Many Happy Returns- Illyana and the Professor

When Mr. Rogers-Stark had told Illyana that the Professor was back at the school she’d been filled with a little trepidation and a little hope.  Yes, he was the leader of the X-men, implicitly trusted by her brother Piotr beyond all else, and when she’d been a younger child he’d been terribly kind, letting her stay at the Mansion where she was safe and happy.  All of that had changed a bit when she’d been kidnapped and then returned a completely different sort of girl, dark with the secrets of her survival and with her psionic shields that kept the Professor out of her head.

That had seemed to bother him, especially when everything else about her time away had come out, and as understandable as it was she’d been annoyed herself.  After that she hadn’t seen him for some time and that kept her from rushing to his office as well. 

Then one day she found herself walking by on the way to class and couldn’t help but stop and peek her head inside with her slightly wry smile.  “Good afternoon Professor,” she greeted him politely, wondering if he’d recognize her.  “Not working too hard, are you?”