Doom + Charles - Gentleman's Invasion

Doom had once again, managed to sneak into the Academy. With the Captain MIA, security seemed to be a large weakness, even though Natasha was around to enforce it - he had his ways to dodge her too. But he didn’t particularly care if he was spotted either; in his mind, anyone that dared to oppose him would be crushed to dust. This included the man he had run into earlier - Charles Xavier. The man had jumped into his mind, his own personal vault of secrets and invaded his privacy, so it was Doom’s turn to do the same to him. Setting his devices around the school, he had managed to finally reach one securely locked room, Cerebro, tacking a tablet to one of the many wires and letting the virus do it’s job of infiltrating the system and tweaking it.

After the deed was done, he took his long, usual strides toward the main offices, glancing at the slightly ajar door of the Captain’s office. It was dark, and to that, he smirked. It turned out it wasn’t him on the oil rig - it was one of his many replicas that he would make just for that very instance. The many Doom replicas had come in handy, and now the Captain was gone, and his desk was collecting dust, which was a sight he took pleasure in. And then he finally reached it, Charles’ office, swinging the door open without a knock. 

“Mutant.” He greeted, in his dark distorted tone. 

Many Happy Returns- Illyana and the Professor

When Mr. Rogers-Stark had told Illyana that the Professor was back at the school she’d been filled with a little trepidation and a little hope.  Yes, he was the leader of the X-men, implicitly trusted by her brother Piotr beyond all else, and when she’d been a younger child he’d been terribly kind, letting her stay at the Mansion where she was safe and happy.  All of that had changed a bit when she’d been kidnapped and then returned a completely different sort of girl, dark with the secrets of her survival and with her psionic shields that kept the Professor out of her head.

That had seemed to bother him, especially when everything else about her time away had come out, and as understandable as it was she’d been annoyed herself.  After that she hadn’t seen him for some time and that kept her from rushing to his office as well. 

Then one day she found herself walking by on the way to class and couldn’t help but stop and peek her head inside with her slightly wry smile.  “Good afternoon Professor,” she greeted him politely, wondering if he’d recognize her.  “Not working too hard, are you?”

Charles + Doom - Revised

Doom was in his laboratory, deep down in the furthest part of his castle. His lab had limited access to the people of Latveria, and it was where he would unwind. His objective was to constantly improve his technology and thus better the living standards of the people of Latveria. With better technology they had a better chance of surviving in this world that was dictated by the biggest superpower - but he would ensure that Latveria was amongst them. 

Having tinkered with Cerebro upon his last visit to the Academy, he was using the parts that he had acquired  trying to reconstruct what he had seen and bossing about his assistants. Doom-like robots also assisted, but when frustrated they would often get a beating from their creator and be torn to shreds. 

Such power, such extremes, he had managed to draw out of Charles and now it was his attempt to remake what he had seen, and try and utilise Charles’ power for himself. 

Excuse me...Mr Xavier?

Captain Rogers told me I was better off coming speaking to you about finalizing my enrollment. 

Since, y'know…you deal with the mutant side of the Academy.

I need a helping hand || Charles + Kitty

In the events of the last few days, Kitty had done nothing but stay locked away in her room. She’d spoken briefly to Laura the night of Steve’s disappearance and she made sure to regularly check how Tony was doing via the CCTV but asides that, she’d had no real human contact. She was giving people their space to deal with it but really, she was the one who had needed the space. She’d watched Doom grab the Captain. She could have phased through the explosion, run back up on the air to go help Steve but she’d been too absorbed in shock and grief to move. She’d frozen. It had been many, many years since she’d last frozen like that on a mission but the Secret Avengers was much grittier, more brutal than the X-Men had ever been. Part of her missed being an X-Man but at the same time, she was now responsible for the Secret Avengers. It had been Steve’s last order, his last personal request to her.

If anything happens, you’re Captain. The words had played over in her mind every second of every day. She’d never led a team, she’d always followed. Followed Scott, followed Logan, followed Charles. Charles. She knew he was around the Academy but she hadn’t seen much of him, if any of him in fact. She’d always been a bit of a brat as a child towards him but now that she’d matured and now she’d endured a situation she couldn’t handle or comprehend, she realised just how much he had always done for her and for the rest of the X-Men. When they’d needed someone to help them, he’d been there. When they’d needed a reason to stick together, he’d given them a cause. On occasion, he’d even given them all a mutual person to hate in the form of himself. He put himself on the line time and time again without Kitty even realising but now she did and now she realised how much the Professor meant.

She’d always respected him – despite her bad attitude towards him – and she knew he was an icon, a saviour to the mutant population. At least to some of it, perhaps not all of it but he was to her. He was someone to look up to, a leader worth following and she knew it was selfish but now, she needed his guidance more than ever. She hated wasting people’s time over advise but she was at a loss which was hard considering she was a genius and she often reminded Bobby of that. Phasing out of her room, still in her pyjamas, she made her way downstairs and slowly along the corridor to his office with what felt like the weight of the world on her shoulders and blood shot eyes from a mixture of lack of sleep and crying.

With a deep breath, she lifted her hand and knocked on the door three times like she always did. Although, now she’d knocked, she had no idea what she was going to say.

serenityoverrage asked:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Stark. I am quite sure there is no need for me to suggest you take the day off for some rest and relaxation. Granted...I have no doubts you will not have much of either! Do enjoy yourself on such a special occasion! - Charles

Hey there Xavier, and thank you. Indeed I did, even Steve took his time to let us both celebrate,at least it was worth it in the end.