-Serenity ran down to the lab as fast as she with papers clutched to her cheek.- “Hiro!” -An echo of her voice chiming as she ran, nearing the lab she only ran fast but in her haste she tripped over her own laces throwing the papers in the air and landed flat on the floor letting out a puppy like whine.- “Ow….” -She pulled herself up, she wanted to show Hiro the picture she drew of him.-

“Whoa, whoa. Careful, dont want you getting hurt.” He walked up to her, “What are you so excited about?” He asked, smiling. Must be something important to have gotten her so excited.

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Mikey dude! Ever heard of the cinnamon challenge?

Of course I’ve heard of it, Raph tried it a while ago and got totally owned by it! He was cleaning up cinnamon for hours! It’s like, the 2nd hardest challenge you can ever try, ever. the 1st one is trying to drink a lot of diet coke with a bunch of mentos in your mouth. Only the toughest dudes and dudettes succeed in that one, but I still haven’t seen anyone actually win.

I really wanna see Leo do it. 

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00:00:00 ((I know we don't rp that much but I thought it would be interesting.))

[[Modern AU it is.]]

The rest of Fred’s brothers were rather excited about the notion of having a countdown on their wrist that showed how long it was until they found their soulmate.  Fred, though, was oftentimes forgetful of his.  He’d check it every now and then just out of curiosity, and be surprised when it was that farther in the countdown.

Such was the case when it actually counted down all the way.

Like everyone, Fred oftentimes wondered how his soulmate would look and act.  Maybe they would be well-mannered and shy?  Or perhaps they were multilingual, proving for traveling to be much easier with a translator at hand.  Or maybe-

Something, or someone, ran into Fred’s shoulder in the middle of his thought-stream, causing the man to teeter a bit into traffic.  With a quick apology to the cab who had come to a screeching stop, he hurried back onto the sidewalk, bumping into the same person that had pushed him onto the road.

“Oh!  Sorry,” he apologized with a quick smile, oblivious to the fact that his countdown was all zeroes.


Sorry for that weird hiatus I had going on there. I actually planned on a five day hiatus at first, but when I went to get back on, my AWFUL memory forgot my password. SO SORRY FOR THAT! And I kinda lost my computer rights for a while, so I was stuck on mobile on my iPad, but that was my personal blog. I tried to get in but I couldn’t. 

Stuck on mobile, I couldn’t reset my password since my family now checks my history and would most likely kill me if they saw tumblr in the history, I had no option but to wait until I got the computer back….

Oh look at that… It’s Spring Break… Oh look at that…. I signed up for a science trip. AS SOON AS I GET THE DAMN COMPUTER BACK I HAVE TO LEAVE FOR A WEEK! THEY HAD AWFUL WIFI!


and to people asking me to skype, I kinda lost privileges to that too, sorry….

Pillow Heroes

Mikey smiles as he grabs some of his pillows and sneaks off to Serenity’s room. He rolls over to her bed and smiles widely. “You want to have a pillow fight with a special twist?” He shows the pillows have weird super hero costumes on them.

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“Excuse me, I think you dropped something.” -Her sweet chimed as her held out the wallet he just dropped.-

With a blink, Fred turned around at the statement.  His eyes fell on the wallet in the girl’s hands.  ”Oh!  I suppose I did.  Thanks.”  With a grateful smile, he took the wallet from the girl.  ”It’s good that you’ve returned this to me, I don’t know what I’d do without it.  Starve, possibly!”

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send a your character falls asleep on mine i’ll reply with what mine does 

Elsa looked at the girl who had suddenly appeared and fell asleep. What in the world? She thought and gently nudged the girl so she’d wake. “Uh…miss?” Elsa said quietly. “Miss? You shouldn’t be here. Wake up.” 

//I guess this counts as your starter? BD xD 

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Lightly sucking on what appeared to be four pocky sticks at once, Pinkie Pie was obviously enjoying her little snack, and expression of happiness and contentment upon her face. She bounced around the streets of Ponyville, looking for something to do, and then paused when she noticed someone she had never seen before. 

She chewed the small chocolate covered sticks, and swallowed, before she immediately zipped over to the stranger. “Hi there! I’m Pinkie Pie! Who’re you?"