I think the thing I liked best about Mick and his friend Georgie was seeing Mick play off of someone that was actually shown as smart and a natural leader. Like Leonard Snart was, I mean.

And it seems a pattern - we had Mick and Len. Then we got the brief bit of friendly drinking between Mick and Turnbull - who was also a very smart and competent leader type of the more scoundrel sort. We’ve got a brief moment of Mick fighting back-to-back with Oliver Queen - again: intelligent, somewhat sneaky and a leader. And now George Washington. Who, like the others, don’t just treat Mick as a goon, but as a perfectly competent individual (albeit crass - definitely crass).

It seems to me that whenever Mick encounters a person like that - a smart, possibly sneaky, natural leader, he knows exactly how to fit. He makes an excellent enforcer - I suspect Mick’d make a natural sergent, actually - and, as we saw with Georgie, Mick is perfectly capable of making and executing a plan (that escape was him all the way), but he spent the entire time Brit-napped asking for permission to pull it off. From Washington. From the boss.

Because he trusts his boss to call the shot.

Because that’s the thing. With Mick, that respect? It has to be mutual. He’ll follow a leader who is willing to respect him. He’ll trust a leader who is willing to trust him. To treat him as an equal (or as close to one as the socialpolitical realities of a given time period allows).

And he just doesn’t get that among the Legends. There are no natural leaders among this bunch - not even Rip, who, after all, was always supposed to be a lone agent for the Time Masters and really sucks at making the best use of his human ressources when he hasn’t been edited by Thawne. (Evil!Rip seems far more competent so far.) There’s nobody for him to play off in the manner he’s used to.

Worse, though - they hardly ever seem to trust him in turn. The entire sending-along-babysitters-for-Mick on missions and the way they kept interrupting every attempt at a conversation he tried to have with the other superheroes during Invasion doesn’t really scream trust to me. Oh, some of them will try friendly overtures in one episode or other, but next episode they don’t even interact with him again.

The other legends? They act like Mick’s a goon who needs someone to lead him - and sure, Mick can use a leader. It’s just that not a single one of the Legends have what it takes to be that leader.

Achilles and Patroclus: a brief summary
  • <p> <b>Homère:</b> I'll just be really discreet about their relationship but still gonna slip some clues about their love. Like the ludus after Patroclus death, the fact that they're burried together or the unleashed fury of Achilles after his death.<p/><b>Eschyle and Eschine:</b> THEY WERE LOVERS. AND ACHILLES WAS THE ERASTES.<p/><b>Platon:</b> I disagree! They were in love but Patroclus was the erastes<p/><b>Alexander the Great and Hephaestion:</b> LOOK AT OUR LOVE. WE'RE SO LIKE ACHILLES AND PATROCLUS!!!<p/><b>Elien:</b> Alexander was like Achilles and Hephaestion was like Patroclus. So Patroclus took it in the ass.<p/><b>Bernard Sergent:</b> they were no erastes or eromene, they were two young people about the same age, and they were in love.<p/><b>99% of history, latin, greek and literature teachers:</b> They were just friends. and cousins. and really good friends. that's it. nothing more<p/><b>me:</b> *facepalm* *goes back* *re-read the song of Achilles by Madeline Miller*<p/></p>
Psych au

Hello there ! I said I was going to write shits, so here I am.

First, I’ll present you the cast and I’ll try to explain why I made these choices. I’ll start from the most obvious to the ones I had to struggle with.

Since it’s gonna be a long post, read after the cut !

[EDIT] I changed some stuff !

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La domanda è… come cazzo fai a scegliere tra:

- La “Macigno Mobile” dei fratelli Slag

-  Il “Diabolico Coupè” dei fratelli Gruesome

- La “Multiuso” del professor Pat Pending

- Lo “Scarafaggio volante” di Red Max

- La “Compact Pussycat” di Penelope Pitstop 

- L’”Armata Speciale” del sergente Blast e soldato Meekley

- La “Macchina Anti Proiettile” di Clyde e la sua banda

- L’”Insetto Scoppiettante” di Luke e l’orso Bubbler 

- La “Sei Cilindri” di Peter Perfect

- La “Spaccatutto” di Rufus Roughcut e il castoro Sawtooth

- La “Vettura 00″ di Dick Dastardly & Muttley