sergio ramos quotes

Sergio has definitely changed over the course of our friendship. Back then he didn’t have a life plan. He didn't even have a day plan. I once found a note that he wrote to himself that said, ‘Put on pants’…
—  Iker Casillas, looking back on his friendship with Sergio.

It’s ridiculous - and sad - that Cristiano has to be defended against Real Madrid ‘supporters’ who booed him despite delivering a goal and an assist vs Roma.

“I would tell the fans to think a little first. I respect them but when things don’t go well they should support their players because we all want the best for Real Madrid.
He’s a historic player for Real Madrid, he keeps proving that year after year, look at what he’s achieved.”

  - Sergio Ramos

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We are Real Madrid. The Madridismo is more important than you think. We lose together, we win together, we cry together, we are family forever.
—  Ilhame - madridista-pura