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Bloom  - WIP #2 - Ridley Family Living Room

Many moons ago, I shared these work-in-progress photos of the Ridley family’s living room. I decided to update it in an impromptu livestream yesterday evening. I like the room a little more now, but it is still very much a work in progress. I’m trying to decide on a wallpaper and I can’t figure out what to do with the empty space by the windows. First order of business is downloading more midcentury decor to add.

I’ve felt a bit shamed and weird and stuff, to be so into the sims series and to be blogging about it at this age - until I have started to follow sims blogs here and noticed that there are 30 and plus people in this community.



This has been on my computer for months and I finally got around to doing it because IDEA. I love dating sims, I love the shit out of them so why not do a series of characters in fake dating sims. Wilson had to be first because he was the first idea and I needed a test subject. More characters from different series to come. Will be for purchase as a 4x6 print soon.


sim eu so terminei a serie hoje de madrugada e sim eu comecei no dia que lançou mas nao consegui maratonar… de qualquer modo, espero que gostem e se quiserem talvez eu faça uma segunda parte

I want a game...

I want a game that could be an awesome mix between The Sims, Skyrim, Dragon AgeTera Online, The Witcher and other games. Hear me out though…

I want a game where the Map is super wide like Horizon Zero Dawn’s Map and Skyrim’s Map (Open world like) with various places (why not a whole world that you can discover and travel? With oceans, deserts, forest, cities etc…)

I want a game where you can create a really unique character, where the charater’s creator have a shit ton of categories and you can customize everything (race, hair lenght and color, eyes shape/color, body shape, gender etc.)

I want a game where you can marry any kind of NPCs and if you want to marry more than one character, you would have a quest that could be kinda hard to accomplish. But if you succeed, then you can marry as many people as you want.

I want a game where you can have a family with your character’s spouse. Adopt children or get your wife pregnant.

I want a game where you can have a large range of interactions with NPCs and especially those who are part of your family for example (train your kids/spouse and have them following you in your adventures, hire people to protect them…)

I want a game where there is day time and night time, and not zones where you have eternal day or night.

I want a game where monsters and/or animals are affected by the time of the day or the night or by the seasons

I want a game where you have advantges depending on the place where your characters live

I want a game where you can choose how the story of your character begins (if your character is an orphan, if your character belongs to a group of bandits, if your character sides with the bad guys, if your character is from a really rich family and things like that…) depending how your character begins the game you will have advantages and/or disavantages.

I want a game where you can have followers that level up with you without sharing the experience points. (If you two kill a monster and it gives you 50 exp points, both of you will have 50 exp points instead of 25 each)

I want a game that WOULD BE A RPG and not an MMO (PC/PS/XBOX whatever…but PC first yo)

I want a game where you can decide which job you want to do

I want a game where you can “developp” relationships

I want a game where you see your character growing old, and same as their children (though if you don’t want them to die, there could be a quest or an option where you could stop aging)

I want a game where, while we’re at it, you can create a whole damn family that you can control and go on quests with! Plus they would kick ass how cool is that?

I want a game where if you can’t choose a side (in a war for example), you can find a way to be neutral

I want a game where you can build your own house as YOU WANT IT TO BE

I want a game where the NPCs that are your friends can show up and visit you

I want a game where the NPCs knows when to speak and WHEN to shut up

I want a game where NPCs can walk freely and don’t always have the same pattern everytime (they could have a different routine for each day, or a routine that would change depending on the seasons, the time of the day or the time of the year..?)

I want a game where some wild animals do not attack you on sight, except if you’re too close or if you look menacing to them

I want a game where you can fucking FLY without using cheat codes or mods

I want a game that you can mod why not

I want a game where you can have precisions on the level required for your quest

I want a game where you can throw a damn medieval party!

I want a game where you can join or quit factions as you please (but depending on if people in a faction like you or not you may or may not be able to join again)

I want a game where you can build a boat and sail on the seas

I want a game where among the races, there could be a race that can fly and one that lives underwater

I want a game with lots of cultural diversity

I want a game where each race have their own technology

I want a game that could look cute or have some sort of relaxing atmosphere depending on the places but I want a game that could have a really dark and oppressing atmosphere too!

I want a game with all of the above. And if it already exists, please give it to me RIGHT NOW I’M WILLING TO INVEST IN THIS!

Also, feel free to add others ideas if you want ~





“You’re almost 18 so make dinner yourself.”