seri's art

“WE are the Universe”

This series was inspired by my pride in and love of being black. I wanted to express that being black is being a powerful creator.

A lot of things in this world originate from us, and what best represents creation/originality than the universe. We are the Universe. We build, we shape and we mold the world around and inside us. 

Here are the first three paintings in my series that represent us as creators:

“Fro Universal”

“Recapturing Galaxies”

“Souls R Eternal”

Art by JMM

Haiku by @cha-fu


“You know how stuff runs in families? Blue eyes, buck teeth, that sort of thing? Well, Death runs in my family. I remember things that haven’t happened yet and I can TALK THAT TALK and stalk that stalk and…if he gets sidetracked, then I’ll have to do it. And he does get sidetracked.” 

-Susan Sto Helit


— “Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!”