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anonymous asked:

can i get some kirigiri/fukawa fluffy cuddles and kisses thank u (also mods, you guys are gr8, keep up the awesome work!!)

Awww this was cute!! ~ Mod Narii

Imagine Touko and Kirigiri just hanging out at the Ultimate Writer’s house after a particularly exhausting school day. All Touko wanted to do was to spend an evening in peace, free to listen to her creative writing, but, most of all, to spend time with Kyouko.

Words flowed constantly on screen, her fingers typing rapidly, as if in a trance. She wanted to convey the feeling of being cherished, of being loved. She described her characters’ emotions perfectly, wonderfully.

As her typing halted, her inspiration made way to another feeling. Touko glanced to the side, wanting to look up on how her girlfriend was doing. Her eyes found the sight of Kyouko reading peacefully, her long eyelashes fluttering and her traits gentle and calm. Touko could never get over how beautiful and serene the pastel purple-haired girl was.

Soon preferring to spend some time with Kyouko, Touko sat up and walked over to her bed, soon settling herself by her lover’s side silently, a bit bashfully. It was a difficult thing to initiate contact with Kyouko. At least… for shy, insecure Touko it was.

U-Um… What are you reading…? The Ultimate Writer shyly asked.

Some romance novel Sayaka wanted me to read. She replied, as stoic as ever.

A-Ah… Is it good? Touko asked, feeling insecure and slightly jealous about her lover preferring another person’s words.

Mmm… It’s average at best. Soon, a shadow of a smile settled itself on her lips. I do prefer the way how you eloquently describe your feelings though, Touko.

R-Really? It was difficult for her to contain the smile that was creeping up on her lips. The Ultimate Detective had no trouble picking up on this though. She settled the book by her side and soon embraced Touko by the waist, pulling her closer. Surprise changed the writer’s traits but was soon replaced by a rare sensation of love and peace in the usually nervous girl.

Kyouko stroked her lover’s cheek gently, a smile etched on her lips. Wanting comfort, Touko inched closer to her, their faces now only a few inches from each other. Taking this opportunity in an instant, Kyouko caught the Ultimate Writer’s lips in a sweet kiss. It was pointless for Touko to hide her flushed cheeks by now.

As they pulled away, feeling quite embarrassingly happy, the glasses girl hid her face into the detective’s neck, snuggling into it. I love you, Kyouko.

The mentioned girl’s traits softened as she passed a slender hand across her girlfriend’s temple before planting a light, loving kiss on her head. I love you too, Touko.