serial killer groupies


Drawn by his Rock Star hair, handsome features, piercing eyes and nonchalant attitude, Richard Ramirez, grew a Cult following of adoring female fans. During the trial, his Groupies gathered outside the courthouse hoping for a chance to get inside: nurses and exotic dancers, law students and more. They would dress in black, just like their idol Ramirez, who was wearing black during the trial.  They could not wait for him to look back at them and give them his cocky, self assured smile.

The tumblr true crime community is so fucked up. I wanted to talk to reasonable people about catching and preventing serial killers, not groupies who completely discrespect the victims and their families by saying horrible shit like they were stupid because they got killed or that they “enjoyed” it.

Honestly sometimes these people disgust me more than the actual serial killers. Aaand I can’t even tag this “serial killers” because then I’ll get 10 people in my inbox yelling at me for “attacking their baes”

seriously take a look in the mirror, take a look at the crying families, and have some fucking basic human empathy god

Has there ever been a Batman comic where the villains had their own little fan clubs? I remember in Joker’s Asylum: Clayface that a group of obsessed Basil Karlo fans wanted to be absorbed into him because they considered death by Clayface to be a huge honor, but otherwise I haven’t read anything like that.

I just think it would be a really interesting concept to explore–even IRL serial killers who murdered actual people have their own (gross) fandom, so I don’t think what basically amounts to the spandex version of a serial killer groupie would be outside the realm of possibility in the comic book world. 

Emily Prentiss: There was definitely something a little strange about her.
Aaron Hotchner: It’s curious, one woman at the center of two serial killers.
Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau: Yeah, what are the odds of that?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Astronomical. Removing from the calculations serial killer groupies…
Jennifer 'JJ’ Jareau: Sorry I asked.
—  Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer Jareau, Spencer Reid. Season 7 Episode 21. Criminal Minds quote of the day.