Swift River Reflections by Beverley Lu Steeves
Via Flickr:
This was taken at Swift River, New Hampshire in the White Mountains in October of 2003. I thought the reflections of the colourful trees in the water with the blue casting from the rocks was an interesting image :) I took this with my film camera, Canon Elan 7E and slide film.


So yes, in short: Please don’t try to look “cool” and “pop” a “wheelie” in Agartha. You will end up “stuck” and unable to “rectify” the “situation” and it’s rather “embarrassing”, especially when the custodians show up to “lend” a “hand” and double especially after the “Council” of “Venice” gets involved and “informs” your “handler” that you have “wasted” everyone’s time with “mirthful hijinks”.


Screencaps of Jemma Redgrave from her first Holby City episode, “Serenity”.

Now - they are 1920 x 1080 pixels - high quality.  And there are 118 of them.

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