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Some people were having problems catching my updates. I figured it might be easier for some to find updates from this.

Series Summary: Reader goes on a one-woman vacation to Nashville when her boyfriend doesn’t show up to the airport. While in Nashville, she meets Rob who is in town for a convention. Rob is sweet and charming, everything her ex wasn’t. The reader is a quiet songwriter who is fighting her feelings for Rob.They immediately find that they are much more than just friends; but the Reader is keeping secrets from Rob that could cost her everything.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Series Warnings: a lot of fluff, angst, mentions of past abuse, anxiety, smut, any other warnings will be in the descriptions for each part.

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Yes. Coffin shop, next to a florist, next to a thrift shop.

Anyone else besides me find this hilarious?

It’s like “Ooops Bob died, lets get his coffin, arrange flowers for the funeral and drop his stuff off in one trip!”

And then they were playing music at the town hall. The singers were pretty good, just not so much my taste in music and it was like a mini old folks convention, but still good for the say 30minutes we stayed.