serial killer board

People who are cool:

  • People who are interested in criminology/investigative science/the law system
  • People who have an interest in the psychology of criminals to better understand how the human mind works
  • People who are looking to learn how to protect themselves and others from violence
  • People who are looking to prevent criminals and murderers from carrying out violent actions
  • People who are disgusted by the actions of violent and dangerous criminals and recognize just how awful and fucked up their behavior is/was
  • People who do not romanticize violent crimes and killings in any way shape or form

People/things  who are not fucking okay in any way:

  • “Dylan roof imagines”
  • “Murderers and rapists deserve respect too! They’re just people like you and me :,,,,(”
  • “I bet Jeffery Dahmer was a great kisser <3″
  • *Serial killer memes*
  • “It’s a shame Bundy died….. he was such a hottie :(”
  • “All my favorite people are serial killers~”
  • *Serial killer mood boards and flower crown edits*
  • “Here’s my Eric and Dylan slash fic!!! Haha they’re so cute together”

Photograph of San Augustine County Sheriff deputies, Robert McCroskey and Charles Martin, displaying torture implements found inside and under a cabin that was owned by the parents of serial killer Dean Corll. Corll was also known as ‘The Candyman’ and was responsible for the murders of potentially over 27 young men and boys. The items found included three pairs of plastic gloves, shovels, sacks of lime, rope and his notorious torture board.

Although she looks like she could be your grandmother, Dorothea Puente was guilty of 9 murders and was one of Sacramento’s most unlikely serial killers. She ran a boarding house in the 1980s, and would house mentally disabled or otherwise vulnerable elderly people. She would cash their social-security checks and kill them when they complained. She drugged her victims with sleeping pills, then suffocated them. 

After the disappearance of Alberto Montoya, a schizophrenic man who was put under Puente’s care by the state, a missing person’s report was filed and the boarding house was investigated. Puente was arrested after another tenant told the police of his landlady’s true nature. She received life without the possibility of parole. She continued to maintain her innocence all her life, insisting that all her tenants had died of “natural causes”.

She died on March 27, 2011 in prison in Chowchilla, California at the age of 82 from natural causes.