anon asked for some wedding dress femslash

happy to oblige the sailor ships ;3

  • Mars & Venus
  • Uranus & Neptune
  • Mercury & Jupiter


  • Small Lady & Saturn (for me cuz i want)

dresses based on this chapter art cuz beautifully fashion (    /  v \) <3

Crystal Card of the Day: Blue Jade, “I am pleased with the steady progress of my spiritual growth.”

Jade is said to be a stone of wisdom, and can be used to help one approach a situation from a different perspective. Some find that using Blue Jade helps to still the mind which helps one to see solutions where they couldn’t be seen before. Many also use Blue Jade to help achieve slow progress in a situation that originally seems insurmountable.

Another benefit of using Blue Jade is the finding ability to accept and find peace in those issues that cannot be changed, so that you can release them and move on. Tumbled Blue Jade can be used during meditation either to bring your subconscious to a floating state in the sky, or to a deeper, calmer state of being in the peaceful ocean depths.

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<3 Robin

Happy belated birthday @martininamerica, may your year be full of laughter, treasured company, and blessings. Thanks for your creativity and encouragement from all your videos, you always inspire me to draw and find joy even when I’ve lost it. I’ve come a long way thanks to you. Cheers, man! You rock.