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To Queen Serenity, was Serena a goofball, clumsy, crybaby when you were raising her?

She was less clumsy and a crybaby back then, but she always has been a spirited and cheerful girl. She always looks on the bright side of everything and is quite the dreamer.


Well, by popular demand (read: like two people asked me), I have put the longest story I have ever written up on my Smashwords: Sid Stills’ Blues (Three-Quarters in the Bag in Alphabet City). It is nearly 88,000 words long, and you can get a downloadable copy, completely with the amazing serenity-fails‘ illustrations, for free! (Or you can toss a couple bucks at me, and someday I will buy her drinks for letting me use her beautiful art.)

And if a sexy gay love story about musicians, cancer, and learning to love life again isn’t what you’re in the mood for, may I suggest some of the other titles up on my Smashwords? They’re all originally Shousetsu Bang*Bang stories, and as is only right for stories that were free originally, you can get them for free now! Or you can tip your author. Whatever you like!

(I am very bad at cover design, did anyone notice?)

I was tagged by the beautiful hughdancish for the 20 Beautiful People Challenge, which is actually really nice, so thank you! I’m actually surprised because this selfie doesn’t look half bad…

My tags (I know that there aren’t exaclty 20 people… sorry): tinyrome, sableye-of-the-tiger, claudiamone, legendism, openupyoursenses, cosplayperson, spacecatgod, thesmilingcrow, gotvodka, cuddlebuttcheeks, blueblubla, nucle0tide, fangirl-on-serenity, ninjaharajukurock