serial killer or not

“The fog, the long black cape, had a power, a threatening connotation that I wanted to make my own. Those things excite me. They always have. I was just born that way. ”

- Richard Ramirez, on Dark Shadows, a soap-opera series about a vampire.

(From “The Night Stalker” by Philip Carlo)


Siblings Of Notorious Killer

1. Half sister of Anders Breivik 2. David Dahmer, Brother of Jeffrey Dahmer 3. Brother of Dylan Klebold 4. Brother of Eric Harris 5. Ryan Lanza, Brother of Adam Lanza 6. Sister of Kipland Kinkel 7. Tammy Homolka, Sister of Karla Homolka 8. Sister of Dylann Storm Rolf 9. Siblings of Jodi Arias

Paul Haigh was an armed robber and serial killer who took to killing people during his robberies, or those he felt knew too much about his criminal enterprise. In one instance he murdered his associate Wayne Keith Smith, shooting him dead. This lead him to also kill Smith’s girlfriend, Sheryle Gardner and her ten year old son Danny who was present at the crime scene and who he murdered in order to prevent a witness identifying him as the killer.

His most brutal murder was that of his own girlfriend, 19 year old Lisa Brearly. who he suspected of cheating on him. He raped and sodomised her at knife point before stabbing her 157 times. About the crime he stated:

“I only intended to do 20 [stab wounds], but I lost count so then I started counting out another 20. I kept making sure she was dead.”


The potential voice of the Zodiac Killer, aired 10/22/69, still nameless and aloof to this day.

  • eurus: i want sherlock to come to my murder maze
  • also eurus: i want to meet jim moriarty, who wants to kill my brother literal years before the murder maze plan would come to light
  • also eurus: i want to put my brother in the line of culverton smith, who will kill him as he is a serial killer, not long before he is due to come to the murder maze
  • also eurus: i will put a grenade in sherlock's flat, sure to kill him literally just before coming to the murder maze
My very own personal thoughts on Ted Bundy

It is a fact that he did terrible things and I am not ,in any way , trying to condone any of that or justify it. Ted had that dark evil side of him.. He got trapped by his own actions.. He was so smart and manipulative ,so good at playing mind games with anyone ,but also a little naive when it came to hiding his own cruel deeds and thinking about the consequences or the chances of getting caught. Looking at him and his eyes i can feel that demonic side of him ,but unlike other killers who had motives to commit their crimes ,Ted Bundy was a victim of his own demons , his addiction became fatal to the point of no return. And he knew something was happening to him but he wasn’t truly realizing he was sick. Ted was a very sick troubled man and he really needed help and people celebrating his death was no less sick than what he did . He was a human being with serious mental illnesses ,who needed other ways of treatment.The electric chair felt like people needed to get rid of a cancer or something even worse ,an alien who had to be erased from the face of the world. I don’t know guys, don’t get me wrong here.. I feel so sad about all the families who lost their daughters. But responding to killing with killing doesn’t solve the problem. I look at Ted and I think how terribly sad his life was.. I’m not being compassionate here, no.. I’m just stating the obvious. He was smart, intelligent and so handsome. Ted really had such a charm and sex appeal which attracted a lot of women and even still do to this day. The roots of his sexual problems were deep in his past I believe. Had he been able to deal with all that maybe he would have had a normal sexual life with women and none of that would have happened. I mean we all have dirty fantasies but sane people don’t lose the ability to tell right from wrong. Ted didn’t have that ability. He was a victim of his own illness . As a criminal psychologist (soon-to-be) If I’d had the chance to help him I would have done it back then. I really think there is something unusual and extraordinary about him that keeps drawing people in.I know many people say “what if it was you who were in the place of those girls ,or someone you loved or cared about..” and they are 100% right about that. The families’ loss was devastating. But also think to yourself “what if tomorrow your kid is Ted Bundy?”

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Serial Killer books

In case you wanted to read something a little disturbing. Trigger warning for violence. (feel free to message me for specifics) 

Hushed by Kelley York - A college kid has a hit list that he’s in the middle of completing. 

The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes- A bunch of teenagers with Natural abilities solve hunt serial killers. 

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lynga- A boy’s dad is a famous serial killer and he helps the police catch a new killer. 

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan- A dystopia society that isolates people with the “serial killer” gene from others. 

How to Lead a Life in Crime by Kirsten Miller- It’s like crime Hogwarts. Like, R-rated.