serenity shit


So I started an official Aurora play thru. because what am I if not obsessed with creating characters. And look at these star crossed lovers. I’m so pissed Aurora will be siding with the mage, because… duh. And that she can’t save Delsbels. I’m doubly pissed that she can’t romance him (I think she has her eye on Blackwall tho). 

Bonus of Salty, Pissy, Aurora cuz she can’t have what the heart wants.

This also means I will stop using Aurora’s face claim, Lagertha, for her banners, because it was so annoying that her banners were the only ones that didn’t use a DA creation.

The twins lie in a pile of tangled legs, blankets, and pillows on the floor of the living room. A cheesy holodrama plays in the background, and the smell of baked cookies and cold Corellian pasta takeout lingers on the air.

Leia is nestled up against Luke’s side, head resting against his shoulder and one hand curled loosely in the front of his shirt. His right arm is draped comfortably around her–where he can poke her in the shoulder whenever she makes a particularly acerbic comment about the ‘drama–and he holds a cookie with his left hand.

“I can’t believe you actually convinced me to watch this,” Leia comments–for the seventh or eighth time since they had started watching the show that morning–as the cam pans out to show Tarra, the protagonist of the show, walk purposefully down a broad walkway, on a mission to confront her supposedly-cheating boyfriend, Robbi.

“You’re the one that picked it, little sis,” Luke replies. It’s the same reply he’s given her the last six or seven times she’s complained.

“Because you only gave me a choice between this and The Stars of DQ.” Leia shudders theatrically against Luke’s side. He pokes her.

“You know you like it,” he teases.

“Do not,” Leia retorts.

Luke snorts. “Uh huh.” A light mental poke joins the second poke he gives her arm, and she pulls back just enough to be able to shove him gently.

“Insufferable baby brother,” Leia mumbles, rolling her eyes.

“Sh,” Luke says quickly, this time gently slapping her arm with the flat of his palm. “Tarra’s at Robbi’s flat.”

Leia hushes instantly.

“Was it you?” Abigail demanded as she stormed into her and Demi’s room, glaring at the other brunette who was getting ready for the dance. “I told you I wasn’t going- I told you I had no interest in running and yet you completely ignored me!” Then, collapsing on her bed with a groan, Abigail pressed her palms to her face; “This Snowball shit is stupid anyways. Serenity always pulls shit like this and it’s so boring- I feel ashamed even having my name on that ballot.” 


How the fuck are LGBT+ communities going to gain equality where they need it when they’re busy tearing into each other? You’d think that this tragedy could be used as an umbrella, a rallying cause to motivate us to fight harder, link arms and support each other. Separately, every single letter in the LGBT+ isn’t enough to make a difference. 

It’s at times like this that we need to band together, regardless of whether we’re Gay, Trans, Bi, whatever. Not point fingers. Not place arbitrary restrictions. If we separate, we’re not being seen as one LGBT+ community, we’re being seen as individual letters, tiny, small communities that aren’t worth changing anything over.