The Nickname Pronunciation

Author: SergeantFuzzyBoots
Leonard and Penny’s eighteen month old daughter is learning the names of everyone in the group. She has an interesting one for Sheldon. Pairings: Leonard/Penny, Howard/Bernadette, Shamy
Rated: Fiction K+ 
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Characters: All, especially Sheldon
Words: 1,280 

Why you should read it: Delightful.  Kid fics famously suck, but this one doesn’t, and I think what amuses me the most is that Sheldon’s approach to this child is not tempered in the least by the fact that it’s his best friend’s kid or, well, only 18 months old.

So myself, my roommate Emilie, and two of my besties Roxanne and Brit ranked the fourteen episodes of Firefly.  Roxanne got me watching Firefly, I think the both of us contributed to Brit watching, and I got Emilie to watch. 

It was hard because these are fourteen episodes of perfection, but we all managed!

I made a table with the episode and each of our rankings (one, obviously, being the favorite and fourteen being the least favorite), and then what the episode “averaged” among the four of us, and how they rank with our averages.

anonymous asked:

You say things like "internet friendships can be real" and I agree, but do you TRULY have internet friendships that you consider to be as strong as the relationships you have with people in your immediate life?

Yeah, I do.  I essentially consider Roxanne a big sister.  And Amber and Brit are some of my best friends.  I talk to all three of them more than most of my friends.  I probably talk to Roxanne more than I talk to my roommate. And I love my roommate.

So yeah.  If my friendships with them aren’t real, then I don’t know what is.  I don’t know what the Hell I’d do without them.

“I didn’t know you could sing!”

She grinned at him as she returned to their seats in the corner.  “Well, I did a little bit of choir in middle school.  But then I had to give it up at my first high school because it interfered with the robotics club and I never went back.  It was more a car hobby, anyway.”

“Well, you sound great,” Wylie said.  He leaned over, dropping his tone, “you think Jane will make Lisbon go up there?”

Vega mimicked his whisper.  “I don’t think Jane can make Lisbon do anything.”

He laughed.  “True.  Maybe she’ll make him go up there.”

Vega giggled.  “What about you? You sing at all?”

“Maybe a little bit.  Let’s see…” Wylie cleared his throat and grabbed both of her hands.  “Michelle, ma belle,”

“Oh God.”

These are words that go together well, My Michelle.”

She grinned, rocking her shoulders lightly along with him.  

He spun her around in the tiny space, “Michelle, ma belle…

“How long has it been?”

Raj checked his stop watch.  “Eight minutes.”

Lucy gave a displeased grunt.  “Doc says not to come in until there’s only five between them.”

“I know.” Raj looked at the clock.  “You doing okay?”

Lucy smoothed her sweatshirt over her stomach.  “Yeahp.”

Raj smiled and brushed her hair back.  “You’re not afraid?”

She shook her head.  “I get more anxious when subconsciously I know I have an out.  This is happening whether I want to do it or not.  Plus…” she smiled over at him.  “You’ve made me understand what it’s like to really, really want something.  No matter what you have to do to get it.”