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OOOOO fallout 3 companions reacting to sole being in the coma and waking up finally? (Ya know if you have the broken steel dlc and DIDNT JUST DIE). Maybe with romance in there? Please and thank you!

oooo nice idea! ty!

Butch: He was nervous the whole time Lone was in a coma. He didn’t know if they were even going to wake up. He had trouble sleeping at night, hoping Lone was going to wake. When Lone did wake, Butch was relieved and stayed with them at the Citadel.
Romanced: Butch feels empty without his Lone, sitting by their bed in the Citadel. The Brotherhood makes him continue his daily life, promising Lone would be okay. When Lone woke up, Butch was ecstatic and held them for the rest of the day, making sure they were well fed and safe.

Charon: Charon felt sad for Lone when they fell under a coma, but he couldn’t do much for them. Still, he stayed at the Citadel to make sure Lone would be okay. He was glad that Lone awoke from the coma but tried not to be too sappy.
Romanced: Charon had lost the only person he ever cared for and he was greatly upset. How could he just stand by while they went in that purifier? Why didn’t he go? Charon felt angry with himself and vowed to never let Lone put themselves in danger like that again. When Lone snapped out of their coma, Charon was right there, crying because he was scared they wouldn’t wake up. He immediately held them and whispered an “I love you”.

Clover: She felt bad for Lone, being in a coma and all that, but it wasn’t really her problem. They weren’t close, so Clover wasn’t too torn up over Lone being in a coma. She visited the Citadel a few weeks but decided to leave when it became obvious Lone wouldn’t make it. When the Brotherhood contacted Clover and told her that Lone was awake, she almost didn’t believe them and immediately went to the Citadel to see. She was surprised that Lone was up and walking, as if they didn’t just wake up from a coma. Clover told Lone she was glad they were still alive and gave them a small hug.
Romanced: Clover was devastated that Lone was hurt and wished she could help them somehow, but since she didn’t know how, she just tried to help the doctors at the Citadel keep Lone alive. When Lone woke up, Clover had to keep herself from hugging them, they needed air. She brought Lone all sorts of cakes to make them feel better and made sure to keep them hydrated.

Fawkes: He was devastated that Lone’s destiny was cut so short with a coma. He visited the Citadel a few times to see if they were going to make it, and on one particular visit, Lone woke up. Fawkes was shocked that they were alive and congratulated them on beating death.
Romanced: He regrets not going in the purifier, having to watch his love be consumed by radiation. He carries Lone to the Citadel, repeating the words “I love you” constantly, surprising the Brotherhood. When Lone wakes up, Fawkes is overjoyed and hugs them gently, tears streaming down his face.

Jericho: Jericho doesn’t really care that Lone’s in a coma. When they awake, he tells then to be more careful next time.
Romanced: He’s upset that Lone just went and did that. Did they not see how dangerous that purifier was? When Jericho’s partner awoke, he made them promise to never do something dangerous again unless he does it with them.

Sergeant RL-3: He feels lonely with Lone in a coma and just buzzes around the Citadel, trying to help the Brotherhood.
Romanced: Sarge feels even more lonely and frequently cleans Lone’s room, wanting them to wake up in a safe, clean environment. When Lone wakes up, Sarge rushes to their side, relieved that they’re alive.

Star Paladin Cross: She makes sure that Lone is cared for and kept alive. Cross doesn’t want to lose another friend. When Lone awoke, Cross thanked every doctor and threw a small party for Lone.
Romanced: Cross stays in Lone’s room and helps the doctors the best she can, knowing her partner will make it. When Lone woke up, Cross is ecstatic and holds them for a long time.

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fallout 3 companions reacting to someone hitting on their LW? ;)

Butch: Spills his drink on them. “Aww, that’ll probably stain, better go clean that off.”

Star Paladin Cross: She’ll be damned if someone not worthy of the LW tries to have their way with them. Grabs ‘em by the ear and throws them out.

Clover: Straight up attacks them. Three+ people are needed to get her off of them.

Jericho: He just pushes them to the ground. “Fuck off asshole, they ain’t interested, ya hear?”

Fawkes: “MY FRIEND, IS THIS PERSON BOTHERING YOU?” The flirter runs off before he gets his answer.

Charon: Stands behind the flirter and just stands there glaring daggers into their back, until they finally turn around and see that tall ass ghoul giving them a death look.


Dogmeat: Pisses on their leg.

Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 Companions List

Arcade Gannon - self-loathing sarcastic doctor

Boone - sad sniper, super sad edition

Butch Deloria - trash tunnelsnake dorklord

Cait - scary irish druggie with sad past

Cass - alcoholic sassmaster supreme

Charon - literally a slave??? why does no one mention that??? but a ghoul one

Clover - umm another slave??? wtf fo3 is up with you and slave Companions???

Codsworth - the Alfred pennyworth to your batman

Curie - awww cute lil french robot… oh now sexy lil french synth

Danse - pretty boy racist tin can

Deacon - liar, liar, pants on fire

Dogmeat - best puppy ever

ED-E - emotional beeping

Fawkes - sweetheart super mutant. awww

Hancock - badass cosplaying mayor plus chems

Jericho - rude ex-raider shitbag

Lily - adorable grandma nightkin that calls you dearie.

MacCready - sad sniper, dork dad edition

Nick - toaster detective. only time a fedora is acceptable.

Piper - cute nosy journalist

Preston - truest cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon the roll

Raul - ancient ghoul with so many stories that calls you boss

Rex - hat-shaming robo-dog

Sergeant RL-3 - cool ass Mr Gutsy to hang with

Star Paladin Cross - you’re gonna accidentally call her mom at least four times

Strong - scary super mutant

Veronica - smol lesbian in a potato sack

X6-88 - I’m totally done with ur shit, sir/ma'am

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Fallout 3 companions react to LW performing a magic trick with a grenade for a raider holding them at gunpoint. It disappears from their hands and goes off seconds later in the raider's pants.

Star Paladin Cross -

She was irritated at first. Lone had prevented her from ending this miserable raider’s life just to show them some trick meant for a child’s amusement.

Her stoic expression was able to hide her distaste well as she watched the scene unfold before her.

Cross’ eyebrow cocked curiously when the grenade disappeared, where had they managed to hide it that quickly? The possibilities wandered about her mind, and she had to admit that she had grown confused as the moments passed by.

The second the explosion occurred, she took a step back, eyes wide in shock. Bits and pieces of body scattered about at her feet and the paladin gave a small gasp.

“Dear god.. It’s everywhere!”

Lone was proud that the trick went so well, but they were even happier to know that they had even managed to impress the most impassive woman in D.C.

Butch DeLoria -

“Lone! This is stupid, just lemme shank this bastard!

Butch had become annoyed with the situation rather quickly, but he was much more expressive about it. Toe tapping and small huffs could be heard from the sidelines as the show went on.

He didn’t want to waste time with shit like this, he had important Tunnel Snake business to attend to. It was a bit surprising to him when the wanderer pulled out a grenade and showed it to the audience of one. Where the hell did they get that?

Maybe this wouldn’t be as boring as he thought. The raider seemed a bit suspicious of it, and if they were to walk away from Lone, Butch would take care of them himself for hurting his friend.

When it disappeared, he gave more of a reaction than the man/woman it was meant for. What?! How did they manage to do that?! They had to tell him their secret. His expression similar to that of a small child at the circus, he wanted to know where it went.

“Hey! Where the hell did the–” He wasn’t able to finish the sentence. Interrupted by the sound of an explosion, the raider before him ballooned into a wave of blood and body parts. “Holy shit! Lone that was amazing! You have to show me how you did that!”

Clover -

Was this really happening? Yes, yes it really was. For some odd reason, the man/woman she had been traveling with suddenly had a change of heart. Instead of murdering the raider before them, like usual, they pulled out a grenade from their pocket with the intentions of performing a magic trick.

Clover had to admit that she was a sucker for this sort of thing, for tricks, but the lack of bloodshed was disappointing. She wondered what they were even planning to do with that item inside their hand.  

Standing next to Lone, she kept a close eye on both bodies’ movements. It was a miracle that the raider hadn’t tried to kill them yet, so she kept ready just in case. No one was going to interrupt her companion while they were gracious enough to provide such entertainment.

When the grenade vanished out of Lone’s hands, she couldn’t help but gasp softly. Where did it go? She could’ve sworn that she was watching them the entire time. Where would you even hide something like that?

The raider seemed confused too, and in turn, pissed them off. Pulling a gun on Lone, they began to exclaim that the trick was stupid, pointless, and a waste of time. The insults angered Clover, but before she was able to do something, they imploded into a bloody mess. Splattering across her dress, it earned a scowl from the woman, nevertheless, her negative emotions turned into excitement.

“That was amazing! And here I was worried you’d gone soft on me.”

Sergeant RL-3 -

They had the gall to stop him from engaging the hostilities. It was his duty as a Mister Gutsy to take care of those who would do harm to innocent people. The fact that Lone had stopped him for this was extremely ridiculous.

The fact that they had a grenade in the first place did not surprise him. He was used to being around weaponry like that all the time, it was also unlikely that he could feel surprise at all.

That was why when the bomb disappeared, he had no external or internal reaction to it. Was the wanderer stupid enough to drop it? Hopefully they didn’t pull the pin or they would have little to no time to avoid the damage.

The moment he was about to bring the issue up, stating that they needed to get the hell out, the man/woman the trick was performed for exploded. Moving a few feet back to avoid the wreck of human innards, RL-3 grew silent for a long while.

Due to this, Lone assumed that they had done a great job in giving the robot a good shock.

“Did I get ya this time?”

“Negative, soldier. Stop trying to impress me with a child’s game.”

Jericho -

It would be a surprise if this ex-raider actually let Lone go on with the trick. He didn’t want to waste time on foolish activities like this, there were much better things to do.

Lone had to beg him to not kill, and he reluctantly gave in, putting his gun back into the holster. The raider seemed relieved, but that would not last long the moment the man/woman pulled out a grenade.

To avoid any sort of escape, Jericho kept close to the audience. The last thing he needed was to deal with an upset companion if the trick failed or the raider got away.

He hadn’t been paying attention throughout the duration of the trick. Something off in the distance appeared more interesting, and while it annoyed Lone, they did not bring it up. Making the grenade vanish, they hoped that the finale of this show would earn some respect from the man.

Upon explosion, Jericho snapped out of his train of thought and looked to the now grisly corpse of the raider. Holy shit, what happened? He actually sort of regretted looking away, he had missed what had occurred and knew that Lone would more than likely leave him in the dark for being so rude.

It must’ve been something and Lone was happy that their plan had actually worked. It was hard enough to catch Jericho’s attention, even if they traveled together all the time.

“Yeah, yeah… You can think whatever you want, but I’m still not impressed, alright?”

Fawkes -

After all that time spent within the vault, he had not been exposed to “magic tricks.” Lone had attempted to explain it to him, however, he always had some sort of scientific explanation behind it. How can someone be cut in half inside a box? There must be some sort of false set up in one of the halves…

For this very reason, Lone tried to avoid doing such things around him. Nonetheless, when the prime occasion rose, they had to take it by the horns. This raider was absolutely clueless and they just had to take advantage of it.

Fawkes did not mind taking a break from the fighting, it was nice to rest every now and then. He was interested in what the wanderer had planned anyway and with the appearance of the grenade, it had to be something worth while.

Similar to Butch, he behaved like a small child the moment the trick took place. He was more well mannered about it, which is a bit ironic considering he is a super mutant.

“Where did it go? It’s impossible to just have vanished.”

He yelped in surprise at the sound of the grenade going off. Showered in blood, Fawkes gawked at his companion. Out of all their adventures in the Wasteland, this had been a first for him. They eventually explained the trick to him, how they managed to slip the bomb inside their clothing, so on and so forth to relieve any unnecessary frustration.

Dogmeat -

The pup growled towards the raider, heeled back at the command of his owner. If he had the opportunity, he would not hesitate to sink his teeth into the leg of someone who had tried to hurt Lone. The only scent he detected at the moment was a mixture of hostility, fear, and impatience.

He was confused as to what Lone was doing. They were taking a long time in killing this man/woman. It made him worry that something was wrong and a soft whimper escaped towards his owner.

Reassured by a friendly pat on the head, relief washed over the dog only to be replaced with anxiety at the sight of the grenade. What were they going to do?!

Watching the magic trick take place, he took a seat and stared up intently. He seemed more interested than the raider was. It caused him to tilt his head when the object was gone from Lone’s hand. The other was puzzled as well, but the bewilderment turned to horror as a soft beeping echoed from their pocket.

Before they had the chance to fully react, they were killed in a sudden explosion. Dogmeat jumped back and barked at the noise, his companion trying to calm him down. Eventually, when he did, he received another series of pats before continuing on down the road, no longer phased by lingering danger.

Charon -

The boss was up to their usual antics, he was used to this by now. They were always doing something odd, even for the Wasteland. The current position they were in was no different, Lone preparing some sort of presentation involving a grenade they borrowed off his person.

It would be much quicker to just take care of the damned raider ahead of them, but Charon had no choice but to play along with whatever Lone wanted to do. It was in his contract, and since they were the current holder of said agreement, they were in control of him. Luckily, they didn’t necessarily abuse the privilege, they just pulled ridiculous stunts like this every now and then.

Lone gave him a friendly nudge with their elbow. He guessed that they wanted him to pay attention as well, so he turned his attention to their hands and let out a silent sigh. He really hoped that this would be over soon.

“Come on, boss.. We haven’t got all day.”

His companion ignored him and continued to “dazzle” the raider that was on the verge of attacking them both. Taking the borrowed grenade, they held it up for everyone to see. A few fancy hand tricks later, it was gone, causing Charon to grow baffled.

Much like Paladin Cross, he hid it well behind his stoic demeanor and even when the raider exploded, he showed no emotion towards it. It happened every day in a world like this, minus all of the magic nonsense. People blew up all the time, and this would’ve been the sixth or seventh time he saw it himself. The one thing he was impressed about is the fact that Lone got such a hostile monster of a person to sit still for so long.

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Hopefully, if this is okay: Fo3 companions react to the lone wanderer coming back to life after project purity?

Butch: The LW sees him sleeping at their bedside, and they slightly push him to wake him up. “Huh what I… Holy shit you’re finally awake!” He hugs them hard and laughs, but quickly lets go. “Umm… That never happened…”

Jericho: the LW wakes to see him leaning against the wall, having a cigarette. “Finally, I’ve been stuck with the brotherhood fucks for weeks. How bout giving me a heads up before you get all heroic next time kid.”

Clover: She’s hugging and crying all over them. “Don’t you scare me like that ever again sugar!”

Star Paladin Cross: She embraces them and looks down on them with a proud look on her face.

Sergeant RL-3: “Ah! You’re awake soldier, I’d knew you’d pull through, Uncle Sam would be proud!”

Charon: He doesn’t really say anything. But he gives them a smile and a pat on the shoulder. He won’t say it, but he’s glad that they’re okay.

Fawkes: The LW is his only friend, so he’s overjoyed to see them alive and well. “MY FRIEND! IT IS GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!”

Dogmeat: He’s so happy! He’s waited for them for weeks!

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Fallout 3 companions reacting to someone flirting with Lone then getting angry that their advances are being brushed of that they punch Lone?

Star Paladin Cross:

She was already pretty crossed (LOL) that this person had the gall to flirt with Lone when they obviously were not interested. Giving space, Star knew that they could take care of themselves, but when the punch was thrown, there was no way in Nuclear Hell that she was going to sit back and let it happen. Confronting the person who assaulted Lone, the paladin tried to remain civil, nonetheless it didn’t stop her from getting a solid hit to the jaw in revenge before pulling Lone to a much safer location.

Butch DeLoria:

How… dARE THEM! He watched Lone hit the floor before he even had time to react. In a blind rage, Butch didn’t wait for anything or anyone. He threw himself onto the man/woman that had attacked his companion and launched a barrage of punches at their head, upper chest, basically anywhere he could reach. Remembering the little shit he was back in the vault, this sort of behavior was not going to fly anymore. No meant no, and if his best friend was going to be abused over such a stupid thing as rejection, then he had no problem bashing some heads in.


She was used to abuse from her previous owner back in Paradise Falls, and Lone treated her much better than Eulogy. As the slave trader used to say, Clover was “crazy in-love with whoever holds her leash.” and right now, that was the person who had just been punched to the ground. Overly protective didn’t even begin to explain her feelings towards Lone, and similar to Butch, she didn’t hesitate to assault the attack in a fit of anger. Who do they think they are?! Flirting with her lover and then punching them over rejection. She showed them not to mess with her companion, and it had taken Lone and only Lone to pull her off and get her away.

Sergeant RL-3:

As soon as hostilities were exchanged, RL-3’s combat inhibitors went off. He saw this person as a threat since they attacked Lone, and he didn’t need a reason. As a robot, he was programmed to recognize and deal with danger. His companion had been attacked and that was that. There was no remorse, there was no mercy. He continued his assault until the enemy either fled or was destroyed, RL-3 didn’t care about which one.


Lone had worked hard to get this ex-raider to warm up to them. Begrudgingly, he dealt with his companion’s shenanigans, letting them know when they’ve overstepped their boundaries on multiple occasions. He had no problem with people flirting with them, Jericho never interfered with personal affairs unless he was paid to do so. When the punch was thrown and Lone was sent to the floor, he told them to get back up and hit them back. There was no excuse to just sit back and take it. He used to get into bar-fights all the time, and while he physically had not gotten involved, he pushed Lone to enact revenge themselves, leading to an all to interesting skirmish.


He was a super mutant! Fawkes could crush this person’s skull just by wrapping his hand around their head. His violent tendencies rose up at the sight, but he kept his calm, not wanting to draw even more attention to this small party. Instead, he used his intimidating appearance to his advantage. Simply by standing up and walking to the assailant, Fawkes gave a gruff warning, his voice only adding onto the terror. He told them to apologize and to never do such a thing over rejection again or else he would crush every bone inside their puny body.


This pupper was man’s best friend for a reason. The moment he recognized that his master was in danger, he raced to protect them. Biting into the one who had hit them, his teeth sunk into the muscle on their leg, refusing to let go till they were screaming in pain. Lone had to tell him to stop, and even then, he gave a vicious growl followed by a bark, scaring off the person who had thrown the punch right out of the bar. No one would hurt the most precious thing in his life and he’d make sure of it!


As far as he was concerned, Lone was his boss, them having his contract in possession. If they were in danger, close to Dogmeat and S-RL3, he’d protect his companion the moment he recognize a threat. No one was going to get away with what this person had just done, not when Charon was around. Tackling them to the ground, he gave a series of hits to the face before tossing them out of the bar himself. From then on out, whomever Lone was talking to, he’d keep a close eye and ear just in case.

(I assume the one that mentioned Butch wanted only him to have a romanced and nonromanced reply? If not then please let me know and I’ll add platonic and romanced for the other companions)

(Platonic) Butch- The simplest things used to set them off when they were both children. It rarely occurred to him Lone might be crying for a reason all those times they burst into tears. He awkwardly digs the toe of his boot against the floor, not quite prepared to look at them. Feels strange to see the big tough wasteland wanderer crying. Almost like he shouldn’t be seeing them when they’re this naked and exposed. “What are you doin’ that for?” he asks tentatively, holding out a rag to them to wipe the tear streaks from their face. “He’s gone.” They don’t need to say who. He knows. In an instant he shrinks. He sighs quietly, hugs his arms close to his chest. “…Y'know, I always kinda hoped…” He swallows thickly, the words that are to come feel like they have to be pulled out of him, but it’s something Lone needs to hear. Something he needs to say. “When Ma used to hit on him, I always kinda hoped he’d agree to go out with her. Thought it’d be…nice… havin’ a dad like him. And I’d get a younger sibling that I could pummel whenever I wanted.” They share a heavy hearted laugh, as Butch can feel his own eyes begin to water. He remembers all the scraped knees and fevers of his childhood, the awkward sex ed, the kind smile that greeted him in the clinic, the way James would pat his shoulder and casually call him ‘son’. He hastily brushes at the corner of his eyes. “Doc was a good guy,” he chokes out.

(Romanced) Butch- He wraps his arms around them before he even knows why they’re crying. Holds them close, squeezes them against himself, like he could strong arm the pain out of their heart if he held tight enough. He hears them sob their father’s name into his jacket and he cringes. “Hey, none of that, nosebleed. Ya’ big crybaby,” he chuckles in the hopes of pulling them out of this before they sink any deeper. He’s no good at this kind of thing. He wishes he was better, but he’s at a loss. It’s different than when he had to take care of his mother, or Freddie after a bad day. This feels like a pain he can’t alleviate. Even if it’s a pain he’s somewhat familiar with. “Guess we’re both bastards now, huh?” Can hardly blame him for now knowing the difference between a bastard and an orphan. He pets their head, and though he wants so badly to speak (if only so he can hear something other than their sob), he keeps his mouth shut. There would be a time for that later. For now, he would  hold them, just so they knew he was there.

Charon- The wastes were quiet at night, enough so that the tiniest hiccup caught Charon’s attention. He glances over to 101, tucked into their sleeping roll with their back to him, but he knows they haven’t been asleep. Their breathing never evened out. They’re trying their best not to let him see, yet it’s all too obvious what they’re doing. He thought they were over the crying jags. He thought they had toughened up a little since leaving the Vault, that they wouldn’t do this, that they- And then he remembers. It hasn’t been that long since he watched their father on the other side of that clouded glass. It’s been such a whirlwind, he almost forgot. But they haven’t. He can only listen to them for so long, pretending not to hear, before he chuffs and turns his head away. “He seemed to care a great deal for you.” He glances sidelong to watch them turn over and face him, eyes ruddy and puffed. “Do you want to talk about it?” They curl back up into their sleeping bag, the occasional tear still spilling down their nose, and Charon listens. Talking is far from his strong suit. They don’t seem to mind, they almost don’t expect it from him, as 101 tells him all about the man he’d only known a few days.

Clover- “Hush, my baby, hush.” She strokes 101’s cheek and pulls them into an embrace at the first sign of a glassy sheen in their eyes. The bomb collar around her throat makes it awkward, but she hugs them as wet trails slide down her exposed skin. “C'mon now. You’re so much prettier when you smile.” At first, she only wants them to stop. It brings a heat to the back of her eyes that threatens to drag her into the same sobbing pit as 101. Yet as she speaks, she realizes how much her words sound like the things Eulogy would tell her to shut her up. And how they used to make her feel stunted and twisted up inside. Eventually she stops, cradling their head instead as she tells them, very quietly, “It’s okay, baby. Let it all out.”

Sarge- For once, the Mister Gutsy doesn’t shout orders at them. They’re wasting valuable time, but he doesn’t push them, doesn’t do anything but hover nearby as 101 has to brace themselves against a crumbled pillar to stay on their feet. “It’s alright.” His voice is barely a wisp of his usual commanding boom. “Ain’t no shame in mourning the ones we’ve lost, soldier. So long as we pull ourselves up and dust ourselves off when we’re done.” He taps them with one of his metal claws on the shoulder, before leaving them to guard the perimeter and give 101 as much time as they needed.

Fawkes- He stammers and grasps at any scrap of prose he’s memorized to soothe them, but they’ve all decided to flee before he can catch a stanza or quote that might bring comfort. He hates to see them cry. He knows the deep well of sadness they must be feeling, but not how to help them cope. It’s been ages since he had anyone to speak to, let alone one dealing with loss. “I deeply regret never getting the chance to meet him. He must have been a great man to raise a child like you.” The smile he tries to give them is all rotted teeth and strained facial muscles, but to his gratitude, Lone smiles back through the tears.

Jericho- “Will you shut it?” They look at him like he just slapped them full force across the face. He almost wants to, the way they’ve been blubbering. He takes a long drag off his cigarette and blows the smoke towards the stars. “The hell are you going on about?” Their face scrunches up as a few more tears wobble in their eyes. “My dad…” “So what?” he sneers immediately, “You think you’re the only one to lose their dad out here? Tch. Spoiled Vault assholes… Any idea how many fathers and mothers we’ve both killed?” That shuts them up. They glance down at their weapon, discarded for the moment at their side. “What? You didn’t think any one of those raiders or Enclave soldiers we’ve put a bullet in had a family? I’m sure most of them did. Sure a lot of their little rugrats are a lot younger than you. But out here? Everyone’s an orphan. It’s the law of the lands. So quit your belly aching. You got more time with your old man than most wasters.” They’re quiet after that.

Paladin Cross- James was always kind to her. Their time might have been short, yet she saw what kind of man he was, the love he had for his wife and child. She’s too old to cry and he’s hardly the first person she’s known and lost, so she doesn’t. But Lone is still young, more than a little sheltered. She isn’t too surprised to see them sat with their head buried in their hands. She kneels in her power armor, wanting nothing more than to embrace them. She chooses instead to squeeze their shoulder. “He was a good man,” she says, even though it hardly does him justice in her mind. “He loved you dearly from your first day in this world to his last. I know he would be so proud of all you’ve accomplished.” That wasn’t enough to stop them, but she didn’t really want them to stop. She lets them cry until they’ve got no tears left to spare.

Dogmeat- He whines and nudges their nose, lapping his tongue against their chin. His master’s heartache was obvious even to him, and he just wants them to be happy again, to laugh and scratch him behind the ear. When they hold their hand against his head, he pushes forward, curling himself up in their lap. He just wants them to be happy again…

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If your taking requests for fallout 3, would you do companions react to a crying LW. Kinda like how would they comfort them. The LW goes through alot for being so young. Everyone has their breaking point. Please and thank you.

Butch: In all honesty he’s just as scared as them. They hold each other because they both are in need of comforting.

Paladin Cross: Cross has known the LW since they were a baby, so it hurts her to see them like that. She ha promised to always protect them.

Jericho: He’s not good at comforting at all. He doesn’t do hugging or emotional crap. But he decides that the kid needs a break and offers them a beer or cigarette.

Clover: She’s there for them, giving them a big hug, saying that she loves them.

Sergeant RL-3: Soldiers who show mental and emotional problems are just as injured as ones that are physically impaired. He’s not programmed for emotional support, but he recognizes that they need it and encourages them to take a break and get their bearings.

Charon: He doesn’t really know what to do. His contract requires him to protect them from physical harm, not emotional turmoil. He awkwardly puts an arm around them and pats their back.

Fawkes: He really feels for them, he’s very empathetic and comforts them to the best of his ability. He says a few positive words of encouragement to lift their spirits.

Dogmeat: Whimpers and cuddles up to them.

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Fallout 3 companions (romanced pls) react to thinking the lone wanderer died on a crucial mission but they come back (albeit rly hecked up and hurt)

ok this one got really long…. enjoy!! and once again i can’t help but include the robot and dog, not romanced but still cute :3

Butch: When they are heading off, he acts all aloof, keeping up his tough guy facade, toothpick in his mouth while he tells them to bring him back a souvenir. When the lone wanderer gives him a kiss on the cheek he turns bright red and drops his attitude for a moment and tells them to take care of themselves. He squeezes them in a tight hug before they go. While they’re gone he’s super anxious. When they don’t come back he’s filled with dread and regret. Why did his first instinct always have to be snide, why couldn’t he have given them a sweeter goodbye? He spends a lot of time alone, and a lot of time out drinking. He gets kicked out of Moriarty’s for running up a tab. He sells a few pieces of the Lone Wanderer’s horded junk in order to pay Moriarty off, and he regrets that too. He stays away from the bar, lurking around the house and drinking the liquor they have there. At the point where he decides that they are not coming back he breaks down. He drinks himself stupid and makes a mess of the house. He throws beer bottles at Wadsworth. He feels bad about all that too. When the lone wanderer returns, limping into the house they see the place a wreck and Butch passed out on the floor. He’s jolted awake as the lone wanderer attempts to lay down next to them and winds up falling down next to him. Butch shouts pretty loudly, and sits up. He’s speechless for a moment, but then grabs the lone wanderer and hugs them tightly, which is fairly painful for them, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He starts bawling as he holds them. He insists on cleaning up the place by himself and taking care of them while they recover. When the lone wanderer asks why their pile of junk looks a bit light, but shrugs, He never admits to selling some of it.

Charon: He doesn’t like the idea of them going off by themselves, but they insist. It takes a long time for him to get close to anyone, so naturally he worried about them, they had gotten so close, this was the first time he had someone that truly cared for him, and the thought of losing them is a nightmare to him. But he accepts the fact that they want to go themselves. Being without the holder of his contract also makes him anxious, he often is left with no direction and a sense of helplessness, both feelings that he hates. Before they go, he asks them what he should do while they are gone. They smile, kissing him on the cheek and tell him to do whatever he wants. He’s a bit flustered at this response, but they just laugh and hand him a small list they prepared for him. He smiles a kisses them on the forehead. While they are gone he tries to busy himself as much as he can, the list consists of various small tasks, scavenging for bullets, taking Dogmeat for long walks, helping Moira if she needs it. He’s not very good at doing whatever he wants. He reads like, ten books, he goes on some scavenging missions with Dogmeat, he helps Moira find some gear she’s after, he even helps fight off some raiders that are stupid enough to attack Megaton. The longer the lone wanderer is gone, the more anxious he gets, since they’re gone longer than he expected he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s a mess, but is able to keep it together in public. He asks Moira of she needs help every day, sometimes multiple times a day. He helps where he’s needed, but wanders about aimlessly most of the time. When it seems that they are gone for good he spends days by himself in the house in the dark, not knowing what to do, or how to deal with the person he loves being gone. When the lone wanderer arrives back he is relived, he immediately rushes to their side, supporting their injured body. He holds them gently, asking them what they need and they are more than happy to ask him to look after them. He cares for them diligently and tenderly, they’re the most important person in the world to him.

Clover: When they are going she doesn’t think too much of it, she’s like ok, byeee! Even though her and the lone wanderer have grown close, she’s glad to not be dragged along for once, she loves getting into fights with them at her side, but, even though they give her a measure of freedom, the only time she has any degree of real freedom is when she is alone, so she’ll take any chance she gets. She spends the time they are gone lazing around the Tenpenny Tower suite and ordering Godfrey around. She misses the lone wanderer, but it feels good to boss someone around for once. She considers running away briefly, she’s had lovers before, moving on wouldn’t be new to her. But she knew that never turns out well, especially when an explosive collar is involved. She takes walks around the tower, making faces at all the stuffy people. She loves it that they hate having her around, and that they can’t do anything about it on account of the lone wanderer. One time she dresses up real nice with the intent of walking around the tower and actually talking nicely to all the fancy people, but she knows they don’t like her and it would be useless. Instead she plays fancy lady in the suite, ordering Godfrey to bring her wine out on the terrace. She gazes at the vast wasteland, and even though she’s stuck with her lot in life, she appreciates the fact that her life could have ended up worse. After a while it begins to set in that the lone wanderer might not be back, she panics a bit, what happens to her now? A slave with no master? She couldn’t stay here for sure, and she wouldn’t be safe anywhere. She spends a few days trying to make a plan, but noting seems like it would work for her. When the lone wanderer returns, battered and bruised, she is relieved to not have to fend for herself, Physically she was more than capable, but she knew she would go nowhere fast with a slave collar around her neck. She is uncharacteristically sweet to them, tending to their wounds, not without complaining about doing so. She tells them none too gently to never do that to her again.

Dogmeat: He whimpers when they go, trying to follow them for a few minutes before finally understanding that they want him to stay. He watches them on the horizon carefully and whimpers to himself. He stays around the Megaton area, knowing that’s where they will come back to. He fends for himself, going after molerats and even radscorpions if he’s feeling particularly tough. He sleeps under the buildings in Megaton, its residents let him in the gate when he needs to be let in. The children like to chase him around town, but he always lets them catch him and pet him. He thinks of the lone wanderer all the time and spends a lot of time at Megaton’s gates waiting for them. The longer they are gone the more and more he gets distracted by other things and starts to go on with his life, but every day around the same time he waits by the gate. One day he’s waiting and smells them on the wind, he smells them and blood, and runs and runs and runs until he finds them. Tail wagging he runs around them, he whimpers seeing them limp. He can’t do much directly to help them when they get to Megaton, but he barks until Doc Church comes to help them. He stays by their side until they get better.

Fawkes: He tries to convince them to take him along, but the look in their eyes tells him that there’s no changing the lone wanderer’s mind. He tells them he’s going to be sad to be without them, he’s learned so much about humanity and life and love by their side. But he understands that as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. He gives them a kiss on the top of the head and tells them he will watch over the house for them.They part fondly, and Fawkes gives the lone wanderer a well worn copy of a book, something to keep him in their thoughts. While they are gone he keeps his word, taking care of the house and looking after the people in Megaton. Without the lone wanderer around at first the people are a bit shy around him, but they eventually warm up to him. He does a lot to help the town, assisting on heavy lifting for repairs and defending the town when its needed. When the lone wanderer has been gone for longer than he expected, he starts to grow concerned, and a bit morose. He spends a lot of time patrolling the nearby area, looking for signs of them. Any trader he comes across he asks if they have any news of them, but no one does. Eventually he assumes they are gone for good. He spends a lot of time alone at home thinking about them, wondering what happened, what would have changed if he had gone with them. He resolves that the way to best honor them is to continue their good work in the wasteland. He’s very upset about them being gone, but steels himself to continue on. He’s out and about helping some locals trying to settle near Springvale when the lone wanderer returns. He spots them on the horizon, shambling towards Megaton. He drops what he’s doing and runs towards them, grabbing them gently as they stumble. He carries them back to the home, taking care of them until they are healthy again. For a super mutant he is surprisingly gentle.

Jericho: The old raider is cynical about them going by themselves, he smirks at them, wrapping his arms around their waist, telling them that he’s always handy to have around, especially to warm their bedroll. The lone wanderer laughs and shoos him away, insisting that they go alone. He kind of resents the fact that they’re leaving him behind for the time being, but he doesn’t say it overtly. He makes a lot of sarcastic comments about how he’ll be sitting on his ass. When they finally depart, he misses them a lot, but tries to make the best of some time to relax. He’d never admit it, but all the traveling was putting a bit of strain on him. He spends a while just laying around, cleaning some of his guns and goofing off a bit and doing nothing. He gets bored pretty quickly, and spends some time seeking out some excitement, going out drinking and patrolling the area outside Megaton looking for a fight. He grows concerned about how long they are taking pretty quickly, and decided to try and go look for them. He didn’t really have any indication of where to look first, so it turned out to be him just kind of wandering around the wasteland during the day, seeing if he could pick up any info on them. Eventually, with no results and no new leads as to where the lone wanderer went off to, he starts to become pretty upset about the situation. He gets pretty frustrated and kind of cuts himself off from the other residents of Megaton. Sometimes the residents come by to ask him for help with something, but he tells them to buzz off. He spends time alone, thinking about the lone wanderer, he had gotten closer to them than any other person, and now they seemed to be gone for good. When they stepped into the house, very much injured he was startled a bit, but immediately rushed to their side, even though he was upset, he couldn’t event think about being mad at them. He helps them up to their bed and helps them, cracking sarcastic jokes the entire time.

Sergeant RL-3: He always follows orders. When they go he bids them goodbye, and good luck. While they are gone he doesn’t really do anything. He puts himself in a rest mode most of the time to conserve energy. When the lone wanderer returns, he reactivates himself and is surprised to see his owner in such a state. He offers to fetch the doctor for them and does so. He stays close at hand while they recover, but gives them space.

Star Paladin Cross: She’s very hesitant for them to go off on their own. Her duty is to protect them, and she takes it very seriously. Her feelings for them also make her want to keep them sage. She begs to go with them, but they refuse, insisting on going alone. She helps them pack for the trip, very carefully picking out the gear that will keep them safe in her place. As they go to leave, she hold them tight and tells them to be safe. While they are gone she keeps busy at the Citadel, she thinks about them constantly, but is glad to be keeping busy. Whenever anyone comes in from a mission, she asks if they have seen the lone wanderer, or heard anything about their whereabouts. After a while of hearing nothing, she starts to grow really concerned about them. She trusts their abilities, but can’t help but worry. She requests a team to go on reconnaissance from Elder Lyons, but he tells her they can’t spare the men for a non vital mission. She argues with him about it, but eventually she accepts it. She debates going out after them and staying out in case they come back for a while, but eventually staying wins out, since she has the hope that they have been gone long enough so they should be back soon. As the time ticks on, she grows more anxious about their fate, and eventually resigns to the fact that they are probably gone for good. Once again she keeps busy, but still thinks of them often. When they finally return to the Citadel, she hears the news and she drops what she’s doing, rushing to them. She hugs them and picks them up, bringing them to the infirmary personally. She stays by their side as they are attended to and hold their hand while they sleep, refusing to leave their side until they are well again.

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I just had to put my not even eight week old puppy down. Mind doing literally anything comforting? Probably vague on what the reason for the comforting is, in case anyone else is feeling down. Preferably with companions from 3 and maybe Gob and Nova, if that's alright. Thanks for any consideration.

(I literally dropped everything I was doing to write this, I’m so sorry to hear about that, that’s really terrible. If you need anything else, please please message me! I might not be the best in a crisis, I deflect a lot of yucky emotions with humor, but I will lend an ear and hopefully make you feel a little better. I love you all and it kills me to think terrible things are happening in your lives. Jericho is excluded because he’s a straight up asshole)

Gob- He looks between the kid and the back room, where he knows Moriarty is counting caps. He sees the tears forming in 101’s eyes as he nervously wrings cloth around a glass, chewing on the inside of his lip, debating what he should do. Until he finally puts it down and reaches out to fold a hand over theirs. It’s perhaps more brash than anything he’s done, and it surprises them enough they jump slightly and almost pull their hand away from his. He squeezes gently until they relax again and stare up at him with red rimmed eyes. “It’s gonna be okay, kid,” he says softly, “Maybe not today, or even tomorrow but… it’ll be okay again.” He grabs a cold Nuka-Cola from under the bar and slides it towards them. He refuses any payment they try to offer.

Nova- She settles into the seat next to 101 in the back of the bar. It’s far secluded from the crowd, which was likely their intention, but she isn’t above invading their space when it’s clear they need someone to be near them. She takes a long drag of her cigarette and blows the smoke away from them, before settling her gaze back on the Vault dweller. Her painted lips pull into a small smile. “However hard it gets, there’s a place for you here.” She forces herself to bring her eyes up from their shoulder to their face. “Won’t let Moriarty run you off either. You need me or Gob or anyone… you come straight here, alright? Door’s always open for you.” Before she left, she took them by the cheek and kissed them against their temple, and wet her thumb with her tongue to wipe the lipstick smudge off their skin.

Butch- Five, ten; hell, even two years before, he would have made fun of Lone for getting upset about anything. But there’s no point to it now, and honestly, he’s a little scared of alienating the only person he’s got to watch his back who he can truly trust. So when he sees the way they’re hunched over at the edge of camp, he settles himself on the rock behind them. He tastes a fistful of hair and begins brushing through the clumps of dirt and dried blood with a pocket comb. They meekly attempt to protest, but he keeps a firm hold of them as he works. “Just hold still.” He brushes it away from their face so they have nothing to hide behind, and gathers it up with a hair tie. “You know I’ve got your back, yeah?” They try to turn their head and look at him, only for him to tug a little roughly on a clump of hair and force them forward again. “Tunnel Snakes always lookin’ out for each other. So if someone messes with you, they mess with me… And if somethin’ hurtin’ you, it’s hurtin’ me too. You need a little help carrying somethin’, you let me shoulder the weight with you. Understand?” They nod as he finishes up and slips down to sit beside them. “You’re not in this alone. Not anymore. We’re Tunnel Snakes.”

Charon- Something is bothering them, though he isn’t quite sure he grasps what that something is. It is undeniably something though. He approaches them from behind, as their shoulders are pinned to their ears and their stance is tense. He folds his arms across his chest and stops at their side. “Hey.” They glance at him a little warily. He hesitates a moment before awkwardly placing a hand on their shoulder. He doesn’t say much. He’s not sure what he could say. He’s not great at giving condolences and he sure as hell isn’t a very good shoulder to cry on. The best he can do is assure them that they’ve got someone by their side. He glances at them sidelong, and sees already the stark expression has softened. They lace a hand over his and it stays there for a few minutes before he’s released, and the heaviness he could feel weighing them down before has lifted somewhat.

Clover- If she’s learned anything from her years with Eulogy, it’s the near psychic sense for discerning people’s emotions. It was a necessity with him after all. She had to know how he felt before even he did, if she wanted to avoid his anger. She wraps her arms around their waist the moment she feels the unease, and pulls them onto a nearby sofa. She runs her fingers across their scalp and hums quietly, deep in her throat. She draws slow circles against their skin as she holds them against her. She doesn’t speak until they’re ready, and she won’t push hollow commiserations on them. Lone doesn’t seem too quick to launch into a heart to heart either. The two simply lay in the quiet of their room, silent but for Clover’s soft, slightly off key humming.

Fawkes- He sits beside the campfire with a book tucked in his lap, and offers no resistance when Lone leans up against his side, their head pressed to his arm and their body curled up beside his. The tome he reads aloud from is old, dating well before the war, and is so fragile, his giant fingers nearly shred it as he leafs through the pages. But it was Lone’s request, and he obliges. It alleviates the ache in their heart, or so he hopes. He reads until he feels them slump further against his side, and even then, he arranges them so they can use his lap as a pillow, and continues reading as the fire crackles itself into smoldering embers.

Sarge- As always, his words of comfort are a little loud and a little harsh. But Lone supposes there’s some comfort in having someone care enough to yell at them. “We all got sad times in our life soldier! But the key to living is pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and ya keep going! Give me a hoorah!” Lone smirks at him and offers him a half-hearted “Hoorah.” “I don’t think I heard you, soldier!” “Hoorah!” He hovers a little closer and pokes them in the shoulder, ordering, “Again!” “Hoorah!” “That’s the spirit! Now let’s go kill some commies! If that doesn’t get you out of the dumps, nothing will.”

Dogmeat- He sticks to 101 like velcro, barely a step behind wherever they moved in the house. He can obviously tell something is wrong, and although his skills to uplift them were somewhat limited, he was going to try never the less. He sits on the couch next to them, head in their lap, pensively lapping at the tips of their fingers with his warm tongue, nosing their hand until it rests between his ears. The only time he leaves their side is to go get his favorite toy and deposit it next to them before curling back up against them. It’s all he really has to give, but he’ll give anything to please them.


FO3 Followers >> Sergeant RL-3

“Salutations, Commander! Sergeant RL-3, gutsy-class robotic soldier, reporting for duty!”

“Old war-bots never die; we just rust away.”

“There’s nothing I like better than making some other poor bastard die for his country.”

“I cannot wait to find you, so I can kill you as a personal favor to Uncle Sam.”

“Another glorious day in the U.S. Army!”

“Kill them all, let God sort them out!”

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Fallout 3 companions reacting to accidentally overhearing lone practicing proposing to them and getting frustrated with their self (cause I'm a freaking sucker for romance)

Aaaa this is so cute!! Thank you!!

Butch: “Butch, you make me so happy and I wanna marry you….” He heard them whispering behind a closed door. Were his ears deceiving him? Did Lone really wanna marry him? He listened some more before he would go in. “No, no! That’s not right!” They sounded frustrated and on the verge of tears. Butch opened the door softly and tip-toed in. Lone gasped and looked at him, tears falling down their face. “Butch?” They looked embarrassed. “Hey, I couldn’t help but overhear your smooth voice…” he softly said, pulling them to him. “I…I…” they choked out. “Hey, it’s ok,” Butch whispered, wiping their face, “I’d love to marry you.” He gently kissed their lips. “Let’s talk.”

Charon: Charon walked by Lone’s bedroom in her Megaton house, stopping when he heard her whisper his name. “Charon, I wanna marry you… but I know you will say no…” he heard them mutter. What? They wanted to marry him? A ghoul? He couldn’t believe it. But why did they think he would say no? It must be because he’s not openly affectionate. But hearing them cry made him want to hold them, so he rushed into their room and grabbed their hands. “Shh, shh…” he whispered, gently pushing his nonexistent lips to their forehead. “I’d say yes if you asked me.” They gasped. “Really?” They stuttered. He nodded. “Oh… well, wanna get married?” He chuckled and nodded his head, pulling them into a kiss.

Clover: Why does she hear Lone talking about her? If they didn’t like her, why didn’t they just come out and say it? She busted into Lone’s door angrily, but before she could speak, she saw a ring in Lone’s hand. “Is that…” she couldn’t finish her sentence because Lone gasped embarrassingly. “Ah! Um, do you need something?” They hid the ring behind their back. “What’s that ring for, sugar?” Clover smirked, stepping closer. “I, uh, was gonna propose..” Lone muttered. “Aww, well do it then.” Clover sat on Lone’s lap. “Will you marry me, Clover?” They asked. She squealed, screaming “Yes! Yes!” and kissed them passionately.

Fawkes: “Are you okay?” He asked loudly, knocking on Lone’s door after hearing them cry. They didn’t answer, so he barged in. Lone was sobbing in the corner of their room. “What’s wrong?” Fawkes asked, gently picking them up. “Super Mutants don’t get married, do they?” Lone choked out. “Rarely.” Was Fawkes’ answer. Lone held up a ring they obviously stretched out to fit his big fingers. Suddenly Fawkes understood. “I’ll marry you,” he whispered. “But do you want to?” They cried. “You’re the only person I’m friends with and I care for you and I want you to care for me.” He kissed their forehead the best he could. Lone gently picked up his left hand and slid the ring on, satisfied that it worked. Lone then kissed Fawkes, and Fawkes kissed back.

Jericho: Jericho heard Lone crying one night in Megaton. He found them on top of their house, muttering things to theirself. “You okay, kid?” He called up to them. They gasped and almost fell off their house. “Um, hi, Jericho! Fancy meeting you here!” They blurted nervously. He saw something in their hands. Paper? Why? “What ya got?” He asked, gesturing to the paper. They looked mortified and tried to hide it. “Come on, kid,” he said, “don’t make me come up there.” They stuck their tongue out playfully and shook their head no. “Alright.” Jericho grunted, climbing up to them. Their eyes widened, they knew he wasn’t giving up. “Show me,” he smirked, sitting next to them. They huffed and handed the paper to them. It was a poem. It was a love poem. To him. Jericho stared at it and couldn’t help the warmth coming up his cheeks. “D'awww, come ‘ere,” He wrapped his arm around them and kissed their forehead. “The answer is yes.”

Sergeant RL-3: “Are you okay, madame?” He called through the door of the bathroom. “Need any assistance?” He heard Lone chuckle from behind the door, so he thought they must be okay and opened the door. Sergeant found them making bracelets on the floor. “What are you doing?” He asked curiously. They stood up and grabbed one of his claws nervously. “Marry me?” They asked slyly. “I’m a robot. Are you sure a robot will satisfy you?” He inquired. They nodded their head yes. “I guess my answer is yes, then.” They grinned and put the bracelets on his three claws and smooched his surface.

Star Paladin Cross: “Are you alright?” She found them in the Citadel, pacing and muttering something. They looked up at her and smiled. “I’m just thinking.” Cross raised her brow. “About what?” That’s when Lone froze. “W-well, uh, how to ask the m-most coolest Pa-Paladin to marry m-me…” They murmured, hoping she didn’t hear. “Of course I’ll marry you!” Cross exclaimed, hugging them tightly. Lone laughed and kissed her.

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FO3 companions and young MacCready reacting to the Lone Wanderer befriending a deathclaw during their travels and treating it like a pet. ( I really loved your courier ukulele reaction!)

(Thank you and also thank you for making me realize I misspelled ukulele EVERY FRIGGING TIME I MENTIONED IT IN THAT POST FML had to go fix that)

Charon- He stays ten feet back at all times. It’s the stupidest thing he’s ever seen and he’s not ready to be disemboweled quite yet. Although the way things are going, he’s waiting for 101 to trip up and get themselves killed. Maybe Reginald would make a better employer.

Butch- He almost shits himself a little every time the thing so much as sneezes, and watching it tear apart a molerat at dinner every night makes him nauseous. He’s just waiting for the moment it gets a little peckish and bites his head off. He voices his displeasure every chance he gets, and if it weren’t for the fact he’s fresh out of the Vault and really needs the backup, he’d leave Lone’s dumb ass behind. Them and their stupid “Floofie”.

Clover- She is perhaps a little too accepting of the new pet. She gives Patchy belly scratches and kisses them between the horns, rubs her cheek against their head and falls asleep against their side. Patchy loves their new mama and she loves them back.

Sarge- “With this fine soldier on our side, the communist scourge doesn’t stand a chance! To battle Smoochums!” Sergeant RL-3 approves of their new traveling companion.

Paladin Cross- She tells them a thousand times how insane it is to keep a Deathclaw as a pet, how dangerous, but Lone doesn’t listen. They pat the hulking beast on the nose like a dog and point to her with the other hand, giving the order to “kiss”. Cross instinctually goes for her rifle, but a long, slimy tongue drags up the middle of her face. She freezes in shock (and disgust) as Pepper returns to their master. She doesn’t bring up her issue with it again, and it takes awhile for the minor chemical burns to heal.

Fawkes- Being a mutant himself, it’s hard for him to really disparage their acceptance of the creature, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Fawkes draws it at the Deathclaw named Sir Clicky Claw.

Jericho- Compared to the Vault kid he saw stumbling around Megaton when they first met, he’s a little proud to see them taking action and literally taming the wastes. Proud and scared shitless. Snuffles keeps looking at him sideways.

Dogmeat- Snookums lets Dogmeat chew on his horn when they lay down for the night, and the two chase each other gleefully around the wastes. In a fight, the Deathclaw is quick to get between him and any enemy, and Dogmeat is sure to share any kill he scores. 101 affectionately refers to them as brothers.

MacCready- The children of Little Lamplight, him included, take turns riding on Porkchop’s back. The giant monster is the only mungo any of them trust, and 101 leaves them to watch over the caves on a few occasions. MacCready asserts that as mayor, he should be the only one allowed to ride it while 101 is away.

To the anon (or anon?) that requested Lone Wanderer doing the splits!

This one will be relatively short because I’ve typed a lot today ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

•The “What in the unholy world are you doing..?” Crew: Fawkes, Sergeant RL-3, and Star Paladin Cross

•“Teach me your goddamned secrets, you flexible fucktruck.” Squad: Butch DeLoopia and Charon

•The ‘No Comment’ Community or “Bedroom. Now.”/“I know where else you can do the splits..” Gathering: Jericho, Clover, and Butch  

•“Tries to do it themselves and ends up getting hurt” Club: Clover and Butch

•“Feed me, play with me, I am pupper.” Association: Dogmeat

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You do! Great, I really love fallout 3 as well. I kind of miss it to be honest. Companions reactions to the lone wanderer making puns at every opportunity perhaps?

Butch: Tries to out-pun them. It turns into a full on pun war between the two, seeing who can come up with a better pun.

Paladin Cross: A light chuckle if it’s a really good one. Unless it’s a serious situation. “How can you tell jokes at a time like this?”

Jericho: Groans. He get so fucking annoyed at their constant punnery. “You say one more fucking pun and I swear to god I’ll put on right between your eyes.”

Clover: She laughs ever single time. “Oh baby you’re so funny!”

Sergeant RL-3: He doesn’t understand at all and puns go completely over his head.

Fawkes: Big loud roaring laughter. “My friend you always know how to lighten any situation!”

Charon: Rolls his eyes, but is also secretly amused by them.

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(Romanced) Fallout 3 companions react to the Lone wanderer leaving for a short mission, and not returning home for weeks

Thank you for being my first request! Unfortunately, for this particular one, I only did the four most suitable for it. Fawkes, Dogmeat, and Sergeant RL-3 aren’t what I’d consider “Romanceable” companions, and in all honesty, Jericho probably wouldn’t care what would happen. If you want these characters specifically, please let me know and I will type them up as soon as I can. Otherwise, I hope I did a good job!

Butch DeLoria:

“It will only take a few days.” They said, “I won’t be gone too long.” That was three weeks ago, and to Butch that sudden stretch of time was too damn long. It was supposed to be a simple delivery, but what kind of package takes that long to deliver. The D.C. Wasteland was big, but it wasn’t that big. He’d try to hide behind his usual boorish facade, telling people that Lone was just, “Taking their sweet ass time, like usual.” Nonetheless, distress was never a good look on him, and it would be the only thing he wore in their absence.

It wouldn’t be till Lone returned from their aggravatingly long trip, that he would finally return to how he usually is, with a bit of overprotectiveness added into the mix. He’d constantly ask where they were, why it took them so long to get back, and if they’re alright. That would be the main question and source of his worry. Butch would ask them about 50 times a day if they were okay and if anything bad happened. Most of this pestering would be in private, since he still had a “reputation”, if that’s what you’d call it, as the leader of the Tunnel Snakes and he had to look cool infront of other people. Still, even in public, he would make sure that Lone knows he cares about their well being. He would take a very long time to warm up to the idea of Lone leaving by themselves for another job. He’d have to come with or do it himself, because he wasn’t about to lose one of the people, possibly the only one, in his life to actually care about him.


The ghoul was used to running around like a damned maniac for the previous owner of his contract. He didn’t like to be an errand boy, but in most cases he didn’t have a choice. He didn’t have a choice in a lot of things, for that matter. Whomever had his contract was the one who told him what to do, and when Lone told him to stay put while they ran off to collect supplies from an abandoned factory, that’s exactly what he did. He hated the idea, obviously, and tried to convince them that he should come along. For some reason, they had their mind set on going alone, which was a terrible plan. It took a lengthy debate and somehow he still ended up back in some settlement, waiting for Lone to return. It ate at him, having to sit with his thumb up his ass while pondering all the things that could happen. Charon had finally got a respectable holder, that saw past the rotting flesh and strange brainwashed habits, and now he was going to lose them.

The feeling grew even worse when the planned time of return was extended unexpectedly. Lone agreed, they agreed to be back alive in a few days. It was now approximately two and a half weeks since that agreement was made. He was starting to get pissed, isolating himself even more from the community than he already had. They were allowed to break their promise, but he wasn’t allowed to break the contract? This was ridiculous. He tried to disobey, tried to go after them, and those attempts were in vain. There was just no way he could do it, his mind was forcing him to follow orders and stay.

When Lone finally decided to bless him with their return, he was still irritated. Mad at the other for worrying him and breaking what they had formally agreed upon, it wasn’t until hours later that Lone finally got him to understand what had happened. Stubborn as he may be, with a stoic set of expression at that, he couldn’t help but feel relieved that they had made it back alright.


Under the usual circumstances, Clover would just go back to Eulogy in Paradise Falls. In this case, however, there were two things preventing her from running back to the man that’s caused her a lifetime of torture. For one thing, she was miles upon miles away from the falls and even if she tried, it would prove to be a challenge to make it back alive. The second thing was that Mr. Jones no longer owned her, she now belonged to Lone ever since they convinced him to sell whatever form of ownership he had over her. Lone was definitely a tease, keeping a nice firm grip on the metaphorical leash around her neck, however, they were exceptionally nice towards her. Sure, the way they obtained her in the first place was somewhat indecent to say the least, nevertheless this person wasn’t as abusive or physically traumatizing. Something made her feel like they actually cared about her, yet years in Eulogy’s possession prevented her from actually believing such a thing.

Clover had feelings towards them, even if they were shadowed by sexual tendencies and relentless flirting, and when they failed to return home from what was supposed to be a “short” mission, she could feel her leash beginning to disappear. For once in a long time, she actually grew concerned about what would happen to her if Lone was gone. Inside her mind, half of the distraught thoughts racing around focused on her and all the possibilities of what could become of Clover if her owner just disappeared. She didn’t want to be left alone, and the people she lived around weren’t even close to being as attractive as Lone. She could go back to Eulogy, yet that seemed like the worst of ideas. The other half was centered around the man/woman who had practically saved her from further torment. What had happened? Were they hurt? If that was the case, she would be able to do very little in the case of saving them. The waiting began to bring her back to past sufferings of isolation. That was until, the door open and a familiar face stepped inside.

Without hesitation, she would more than likely be to their side in an instant, more than happy to comply with whatever Lone would want to relieve the tension from such an inexplicably long trip.

Star Paladin Cross:

Working under Elder Lyons had been a stressful enough job, especially as his personal protection, so the last thing that Star needed was to have Lone, a trusted companion and much more, disappear on her. Somehow, this stubborn little mule managed to wiggle their way into her cybernetic heart and stay there, so it was no surprise that she would be concerned about their whereabouts.

She didn’t let it disrupt her duties, she knew that Lone would eventually return in a few days like they said they would. Stoic, much more than Charon, she would easily be able to hide any emotions she may have towards the situation. It wouldn’t be until weeks had passed, that she would even begin to hint towards other Brotherhood members that there was something wrong. Even then, the others wouldn’t be able to pry a complete sentence from her about Lone’s whereabouts or how she feels about them being gone for so long. As said before, she wouldn’t let human emotions get between her and her work.
However, that doesn’t mean she would just completely sweep them under the carpet. She would be genuinely worried about their return, sending a squad of initiates in their general direction to search for Lone. If they were to come back empty handed, the robotic side of her body wouldn’t be the only thing keeping her up at night.

She would go try to find them herself, deploying as much as she could to ensure a safe return, but it would be against her duties to leave her position without a reasonable excuse. There was no way she would show weakness to the people that look up to her and where she stands in the ranks. When the time came and Lone did return back to the Citadel, Star would not hesitate to give them a firm scolding, telling them that they should be more responsible with how they treat their assignments, and for being gone for so long. There would also be multiple check-ups in the clinic for radiation poisoning, broken bones, even the smallest of scratches. Star wouldn’t show her emotions upfront, though her actions towards Lone’s recovery, even if there was no need for it, would show that she cares for them too much to even describe.