serial crime


Five hours before his execution, Ted Bundy was allowed two 10-minute phone calls to his mother Louise Bundy and stepfather John Bundy.

He sounds very much at peace with himself,’ Louise Bundy told a Tacoma News Tribune reporter present in the home. “’He said ‘I’m so sorry I’ve given you all such grief … but a part of me was hidden all the time. But the Ted Bundy you knew also existed’.”

At the end of the second call, Louise Bundy told him, ’You’ll always be my precious son.

William MacDonald was a serial killer who terrorised Sydney, Australia in the early 1960′s. MacDonald was known as ‘the mutilator’ due to the nature of his crimes. MacDonald would target random men, lure them into darkened places, and stab them multiple times in the head and neck, before ultimately severing their penis and testicles. It is thought that the nature of MacDonald’s crime stemmed from a rape he experienced as a teenager.


Ronald Dominique is also known as the Bayou Serial Killer.  Dominique is a gay man who killed anywhere between 8-23 men in Louisiana between 1997-2006.  He found most of his victims in gay bars and would entice them with money for sex.  Dominique would then rape and strangle or suffocate his victims.  He pleaded guilty to avoid the Death Penalty and was sentenced to 8 life sentences for his crimes.


Murdered Over Star Wars
Rickie La Touche

On the 28th of April 2011 in Manchester, England, Rickie La Touche had a massive row with his Thai wife Pornpilai Srisray. The argument ended with Rickie strangling his lover to death. Afterwards, La Touche ran to his mothers and confessed.

The motive was claimed to be that Srisray had broken some of his Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader toys he had collected since he was a child. There are also reports he went to a domestic abuse charity and that Srisray was threatening to go back to Thailand.

In 2011, Rickie La Touche was sentenced to 12 years


Ted Bundy was executed on the 24th of January, 1989. Outside the prison, there was a macabre carnival-like atmosphere. As Ted Bundy was led to the electric chair, over 100 capital punishment supports sang songs, lit sparklers, danced, and cheered. Some wore specifically designed t-shirts or held signs that condoned the execution. The final two photographs show onlookers clapping as a hearse containing Ted Bundy’s corpse is taken to the mortuary.