Adventures in Raising a Space Twig: Part 1

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Post-Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Quill struggles to come to terms with the loss that he’s suffered, the reader and Groot try to be there for him.

Peter Quill x Reader

Words: 1,399

How long does it take to grieve the loss of a loved one?

 It was an impossibly complex question that came to you in the simplest of ways when Groot shimmied up onto your shoulder, peaked through your hair and sighed, “I am Groot.”

You held your hand out to him so that he could jump into it and held him out in front of you, “I know that you want him to feel better Groot but we have to be patient. Quill is going through a lot now; we just have to be there for him. Okay, baby?”

He nodded and you put him back on your shoulder so that he could curl up against your neck as you both watched the empty doorway that Quill had fled through.

It had been a couple of weeks since Yondu had passed, a man that you admittedly had mixed feelings about, but it had obvious to you that there was more to how he treated Quill than the latter understood.
You’d known Yondu since you were small, your father was the Captain of another Ravanger crew and he made a point to see you as often as possible, on occasion he brought others with him like Yondu. But you’d not known about Quil’s existence until many years later and even that was by accident when you’d confused their Ravanger ship for your fathers.

 There was an instant friendship between you, he was cheeky and protective and not afraid to ruffle your feathers just because of who your dad was, maybe that was why you didn’t tell your Dad that Yondu had broken the Ravanger law of no children, because you feared what could happen to Quill if you did.

But you stayed in sparse communication until your Terran friend decided to go out into the Galaxy on his own, you caught up with him and travelled together until you met the rest of your little messed up family.

 Still, however he had felt before, Quill was struggling to come to terms with losing the man who had tried his best to do right by him, even if it hadn’t seemed that way at the time. You’d been travelling towards Xandar when a Ravanger ship passed you; they’d stopped and then released another Ravanger funeral salute. The bright colours in respect to your lost friend had been like a punch to the gut for Quill, he’d quickly made his excuses and left.

 "Big baby.“ Rocket mocked but his voice was heavy with sadness, his heart wasn’t in it.

You leaned down to where he sat next to you and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze before leaving after Quill.

You didn’t bother knocking on Quill’s door, you’d been friends so long that it was an ongoing joke about your lack of privacy with each other. He was sprawled on his bed flicking through songs on his zoon but the headphones dangled idly down beside his arm.

"Room for a couple of little ones?” You asked softly, afraid to break the quiet of the room.

“I am Groot.” Groot added from your shoulder.

He nodded and placed his zoon down on the side table and budged over so that you could crawl onto the bed beside him. You lay on your side so that you could face him and Groot ran down your arm, jumped onto Quill’s arm and ran up towards his face.

“I am Groot.” He said tenderly and patted Quill’s cheek with his tiny hand.

“Thank you Groot.” He mumbled and rubbed his red eyes. It was still guesswork for Quill, trying to understand the things that Groot meant but he was getting better at it, it gave him something to focus on.
“Wanna talk about it?” You asked, even though you were fairly sure on the answer. 

Quill sucked in a breath as he rubbed his finger up and down Groot’s back, “That’s pretty much the last thing that I want.” He said, his eyes welling again. Groot noticed and let out an upset squeak, sometimes it was hard to remember that he was just a baby.

 "C'mon, come here.“ You mumbled and gently maneuvered yourself to lie on your back and pulled Quill until he rolled over and rested his head on your chest. Humming softly, you rubbed his back. His body shook with each sob pressed into your chest; his hands twisted your shirt as he clung to you, tears soaking into your shirt.
Groot sat on his neck, his small hands brushing Quill’s sideburns and offering his cheek a plethora of tiny, loving kissing.

It was a few minutes until Quill sniffed and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt before following the outline of tears that he’d left on your chest with his finger. His voice was thick, "You must think that I’m being such a dork.”

“Oh yeah, the biggest dork.” You teased and hugged him closer, “Star Dork.”

“I am Groot.” Groot chirped from his seat on Quill’s neck.
“Hey! I didn’t deserve that.” Quill said, his voice full of mock hurt and real tears, he reached one arm up so that he could tickle Groot with one finger. Groot giggled, high pitched and childlike, in Quill’s ear before falling from the man’s neck and onto your stomach.

“Well that’s just not fair now is it, Groot?” You asked and his shook his tiny head, “We’re just going to have to get him.”

“Don’t you dare!” Quill managed to choke out before you’d flipped both of you over, straddled him and held him down with his arms across his chest. Groot frantically ran up and down his sides tickling him.

Quill bucked and tried to throw you off, shouting that this was a mutiny but that only made Groot more excitable. You all froze when the bedroom door opened and Drax stood watching you all, you could only imagine how it must have looked, you holding down red faced Peter while Groot squealed excitedly.

“I didn’t see anything.” Drax mumbled, turning ready to leave.
“Sorry we can’t take that risk,” you grinned, “Get him Groot!”

 Groot jumped down from the bed and ran after the giant warrior screaming, Drax for his part pretended to be scared and ran. Drax must have made a wonderful father.
Laughing you fell back off of Quill and onto the bed side him; gently you took his hand in yours and gave it a light squeeze. He’d stopped crying but his eyes were red.

“I bet I look so hot right now.” He joked and wiped at his eyes again.

“Nah you’re pretty much always stomach churning, like just so ugly.” You teased and he squatted at your arm with his spare hand. After a moment in silence you asked, “Do you want me to leave you alone for a while?”

 He shook his head and squeezed your hand back, “We should probably go save Drax from Groot.”

Quill stood, fixed his hair in the broken mirror above his bedside table and threw one of his shirts at you. It hit you in the face and you gave him the finger in response, you stopped his laugher to give him a questioning look and he gestured on his own chest where you had the wet patch from his tears.

You quickly changed, as Ravanger kids and good friends you’d gotten changed in front of one another untold times. The pair of you followed the sounds of shouting around the ship until you found Groot sat on of the chairs crying and holding his hand as though it hurt and Drax and Rocket brawling on the floor.

“You’re Captain, you can deal with those two idiots.” You laughed and sidestepped the fighting to pick up Groot and kiss his hand better. He grinned at you and took residence on your shoulder while you watched Quill threaten to fetch Gamora if Drax and Rocket didn’t behave.

 You never really finish grieving for loved ones, but it helps to have other people that you adore around you, even if they do make a mess of your ship.

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Adventures in Raising a Space Twig: Part 4

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Post-Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Every time Quill and the reader try to sneak off for some private time Groot thinks they’re playing hide and seek, Rocket might have something to do with it.
Peter Quill x Reader
Words: 1,052

“Finally.” Quill breathed against your lips, he pulled your body against him, his fingers dug into your hips.  You sighed into him, reaching up to wind your fingers through his hair as you kissed. He nudged you back against the wall of the closest that you were hiding in and you giggled at the childishness of you both having to sneak off in the ship for some privacy.

None of the team had been surprised that you and Quill had decided to give a relationship a go, it seemed they were just relieved to not have to suffer watching you both dance around the subject. Well, Rocket was surprised that Quill had grown from balls to make a move but that was another argument entirely.

Your relationship, though new, suited you both like a second skin. It didn’t get in the way of your missions but you finally got to enjoy each other the way that you’d both always wanted too. In fact the only problem that you had to deal with at the moment was Groot.

The little shit.

You loved him, he was your little twig baby, but he would not give you and Quill any privacy and it was starting to get testing. Quill did not suffer well with having the object of his affections so close but not being able to whisk you away. You felt the same but were just better at hiding it.

Groot had managed to interrupt you in your room, Quill’s room, the weapon room, the Captain’s seat, Rockets room, and the bathroom. Even in the forests of a planet that you were visiting.

Quill was pushing your shirt down from your shoulder and following the path with his lips when the door creaked open and Groot grinned up at you from the floor.
“I am Groot!” He announced jumping from one foot to the other.
“Yes you did find us sweetie.” You tried to smile, “We’ll be out in a minute.”
He ran off back into the ship leaving the door open.

Quill dropped his head onto your shoulder, “Next time I don’t care if he’s there or not. Call it Sex Ed.”
You gently smoothed his hair back through your fingers and kissed the side of his head, “He’s just a baby.”
“He’s a warrior.” Quill countered into your shoulder unwilling to lose the moment of closeness.
“He’s both, it’s not his fault.” You said, “Least it’s not Drax catching us, he’d want to talk about it.”

“Oh my god, could you imagine.” Quill laughed. He kissed your shoulder again before finally standing straight and pulling your shirt back up again. He leaned down to give you a kiss and you caught his lip between your teeth.

He groaned, “Don’t do that or Groot will see more than he should.”
“That a promise?” You teased. He reached for your hips again but you jumped out of his reach and ran back into the ship with a giggle.


You were sat with Groot on your shoulder talking to Drax about one of his past battles when Quill stomped his way into the room and dropped himself down in his chair, his scowl firmly in place.

Drax paused his regaling to ask, “What’s troubling Quill?”
“He’s just a bit frustrated.” You said and Drax seemed to accept it and continued with his story. You smiled over at Quill and the frustration of his features faded away with a wink in your direction.

Rocket, who had been sat close by listening to your conversation, spun around in his chair and interrupted Drax, “Frustrated is the right word, ain’t that right Y/N?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “Don’t test me Rocket.”
“What do you mean?” Drax asked him.
“Sexual frustration Drax, these two can’t get any peace.” Rocket laughed.

Hearing the conversation, Quill came to stand next to you and playfully poked Groot on your shoulder, “Can we not talk about our sex life?”
“I will never understand why you’re so squeamish and do not talk about such things. It is a beautiful act.” Drax said shaking his head.

“We’re not talking about it because it might upset some people.” You told him and side eyed Groot who sat on your shoulder playing with your hair. You didn’t want him to feel bad about interrupting you and Quill, he was just a child trying to play.

“I am Groot.” He said to you.
“Are you serious?” You asked him.
Groot nodded, “I am Groot.”

“What is it?” Quill asked you as your face reddened.
“Rocket I am going to fucking kill you.” You snapped, “He told Groot that when we disappear off together we’re ‘playing hide and seek’.”
“You fucker!” Quill yelped, his voice breaking slightly.
Rocket through his head back laughing, “It’s been so funny! You should see your faces!”
Drax pointed at you, “You both look so stupid!” He bellowed and started a deep body laugh.

“I am Groot.” He said softly in your ear and you gently took him in your hands and held him out in front of you.
“No Groot, you don’t have to be sorry, me and Quill have a lot of fun playing with you.” You told him and gently kissed his cheek.
Quill rubbed the top of Groot’s head, “Yeah bud, we’ll play hide and seek with you any time you want, just ask next time please.” He grinned and Groot mirrored it.

“Now,” Quill started and held his hands out for Groot to jump into and then brought Groot up to his face, “Groot I need you to do me a favour and get Drax and Rocket.”
Groot turned in Quill’s hand, his eyes narrowed as he yelled and jumped at Drax who yelled and tried to swat him away.

You barely got a moment to laugh though as Quill was already guiding you down the hall to his bedroom, pulling off both of your clothes as you went.

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