sergei borisovich ivanov

Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, current Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Based on NATO photo.

Original charcoal drawing by C. A. Tan on 297x420mm (A3) on 210GSM acid free paper.

$100 (or best, reasonable offer) including shipping via standard airmail.


The fate of the AK-47 tie clip… ruspolmonkey guessed right! I believe in the first photo, you can see Sergey Borisovich holding the pin in his hand. The second is from his book, A Million Kilometres with Sergey Ivanov, where, I suppose, he made Rumsfeld wear it.

“Once, Sergey Borisovich gave ex-US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a pin in the shape of a Kalashnikov, and now at every meeting he checks for the pin’s presence.”

So Rumsfeld presumably has been forced to wear the pin whenever he meets Sergey Borisovich? 


As promised, more Sergey Borisovich portraits to follow. I have finally settled down in my new house so everything is finally set up (and located).

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Сергей Иванов: если уйду из политики, стану баскетбольным тренером

“If I retire from politics, I will become a basketball coach.”