-Serenity ran down to the lab as fast as she with papers clutched to her cheek.- “Hiro!” -An echo of her voice chiming as she ran, nearing the lab she only ran fast but in her haste she tripped over her own laces throwing the papers in the air and landed flat on the floor letting out a puppy like whine.- “Ow….” -She pulled herself up, she wanted to show Hiro the picture she drew of him.-

“Whoa, whoa. Careful, dont want you getting hurt.” He walked up to her, “What are you so excited about?” He asked, smiling. Must be something important to have gotten her so excited.

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Hey Mikey.... due to my VERY evil evil evil followers I've been dared to erm confess... something... to you... >////> I erm.... HAVEACRUSHONYOU! so yeh! Hope we can still be friends and everything! bye! -off to kill evil evil evil evil followers...-

W-Whuh? You have a crush? ON ME!?!

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//sick meme// -Serenity frowns.- "Dude if you stay in bed I'll make pizza pancakes and lend you my bestest comics or even watch super hero movie?" -She suggested.- "And if that doesn't work for you..." -She paused with an evil grin.- "As long as your out of your bed I'll tidy your room."

“Don’t touch my room, it’s a controlled chaos. I know it looks messy, but I know where everything is!” he pouted. He didn’t want to stay in bed, he wanted to go hang out in the lair, and play video games with his brothers. “Please Serenity, let me at least lay on the sofa instead!”

serenitymayu has entered the lab!

….Instead of being in the lab, however, Wasabi had just left the university’s lab building, and was now making his way to his car. He had closed the lab for the night and had said his goodbyes to the custodial staff that stayed behind to take care of the building.

He had just made it to his car when he heard a shuffle and crash in the alley behind him. Wasabi flinched, his shoulders tensing up as he slowly turned and looked behind him to see the silhouette of a person near an overturned trash can.

He couldn’t see who it was, given the lone overhead light that flickered above her..but he could slightly make out her shape…

Okay big guy, just keep it together..

“U-Uh…I-I d-don’t know who you are,” he said, his voice cracking slightly. He immediately cleared his throat and continued, “…b-but I don’t want any trouble!…”

He turned around fully to see who it was that was walking towards him…

…and he nearly dropped his keys..


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Mikey dude! Ever heard of the cinnamon challenge?

Of course I’ve heard of it, Raph tried it a while ago and got totally owned by it! He was cleaning up cinnamon for hours! It’s like, the 2nd hardest challenge you can ever try, ever. the 1st one is trying to drink a lot of diet coke with a bunch of mentos in your mouth. Only the toughest dudes and dudettes succeed in that one, but I still haven’t seen anyone actually win.

I really wanna see Leo do it. 

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5. A gift.

//-thinks for something to give, because number generator hates me-//

He saw her enter the lair and he darted for his room, pulling out the light blue bag, checking to see if the gift for her was still in there, then ran out. “Hey Serenity!” He smiled, holding the bag behind his back. It was holding the first issue of Spider-Man, signed by Stan Lee. He knew she liked comics, so all he could do was hope she liked it. “I uh- I have something for you…” He handed the bag over to her, and gave a nervous smile.

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"It's cold outside"

Send me "It's cold outside" for my muses reaction to your muse wrapping mine in a blanket

◌◌◌  [ℋ ❀ ℒ] 
                           “It is pretty cold! Thank you!” Aiko adjusted the blanket with a smile. “Is there another? I don’t want you getting cold too! That’d be awful!" 

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00:00:00 ((I know we don't rp that much but I thought it would be interesting.))

[[Modern AU it is.]]

The rest of Fred’s brothers were rather excited about the notion of having a countdown on their wrist that showed how long it was until they found their soulmate.  Fred, though, was oftentimes forgetful of his.  He’d check it every now and then just out of curiosity, and be surprised when it was that farther in the countdown.

Such was the case when it actually counted down all the way.

Like everyone, Fred oftentimes wondered how his soulmate would look and act.  Maybe they would be well-mannered and shy?  Or perhaps they were multilingual, proving for traveling to be much easier with a translator at hand.  Or maybe-

Something, or someone, ran into Fred’s shoulder in the middle of his thought-stream, causing the man to teeter a bit into traffic.  With a quick apology to the cab who had come to a screeching stop, he hurried back onto the sidewalk, bumping into the same person that had pushed him onto the road.

“Oh!  Sorry,” he apologized with a quick smile, oblivious to the fact that his countdown was all zeroes.