 1991

Caught due to his victim Tracy Edwards escaped

Edwards had claimed he had threatened him with a knife which was located in the bedroom

The responding officer found Polaroids of dismembered bodies throughout Dahmer’s apartment

Police found; A head in the freezer,  preserve skulls,  jars containing genitalia, and much more

First Victim

June 1978

Steven Hicks (19)

Strangled to death with a barbell

He was dismembered

Alcohol Problems

Dahmer dropped out of Ohio State University due to his drinking

His father insisted he join the Army

He Enlisted in December 1978

Was then posted to Germany

1981 was discharged from Army due to his drinking

Returned home and was arrested for disorderly conduct

Father sent him to his grandmother’s in Wisconsin

Arrested in 1986 for masturbating in front of two boys, and received one-year probation

Another Kill

March 1989

Anthony Sears (26)

Drugged, Strangled, sodomized,, photographed, and dismembered

In 1991 murder count went from 4 to 17

Close Call

May 21, 1991

Konerak Sinthasomphone (14)

Dahmer’s neighbor Sandra Smith called police after seeing an Asian boy running around the street naked

When police arrived Dahmer claimed he was his 19-year-old lover, even though the boy was only 14

Police believed Dahmer and left the boy with him

Dahmer then killed the boy


Trail began January 1992

His father, Lionel, and his step-mother attend the trial

He pleaded not guilty to all the murders, despite having confessed to them all earlier during the police investigation

Later changed his plea to guilty by virtue of insanity

February 15, 1992, after 10 hours he was found guilty

He was sentenced to 16 consecutive life terms

He found religion in prison and was baptized


November 28, 1994

Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver beat him to death

Was pronounced dead an hour after the attack


“there was a magic show, and this guy – you’ve probably seen it – the fake guillotine, hand pressed, and they put the potato there, someone puts their neck in the brace, and they slam this thing down and the potato down below chops in two, but the person’s head doesn’t fall off, right? and everybody gets very fascinated by that, oh my god, and when he puts the blade in place and he pushes it down, it goes through that neck hole… but it never chops anybody’s head off. okay, so he wanted a volunteer out of – i’m out standing in the crowd watching this show. and he wanted a volunteer out of the audience, and some quite beautiful little sixteen year old girl gets up there, laughin’ all giddy and stuff, and i start getting caught up in this, i said wow. right at that moment i departed reality because logically i should have been able to ascertain that that could not happen; you’re not gonna get away with chopping somebody’s head off in the middle of helena, montana, the capital city. but the concept of it was so raw and so titillating, i said wow, gee, i gotta watch this.” – serial killer edmund kemper remembers his thoughts at a magic show.

The Museum of Death in Hollywood. This stomach-churning homage to murder, dismemberment, and rigor mortis houses a collection of serial killer artwork, photos of horrific accidents and famous crime scenes, and the guillotine-severed head of the murderous Bluebeard of Paris.

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