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Lost in Paradise (Sneak Peek)

Rob Benedict x Reader 

A/N: This is a sneak peek for my new Rob Benedict x Reader series. It all started from a request from @assbuttwithwings, that caused my brain to explode. This series is the result. I warn you now, if your don’t like fluff, don’t read this series. You might melt, and that can get messy. Please send me an ask if you would like to be tagged in this series.

Request: “Reader is newly single and goes to a single’s vacation somewhere on an island and meets Rob as he is showing her around. He is smitten with her and slowly earns her trust and they fall in love. She is finally happy and in love for the 1st time, because he shows her the true meaning of love, smut ensues!!!!” 

A deep sigh left you as you stared down at the crumpled brochure in your hand. Single’s Island Paradise Getaway.

“Fuck this,” you muttered to yourself as you pulled the handle up on your suitcase. Sure, the resort was freaking beautiful. Your buddies really outdid themselves, thanks to the generosity of those who donated to their GoFundMe account.

All behind your back.

But, there you were. They had convinced you to board the plane to Wherever-the-Fuck Island in The Caribbean so you could ‘enjoy yourself’. Yeah. You’d rather be on your couch completing that pay period’s payroll. But, no. Your employees forced you to cash in your vacation days for two weeks in paradise.

Your eyes shifted over the grounds, taking in the sights and sounds of the tourist-ridden clusterfuck. Taxi cabs whizzed in and out of the U-shaped driveway, dropping off loads of people sporting plastic flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. Great.

“I need a drink,” you groaned, before finally rushing for the door. The sooner you could order room service and shut this scene behind a door, the better.

Something bumped your suitcase hard, forcing it onto it’s side. You stopped dead in your tracks and turned to face the culprit. This was the last thing you needed, and the very thing that was about it tip you over the edge. Your jaw clenched so hard, you were sure that you’d need a dentist the moment you were back state-side.

Your furious gaze was met by icy blue eyes, and a petrified expression. A man, sporting some sort of band t-shirt and dark wash jeans was staring back at you, still clinging to his capsized suitcase. His dark chocolate brown hair sat in messy spikes on top of his head, one side flattened slightly, probably from sleeping on it.

He stared at you, wide-eyed and flustered. “I-I’m so sorry. I looked down to my phone for just a sec—”

“Hey, it’s fine. No damage done.” Your mood lightened a bit as you studied the man. He was a little older than you, but he didn’t read old at all. His Converse sneakers had seen better days, much like the ones you had packed away in your bag. Frankly, he look just as out of place as you felt.

He nodded quickly and smiled. “Sorry again. Enjoy your vacation.” And, with that, the man scurried towards the resort hotel entrance. You just stood there and watched him disappear into the chaos, still clutching the handle of your lopsided suitcase.

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Fic Masterlist

Sorry, not sorry. I apparently only write Rob Benedict x Reader RPF. Enjoy!

Hey Bartender Series- New!

Series Summary: Reader is a bartender at a club that Rob’s band frequently plays at. She knows better than to get too personal with customers in this line of work, but can she resist a hot musician who might be looking for a fling?

Notes: This one is a little different for me. Slight AU. Louden Swain exists, but Rob isn’t an actor. Also, other actors we’re familiar with are placed in new roles for the fic.

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Worlds Collide- A Billy Moran x Reader series- New!

Series Summary: Reader is aware that she’s a bit too serious at times, and she’s been called every name in the book; high-maintenance, bitchy, and boring. She’s also perfectly content with being on her own, no matter how often her new co-workers try to include her. While she’s pretty set in her ways, maybe all it will take for her to lighten up is someone who is completely unexpected.

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Ready Steady Series - Finished.

I didn’t know how to end this one, but a reader mentioned the possibility of fics set in the Ready Steady universe just so that it doesn’t seem to end so abruptly. I’ll probably write more if the mood strike because I loved this series so much.

Series Summary: Reader goes on a one-woman vacation to Nashville when her boyfriend doesn’t show up to the airport. While in Nashville, she meets Rob who is in town for a convention. Rob is sweet and charming, everything her ex wasn’t. The reader is a quiet songwriter who is fighting her feelings for Rob.They immediately find that they are much more than just friends; but the Reader is keeping secrets from Rob that could cost her everything. Will her secrets, and eventually; her ex come between them?

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Like the Heart Goes Series- Finished!

Series Summary: Breaking up is hard. Especially when you are going through it publicly. Rob and Reader are doing just that; trying to navigate the difficulties of an emotional breakup while still trying to remain civil enough to work together, and adding inquisitive fans and over involved friends to the equation certainly isn’t helping.

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Alternate Ending


Best Idea You Ever Had

Summary: Reader finds herself thinking about Rob’s tongue… it may get her into an interesting situation. Smut. That is all.

Cool If I Come Over

This is a songfic I guess, and completely unedited as I just challenged myself to write straight through without stopping. I was listening to Cool If I Come Over and just started writing. I’m also trying to get used to writing short stories, so this was difficult for me.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Summary: You and Rob only meant to get back at your friends for the years of jokes and teasing they put you through. When you agreed to help Rob, you didn’t realize he’d take it this far.


Summary: She isn’t sure she can keep holding on to a love that comes and goes. Maybe he can remind her why it’s worth holding on to.

We’re Just Friends

Summary: She knows that they’re just friends; but between the subtle flirting and that brown leather jacket, she’s having a hard time keeping her real feelings locked up.

One Moment

Summary: Sometimes, you only get one moment. Will he make the most of the one he has?

Reason to Love L.A.

Summary: Rob lives in L.A., Reader is from a small town. Long distance relationships are hard to work through, but maybe he can convince her that L.A. might have more to offer her.

Magnolias and Whiskey

Summary: It’s a perfect day for a wedding.

You Saved Me

Chuck Shurley x OFC request

When You Look Like That

Summary: Rob and Reader have been dating. A lot. Rob has remained such a gentleman; conversation, compliments, and kisses on the cheek. Reader knows he’s awkward and nervous, he can’t help that he’s moving so slow. So she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Came Here to Forget

Summary: Reader is still reeling after a breakup. So is her friend, Rob. Self-medicating helps, but maybe all they really need is each other.

Kiss Me Like a Stranger

Summary: Rob meets a beautiful woman at a bar, thinking he has no chance in hell with her. He offers her a little conversation and a little flirting. He never thought he’d get this lucky though.

This Could Be Fun

Summary: An adventure on an inflatable lounger does not go as planned.


Yes. Coffin shop, next to a florist, next to a thrift shop.

Anyone else besides me find this hilarious?

It’s like “Ooops Bob died, lets get his coffin, arrange flowers for the funeral and drop his stuff off in one trip!”

And then they were playing music at the town hall. The singers were pretty good, just not so much my taste in music and it was like a mini old folks convention, but still good for the say 30minutes we stayed.