sergeant dap
Nonso Anozie cast in "Ender's Game"

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Our Xaro Xhoan Daxos will be playing Sergant Dap in the adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s novel.

I love the book, so I’m pretty stoked to see Anozie on board. Sgt. Dap welcomes the new launchies to the school in Ender’s Game, so I’m sort of looking forward to seeing Anozie all butchy in uniform.

silly adults and their silly rivalries

part 1 of my EG facecasts; yes I facecast Diego Klattenhoff as Dap and Damian Lewis as Dimak cuz the former is described as young and kind-looking and the latter has a cold smile and nobody does that like Damian Lewis and now it’s like a really weird Homeland in space AU