serial crime

being interested in serial killers and their motives and what drove them to kill but understanding that they were awful people who did awful things and not normalizing/romanticizing them

romanticizing/being attracted to/admiring/shipping serial killers


When does evil begin?

Seeing the headlines about Charles Manson today gave me the idea to make these. Headlines about infamous killers set to their childhood photos.

Top to bottom: Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dylan Klebold.


The Life Failures of Four Big Serial Killers

Ted Bundy: Dropped out of law school several times, never held a job for very long, was rejected by most of the law schools to which he applied due to mediocre LSAT scores and unimpressive (B average) grades, signed his own death warrant by rejecting a guilty plea.

Jeffrey Dahmer: No friends, no boyfriends, barely made it through high school and flunked out of college after a semester, was discharged from the army before completing his tour of duty due to alcoholism, held menial jobs his entire life, was eventually fired from his menial jobs, lived in a shithole apartment in a bad area of Milwaukee, was evicted from said shithole apartment, was a severe alcoholic, was at one point homeless and sleeping on the beach in Florida shortly after his army discharge, lived with his grandmother for years.

Richard Ramirez: No jobs his entire adult life?  Addicted to cocaine, held no steady place of residence, no close friends, no girlfriends, had awful teeth, only experienced sex with women he violently coerced into the act, smelled terrible

Ed Kemper: No close friends or girlfriends, only experienced sexual intercourse with corpses, lived with his mother, held only menial jobs.

4 main reasons Criminal Minds is the best show:

1. the quotes at the beginning and the end of each episode that foreshadow what’s to come or explain what happened in the episode

2. the fact that they reference many real cases and serial killers throughout the show

3. the fact that they show faces of real killers in the opening credits

4. matthew gray gubler