serial control

“I want to be a good person, but I’m just not…” - Ted Bundy

Most serial killers have no control over their homicidal impulses. Ted Bundy, for example, could recognise that what he was doing was completely wrong, but his strong desires fueled by his psychopathic nature overcame any shadows of conscience and he ultimately lost control of his perverted desires. In a later interview, Bundy stated that he “just wanted to kill!”

Aspd, sociopathy, psychopathy

First of all be aware that not everyone, who is diagnosed with anything I will mention has to meet only those or all of those criteria. Also I want to note, that many psychopaths have aspd, while very few people with aspd are psychopaths.
There is a lot of just plain wrong information out there on this topic. And I will not tell you to aimply trust my words, but to do your own research, ask for sources and check if they are reliable (Newspaper articles etc. are not, if they were not published in a professional journal!), especially if you wish to spread the information.
1. Sociopathy
The term “sociopath” is rarely used in the academic field. If used it either describes a person who has both aspd and psychopathy or (coll.) refers to the etiology of the person that displays the behaviours. Some use it as a synonym for aspd and psychopathy. Before “aspd” was established (about 1980) “sociopath” was the term used for people with aspd.
2. Aspd
About 35-70% of the criminals found in prison (depending on time, place and statistics) have “Antisocial personality disorder”. Aspd is determined by the social environment most of the time during early childhood. Possible roots of aspd are other mental illnesses, child abuse and any kind of mistreatment, that might have (or) led to cptsd etc.. It is therefore found more frequently in people with a poor family background or no family at all. People with aspd tend to be reckless, violent, easily angered and arbitrary. They are usually actively self-oriented, take drugs, drink alcohol, steal, have a high sex drive and close to no impulse control. Some have self-destructive tendencies and many enemies and do not play by any rules. Many mass murderers have aspd. If they commit a crime, they are usually caught because they did not plan ahead or at all to commit said crime.
3. Psychopathy
About 1-20% of the criminals found in prison (compare aspd l.2) are psychopaths. Psychopathy is determinded by biology. Some people with psychopathy are able to “switch” their empathy “on”. Many psychopaths do not commit murder or any similar crimes during their life. Many people with psychopathy were or are still being misdiagnosed with autism, as certain patterns overlap. They tend to be adaptable, patient and some live an average family life. But different to people with aspd and sociopaths, they can develope predatory behaviour and as parts of their brain structure are different than those of the average person, they can also develope unusual perceptions. They are usually narcisstic (passively self-oriented), ambitious, charistmatic, controlling and have a high impulse control. Some serial killers are psychopaths. Is psychopaths commit a crime they are usually caught because they want to be caught, to become famous etc..

However, being diagnosed with any of those “disorders” does not make one a criminal or in any way obliged to fit the stereotype. There are no “evil geniuses”. Aspd/Psychopathy/Sociopathy enables one to do certain things, but they are no excuse to do them. And even more important, those traits exist on a spectrum. For everyone else, please note, that treating people like “monsters”, creates “monsters”.

sitting/standing theory time

I took the whole thing about Dark being seated at one head and Wilford standing to mean that Dark is more powerful.

They are relatively equal in power, as implied, but whatever the power balance is here is skewed by the amount of control each of them exhibit. People like Dark who exhibit more control wield more power than people of an equal strength who, like Wilford, are ruled more by their violent tendencies than they are in control. Organized serial killers take longer to be caught than disorganized serial killers due to their planning out of the scene and exercise of control over the proceedings.

Dark remains sitting at the opposite head of the table from Wilford not because he respects him (although he says he does, and I can believe that), but because he’s trying to show that he is the one with the greater power. To sit when another is standing is to show one’s power in a situation.
When a king holds court, he sits in his throne while everyone else stands, including messengers from other kingdoms (representatives of their king). When a leader visits the office of another, the leader hosting the meeting offers the visiting leader a seat first before they take a seat. When a judge enters a courtroom, everyone must rise and allow the judge to take a seat and tell them to sit down before they sit down. (this is too many examples I need to slow down) 

Wilford, however, doesn’t even appear to have a chair. He is the one presenting the pitch for MarkiplierTV, so he doesn’t really need one, but the presence of a chair on his end of the table, even if he is not sitting in it, would make the fact that he is actually at the head of the table more symbolically apparent (although we know that he is a head of the table), showing to the people at the meeting that he is equally as in charge as Dark. The absence of said chair indicates that he is less powerful than he wants people to believe he is- or that they just don’t have enough chairs.

Dark, though, respects Wilford. He says so himself, and despite the fact that he is a manipulator and therefore will lie to get his way, upon analysis I don’t see any reason to disbelieve him. Dark is the kind of person who only truly respects power that is equal or greater than his, so his respect for Wilford indicates that they are of relatively equal power. 
Possibly unrelated, but I would like to touch on the part where Dark calls Wilford ‘Wil’. This was of particular interest to a lot of people, and some people suggested that it was related to the respect thing. It could be (a diminutive?), but it’s somewhat more likely that Dark and Wilford have worked together in the past and formed what is as close to a friendship as two beings like them can have. Wilford doesn’t appear to react to the nickname, which shows that either Dark has called him this in the past or he just doesn’t care. (probably the former, as Wilford is ego-driven and would probably care about someone using a shortened form of his name. he refers to himself as Wilford on his show, after all!) (also, Wil. cute nickname(?))

I wasn’t really going to bring up the other egos that much, but as I’m wrapping up I guess I’ll talk about The Host and Googleplier’s proximity to Dark. The most powerful egos are on Dark’s end of the table, whereas the less powerful (and ego-driven?) are on Wilford’s end of the table. It seems to me as if Dark had the ability to dictate where each person sat so he could sit near the people he could stand- the people who have more power and are more restrained in their power, like him, and Wilford would have the more dare-I-say shallow egos near him, far away from Dark and closer to the big ego in the room. (to tone down their own self-importance or just to make them less close and annoying to Dark?) The Host, at Dark’s right hand, does not really participate in the meeting, instead narrating every occurrence. He is definitively more powerful than Googleplier since he can twist things to how he wants them to be (is he the real power here?), but he’s not considered as powerful as Dark or Wilford because he’s a newer ego than both of them, was introduced on someone else’s channel, and they are both at least semi-metaphysical entities, whereas he is a human who only has a strange power (at least, I think this is the case). And their collective “objective”, according to Google? Interesting. 

I am, of course, open to discussion about this! I thrive on respectful conversation about theories (always the best thing to see on my dash) and if you want to respond that would be a-mazing!

and as always, thanks to @markiplier and teamiplier for making such a cool video that sparks so much discussion! we really could not do anything without that amazing team!

You're Important (Spencer x reader)

Word count: 1000 (i kinda didn’t proofread at all bc im in class so if any of y'all wanna correct me go right ahead) 

“You told me you would be home yesterday.” You mumbled into the phone, plopping onto the couch in your and Spencer’s shared apartment. You could hear Spencer sigh on the other end of the line.

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SO basically we are doing the serial killers unit in my forensics class (I have to do a presentation on one of my choice for my final grade, I chose Vlad Tepes because I adore him, look him up, he’s neat) and so now I am OBSESSED and we talked about the Different Categories of Serial Killers today in class and I couldn’t help but think of Anti and Dark so here we go-

Anti is a disorganized, hedonistic serial killer. This means he is nocturnal, and unstable, and not stressed about causing a crime. His murders are spontaneous, and he tends to dehumanize his victims (treating us almost like sheep, in a way). He has minimal prior conversation with a victim *before* he strikes, but might have some during the act- he is chaotic, and sudden. He does not use restraints, because he likes prey that runs. The body is not moved, he leaves it where it lays, alongside the weapon. Its like an art piece. Another characteristic of disorganized serial killers is that sometimes they have sex with the victim’s bodies post-death but I won’t get into that “Hedonistic” means that he kills to seek thrills, and derives pleasure from doing so. He exhibits other serial killer traits, such as being self-centered, demanding attention, and being devoid of remorse.

Dark is an organized, “power/control” serial killer. He is highly intelligent, socially and sexually adequate, and charming. His anger causes an outburst, as opposed to some (like Anti) who kill on a whim. Highly mobile, good with people. He enjoys watching his crimes cause rippling effects, much like Mark likes watching his charity events have rippling effects. His crimes are planned, and he always targets his victims; organized serial killers often have a specific group that they go after, if it is women with brown hair parted down the middle, or people who are shorter than a certain height. In this case, its those who watch his host’s videos. He likes to talk to his victim beforehand, striking up a conversation with them, being friendly- though it becomes very clear that he likes to remain in control of the conversation at all times. Same goes for his crime scene. He likes it when they are submissive. Uses restraints, acts aggressively only when he knows he has you. Cleans up afterwards. “Power/control” killer means that he gets (sometimes sexual) gratification from the dominance he has, over the victim, and the concept of life and death itself. He is manipulative, and emotionally empty. Devoid of empathy.

It must have been deliberate. He wouldn’t be holding the ax if it wasn’t.

The sound of a dying man’s final gasps filtered through the murky air of the Upside Down. Blood oozed out of his wound, the cut carefully selected so as to keep him alive while simultaneously preventing him from moving. His hands were splayed in an attempt to claw towards some sort of safety, but even he had to know the futility of his effort.

“You know,” came the cracking voice of a young boy only just starting puberty, “it didn’t have to come to this.”

His victim whimpered. Long hair lay flat and sticky against his scalp, completely drenched in slime and otherworldly muck. The frigid temperatures kept him from bleeding out too quickly, though it was unknown whether this was a conscious decision or just an added side benefit for his attacker.

“You had so many opportunities to be better,” the boy continued, almost lazily, over the cries. He stepped forward, dress shoes squelching along slime covered floors. “She gave you so many chances. She tried to defend you even.”

The man - a teenager really - cried out as the boy kneeled down beside him. Black smoke teased the child’s pant leg and he placed a small hand on the tortured bully’s shoulder. “It was almost sad. Trust me, I know.” He tenderly caressed the shivering teen’s back as if trying to offer comfort, but it only served to highlight the boy’s absolute lack of sympathy. “But you didn’t stop. Not only did you hurt her, but you hurt my family, and my friends, and so many other people that, honestly, I can’t bring myself to regret this.”

Another whimper, so different from the paragon of masculinity he had been not even an hour prior. The teen tried to drag himself forward but the ground was too slick.

“I don’t like this ability,” explained the boy. His bowl cut should have been laughable, but the way it coated his eyes in shadows made it seem as if the boy was a part of this nightmare-realm rather than another interloper. “I hate it. It terrifies me. But I have control now. A little bit, at least, and if nothing else I can put it to some sort of use.”

Something slithered along the floor and the teen let out a terrified cry as it constricted around his legs. The boy only shifted, not at all surprised. He flicked the ax, viscous droplets splattering the ground. 

“Yeah, they do that. They’re attracted to blood, you see. Not always, but…it helps.” A screech came from the world beyond this sewer he had been dragged into, and the teen couldn’t refrain from crying out in fear. The white phantom lights flashed red for a brief moment. Lightning cracked outside. 

This had to be a nightmare.  

“If anything, you should thank me. You’ll be dead before they get too far.” The monstrous wails from the outside echoed about the room, and the slithering something had finally made its way to his mouth. He tried, desperately, to keep it away, but the boy very nonchalantly pinched at his jaw, forcing his mouth open.

Immediately, his oxygen was cut off. He couldn’t breathe. In the back of his mind, he realized he was dying.

“I’m sorry it came to this,” the boy stated. He almost sounded like he meant it. His suit, one of those ugly things kids wore to school dances, was dry and bloodless. “I really am. But I can’t have you coming back. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.”

The teen’s vision swam. Dark spots gathered in the corner of his eyes. The tube had completely cut off his airway.

His murderer smiled. “There you go. Almost done. Goodbye, Billy.” His grin faded into a line - the last thing Billy saw. “You shouldn’t have hurt my friends.”

The boy vanished.  

Shadowhunters s2 - thoughts

Shadowhunters is on Hiatus next week for the birthday of the United States, (Merica, FuCK Yeah. We’ll have a cook out) - so here’s my thoughts through episode 14. 

  • The 2b opening sequence where Clary recaps the plot of the show is poorly written and an unnecessary use of screen time. Also it’s annoying as hell… Magnus Bane is not “a warlock from Brooklyn” he is The High Warlock of Brooklyn. And Luke used to be Clay’s dad or something RIGHT???…. Honestly why is this a thing?
  • They’ve established that Alec and Magnus are very much together/in love/devoted to each other… however, Alec is extremely straight forward, so much so that he can come across as cold, though he’s not. While Magnus is guarded, evasive, and recently he opened his heart and soul to Alec. He exposed himself and he got hurt for it because of the demon… At this point it is crucial that Magnus and Alec be given uninterrupted scenes that last longer than 3 seconds because they have a very interesting story set up for the upcoming ep’s but they need screen time…look, this story-line can’t sustain on short scenes and they can’t gloss over what happened. Magnus was trapped in another body, he was tortured by his allies and nearly executed under the gaze of his lover, Alec. Plus, the mind of a serial killer had control of Magnus’ body for like a day and we know Valentine used the whole thing to his advantage to attempt an escape (WHICH FAILED!! BITCH WHAT!) - However, Magnus is clearly NOT OK and Alec can tell, though he doesn’t know how to help yet… the next step requires screen time, they need to flush this out and we have to wait an extra week for that. They timed this perfectly. Assholes. 
  • Personally, I find Clary to be a bit … tiring …. But life isn’t really throwing her a bone here… I’m not going to recap her story because it will take too long (she is the main character or something, I guess) but now she’s lost her boyfriend and her oldest friend in one go - and really, The Seelie queen could have done a million things to make it so Clary had to kiss Jace… She was there to cause drama and she caused it. I loved her… and I loved all the references to middle school and then the queen appears to be of middle school age and she plays middle school games with them. Oh now that I put that in writing I see … they walked right into it… #kudos
  • Simon… oh… sorry man that blows - Write a song about it? Maybe call Raphael? And remember you’re still a vampire? Shit don’t kill anyone.
  • Izzy is finally finally getting better, which is great and she has her mother’s support, finally. But she mistook her addiction to Raphael for love and I’m looking forward to seeing her find something real. Also I need to see her kick Sebastian’s ass a few more times. That was hot. She is hot. Hot damn girl.
  • I hope that thing that might happen to Max doesn’t turn out to be Izzy’s fault because she will never forgive herself…
  • Jace could probably use a nap by now. Like a good one where he wakes up and has no idea what year it is. He’s been spun like a top for months - tortured and manipulated by Valentine, imprisoned by the Clave, tortured by the silent brothers, fought off Valentine only to be rejected by the institute, boned a crazy turned out to be a murderer seelie chick, inadvertently activated the soul sword so Valentine could wield it - thus killing hundreds of downworlders, and now he’s suddenly shadowhunter royalty, expected to run the institute, implement downworlder tracking, trust a new family… etc. … - Also he’s in love with Clary but he enjoys the downworlder ladies. I get you bro. 
  • I don’t get the dynamic they created between Maia and Jace because it can’t go anywhere because Clace but like… it should go somewhere…. anyway, Overall I like Maia, she’s cute and feisty and refuses to change her life to cater to all the shit going on and I want her to get a hot girlfriend… still don’t get why Luke locked her up in that freezer btw
  • Luke is kind of all over the place lately and I expect a lot of that has to do with losing Jocelyn. She was his last true connection to the Shadowhunters (it’s not like Clary acknowledges him as the man who raised her or anything) - and I think Luke feels a lot of guilt and responsibility for Valentine and his actions, given that they were parabati…However, I wonder if maybe the thing Luke should actually be worried about is the fact that his new partner is stalking him…
  • I want to suggest that Imogene and Maryse meet for some tea/whiskey and have a nice chat and agree to help their kids/grandkids over blindly following the Clave/their own bullshit going forward
  • I need to see Alec call out his father for cheating on his mom and I actually want Robert to be a dick enough to bring up Magnus in the fight and Alec to straight GAY UP lose his shit because he KNOWS Magnus now and he’s nothing like you, asshole.

Things I need more of : - Magnus being okay and happy because I miss him - Meliorn not giving two shits about the shadowhunters, but respecting Alec because of Isobel - The Seelie Queen being fabulous and fucking your day up, just for fun - Sebastian fucking creeping me out while also turning me on as he meddles into everyone’s lives… oh and the real Sebastian is chained up in his closet #kinky - The Lightwoods supporting each other and helping each other and fucking OWNING the NYC Institute because it’s theirs and they know how to run it. - Jace playing piano and Simon singing. together  -  Full MALEC scenes. In which they are boyfriends who call each other boyfriend and love each other and get to talk to each other on screen together as boyfriends - Clary and Izzy being bff’s who are there for each other and appreciate each other and fight the dudes who fuck with their #bff - also, more of Maia punching dumbass men in the face.


Some notorious serial killers are known to have been fans of the Marquis de Sade. Ian Brady, for example- the male half of the infamous British couple known as the “Moors Murderers”- praised de Sade as a ‘good writer’ and endorsed the Sadean belief that murder is “necessary, never criminal.”

Ted Bundy was also familiar with de Sade’s fiction. During a jailhouse interview conducted shortly before his execution, Bundy - speaking of himself in the third person- referred to de Sade when describing his own malevolent desire to dominate and possess his victims:

“Uh, with respect to the idea of possession. I think that with this kind of person, control and mastery is what we see here… In other words, I think we could read about the Marquis de Sade and other people who take their victims in one for or another out of a desire to possess and would torture, humiliate, and terrorize them elaborately- something that would give them a more powerful impression that they were in control.”

(Source: The Serial Killer Files by Harold Schechter). 

sofiegp  asked:

Whats your opinion on people drawing johnny as white? Or cosplaying him when they themselves are caucasian?

I think it’s pretty great! It warms my heart to see white people getting represented in the media and if a person, no matter their color or gender, wants to dress up as a Mexican serial killer controlled by mad forces from beyond our realm of understanding, then I say go for it! 

Unless they’re Norwegian. That’s just ridiculous.

Serial killers are like spiders. They’re monsters that hunt their victims or lure them into their web and kill them. A spider’s purpose on this planet is to aid in keeping the insect population under control. So is a serial killer’s purpose to aid in keeping the human population under control? 

Power/Control Oriented Serial Killer

This type of serial killer derives profound satisfaction from the process of having complete life-or-death control of the victim. Current writing has often emphasized the sexual aspects of many serial murders, such as some of those committed by Ted Bundy. However, for many serial killers “the fundamental source of pleasure is not sexual, it is the killer’s ability to control and exert power over his helpless victims.” (Holmes & DeBurger, 1985)

This kind of control, sought by the power-oriented serial killer, is rightly perceived by the killer as ultimate power to determine another’s fate. The sexual aspects of murders committed by this type of killer are incidental, not central, to the killing. Rape, sodomy, or destruction of sexual anatomy, far from being erotic, are but expressions of power and control over the victim. Whether the victim is male or female, the brutality that often accompanies murders perpetrated by this type of killer will maximize and reinforce the perverted motives of power and control