Day 17 of the challenge :) Q is for quirky! I have chosen Baddha Padmasana as my yoga pose - bound lotus pose. The hands are crossed behind the back to catch the feet which are in lotus pose. This pose blows my mind! I just couldn’t believe I could do it this week. I was at a party and my beautiful friend Laura said hey this is part of the the Ashtanga series, can you do it? I laughed and said hmmm and then suddenly after a few tweaks of body parts I was in it with my forehead flat on the floor! Wow! Just shows that all my personal practice is bringing great rewards and my body just loves it :) This pose increases flexibility in the legs and some of the more stubborn joints such as the ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and toes. It stretches the shoulders back strongly, opens the chest and lessens the curvature of the upper spine - all of which contribute to better posture! The forward bend aids with digestion too. So all in all, a pretty kick ass pose really :):):) Join us in the Serenity ABC challenge! Feel free to step in at any time, either catching up or starting from today :) We have weekly winner callouts and fantastic goodies to giveaway to the winner! @athomeintheclouds
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#GlobalYogis - from the #Headstand to the bend.
#HappyHealthyYogis - I always try some sort of headstand.
#SerenityABC - D is for #viparitaDandasana (does that count)
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Some variations and things.
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