Fick lämna jobbet tidigt idag eftersom imorgon är röd dag. Åkte in till stan för att lämna några blommor. Jag var inte den enda. Det var blommor överallt på Sergels torg och Drottninggatan.

Som en invandrare vill jag bara säga hur mycket jag beundrar det svenska folket och hur de har förvandlat hat mot kärlek istället. Jag är så stolt över mitt nya land.

Today April 9th, thousands of people gathered at Sergels torg in Stockholm, to pay their respects to the victims of the attack and to stand united with their friends and families.
The event included speeches by the mayor and live music by swedish artists.
At 14:53 the music stopped for a minute of silence and the air was filled with sadness, union, love and compassion.
Nothing will break swedes down and the city will remain united, open and loving as it ever was.

ongoing Stockholm terror attack

Someone just drove a truck through the most central walking-street in Stockholm twenty minutes ago, three people have been declared dead so far, and now a shooting has been reported in another central place in Stockholm. Both my mom and my best friend were at the central at the time of the terror attack. I am absolutely speechless. Fucking hell I hate humanity in times like this

Edit: someone has been taken into custody

Sergels Torg’s Statue with christmas decoration.

Sweden, Stockholm. 2015

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