“Portrait of a Monster.” That was the headline emblazoned across the front of the Daily News in 1993 after Joel Rifkin confessed to strangling 17 prostitutes and leaving their dismembered bodies around Long Island, New York.

Rifkin committed his first murder in 1989, killing a woman in his home and then dismembering her body (removing her teeth and fingertips, putting her head in a paint can and then leaving the paint can in the woods of a southern New Jersey golf course and her legs farther north in New Jersey and then dumping her remaining torso and arms into the East River around New York City).
Over the next four years, he killed 16 more women in a similar fashion. 

He was found guilty of nine murders in 1994 and sentenced to 203 years to life. He would be eligible for parole only in 2197, at the age of 238. (X)


Serial Killers’ Last Meals

New Zealand-based artist Henry Hargreaves recreated the last meals requested by serial killer inmates before their execution in his series No Seconds. Carefully placed and curated, Hargreaves seamlessly gives life to an extremely dark, uncomfortable and mundane setting, which oddly holds more value than words can express. 


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When authorities arrived at the home of Ed Gein to question him about the disappearance of Bernice Worden, they could not have prepared themselves for what was to follow. Upon entering the home, they discovered the body of Worden, hanging up by her heels from a pully. She had been beheaded and disembowelled and then strung up and dressed like a hunted animal. After calling for backup, they explored the rest of the house of horrors and discovered soup bowls made from skulls, chairs upholstered in human flesh, lampshades made from skin, a box of noses, a belt made from nipples, a shade pull decorated with lips, a box containing preserved female genitalia, and the faces of nine women that had been dried, stuffed with paper and then mounted on the wall. They also discovered a vest made from female skin, complete with breasts. Ed later confessed that he enjoyed wearing this some nights and would dance around his home pretending to be his own deceased mother.

Darren Vann, a serial killer from Gary, Indiana, brutally murdered 11 people, hung their bodies on the walls and opened his insanity to the public as a “Haunted House” attraction.

Gary, Indiana is known for its surplus of abandoned houses, most of them too damaged to be sold. Vann decided to find an abandoned house to occupy and make it his own. He meticulously turned the basement of the house into a morgue to collect the bodies of his victims.

Vann said he had planned the ‘Haunted House’ for the last 8 months preparing the bodies for viewing. The house was opened on October 18 2014, and the police was called immediately by the terrified public. “When we entered the home, the smell was putrid. At first I thought the odour was like a stink bomb or something, ” said one attendee. “Then as we went through, he had bodies hanging up on crosses on the wall. It looked way too real. My husband went up close and touched it and said ‘Let’s get out of here! I think that’s real!’ At that point, the other people that were in there with us all ran out of the house screaming. It was absolute chaos!”

Another eyewitness said that Vann just sat there in a chair at the door entrance while people ran out. “As we were all running out and screaming, he sat to the left of the door with a psychotic smirk on his face. He just had this blank stare, an emptiness in his eyes. I don’t know which was scarier, him or the dead people.”

The police department reported receiving more than 50,911 calls reporting the incident. Police arrived within minutes and arrested Vann.
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Famous Actors as Serial Killers

1. Jeremy Renner as Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer (2002)

2. Misha Collins and Laura Prepon as Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka in Karla (2006)

3. John Cusack as Robert Hansen in The Frozen Ground (2013)

4. Lou Diamond Phillips as Richard Ramirez in The Night Stalker (2016)

5. Leonardo DiCaprio as H.H. Holmes in The Devil in the White City (2017)