sergio juste


Emily Prentiss & Paget Brewster quotes, part 2 (one)

you know this feeling when you see a picture from your fav footballer in which he looks so good and you’re just so proud that you’ve chosen him and not some other and that he is yours ?

“Ronaldo was really very sweet with me.

He asked the people in the room for a special applause for me. I really liked that, really. Just like Sergio Ramos who congratulated me.
These are really special moments. I look up to those guys. And now noticing that they appreciate you! It seems like a movie, this is so fantastic. I’ll never forget this day, never. Gee, you can’t imagine how happy I am.”

- Lieke Martens

I don’t want to hear a single madridista complaning ever fucking again about players diving or pretending to be injured because what Sergio Ramos just did was simply pathetic.