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The Struggle We True Crime Lovers Go Through..

“Why Are You Condoning This?”
“You Need Professional Help.”
“You’re Going To Become A Serial Killer.”
“Why Do You Like Serial Killers?”
“You Have Serious Issues..’
“Did You Know They Killed People?”

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To be honest learning about Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and being part of the True Crime Community, Is probably the best thing that has ever happen to me.


In the notebook he titled “Course of Life”, James Holmes described his obsession with killing others, something he said he’d had since he was a child. He wrote down various ideas for murdering people, considering becoming a serial killer, but ultimately dismissing the idea because it was “too personal” and time consuming, and left “too much evidence”. He decided on mass murder, he wrote, because it was “easily performed with firearms” although he thought this was “primitive in nature”.


Poem by Australian Serial Killer,Robert Wagner.

I’m a CFS man- my uniforms swank
and iv'e never been to a snowtown bank
yet bodies in barrels-hey i wonder who’s there
peadophiles i’m told so who really cares

See so many people are murdered each year
yet just how many answers can you find around here
plus everyones listening to the media hype
A psychotic killer-hey do i look the type

Now in months to come it’s my judgement day
you can be sure i shall have my say
and i will not ever be held in contempt
for everyone knows my time was well spent

See you know i only provided a service that’s needed
for just like your gardens our street should be weeded
so fuck off judge Chester in your silly white wig
we only make the streets safe for all our kids

Now can anyones say whats really what
for i could be innocent-Then again maybe not
go fuck all the media and fuck the police
for i know where you live just incase i’m released

Now my poem must end with thoughts of my life
where did this start-what caused all my strife
and if my life reads like a Stephen king thriller
you know i’m not a bad guy….
for a serial killer

-Robert Wagner

I learn more about life from people who society calls monsters then from people who are considered normal by others.

“The voices were talking to me: ‘You need to make a sacrifice or we’re gonna get you.’ And then I saw him laying in the grass. I stood over him and I stabbed him.”

Dubbed by the media as Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer, James Fairweather was known by many as a young boy who was detached and introverted. He was just 15 years old when he committed two brutal murders, where he stabbed James Attfield and Nahid Almanea within months of each other. His first victim was stabbed over 100 times and Nahid was stabbed repeatedly with a bayonet.

The troubled teen was obsessed with serial killers and violence, and students recall him threatening to shoot up the school on one occasion. He also idolised Ted Bundy and Peter Sutcliffe, the infamous Yorkshire Ripper. In court, his defence team claimed that a combination of his bullying, paranoia, autism and mental illness resulted in him committing such heinous crimes. The prosecution disagreed, and he was sentenced to serve a minimum of 27 years.


Was this man a serial killer?

On November 12th, 2016, Anchorage police officer Arn Salao was investigating a theft when he saw a very tall man walking down the street. He pulled up next to him to ask him if he’d seen anything suspicious, and repeated the question when he got no answer. Then, the man turned to Salao and shot him four times. The police officer and his backup returned fire; the confrontation ended up with the mysterious man dead, and Salao in the hospital.

Turns out the dead man was called James Dale Ritchie (40) and the gun he was carrying was a Colt Python .357. The investigation determined this was the same one used on the murder of Treyveonkindell Thompson (21), who was found dead on the street on July 29th after being shot multiple times. The suspect sketch pictured above came from witnesses who saw the alleged killer getting away from the scene.

But that’s not all. The gun has also been linked to four other baffling murders that happened through the summer in Alaska, and had the people of Anchorage on edge. On July 3, Brianna Foisy (20) and Jason Netter (41) had been found dead in a bike trail, and on August 28, the same happened to Kevin Turner (34) and Bryan DeHusson (25). There’s still no information of the connection between the victims and the suspected killer, if any.

Ritchie was described as having been a “happy, positive person” in high school, where he was also a succesful athlete. However, after his graduation in 1994, he got deep into drugs and started building a criminal history. In 1998, after his first arrest, for selling drugs, he wrote a letter to the judge saying: “I lay in bed every night thinking about how I’ve ruined my life. Then I sit up crying wishing I could go back to when I was in high school.“ However, he kept getting in trouble with the law and getting short sentences or probation.


- some serial killers + who they should be portrayed by in biopic. (reedit)

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