seri goes on vacation


Gramma was really surprised with her card, there’s a few at the look out point, a shop I saw from the car that I want to go to xD

The sign at the fishery, and then pictures of plants at the butterflies ~

Edit: forgot to say why I posted the picture of the sign. It said no life guard there, but there was in fact, a life guard there. LOL

Yes. Coffin shop, next to a florist, next to a thrift shop.

Anyone else besides me find this hilarious?

It’s like “Ooops Bob died, lets get his coffin, arrange flowers for the funeral and drop his stuff off in one trip!”

And then they were playing music at the town hall. The singers were pretty good, just not so much my taste in music and it was like a mini old folks convention, but still good for the say 30minutes we stayed.