sergio ramos*

why can’t people understand that you can still be a “girly girl” and like soccer? Like what is so hard to believe? I like makeup and clothes and all that shit I’m just like you, but I still enjoy soccer very much , and no it’s not because the players are hot it’s because I enjoy this sport and who plays in it .

They are such children. The entire squad cried when chocolate medals were announced for everyone.

Listen carfully and you will heard Cristiano did the Siuuuuuuuuu for chocolates


Dani Carvajal on Twitter : “Shocked by what happened in Barcelona, my support to the families of the people who died and the wounded.”

Iker Casillas on Twitter : “How sad. All my solidarity with the victims and its families. Stay strong.”

Cristiano on Twitter : “Shocked by the news in Barcelona. My full support and solidarity for the family and friends of the victims.“

Arbeloa on Twitter : “Al my strength and support for the city Barcelona, especially for the families and friends of the victims. Today, more than ever, we are with you.”

Marco Asensio on Twitter : "All my support for the victims and families of Barcelona’s attack. 😟 #Enough”

Sergio Ramos on Twitter : “Barcelona 💔. No to terrorism. No to the fear dictatorship. #StopTerrorism.