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Nine Witchy Little Ways to Celebrate Winter

I made a similar post on this blog about fall a few months back, and people seemed to like it quite a bit. So, now that winter is almost upon us (Solstice is in 13 days!) I thought I would make another seasonal post as we all prepare to bring in the new season.

1. Take a walk outside and take in the nature around you. Enjoy the fallen leaves, the beautiful bare trees, the snow or even the rain if you have it. Fall in love with the quiet, peaceful serenity of winter weather.

2. Celebrate/prepare to celebrate any winter holidays that are coming up, and embrace any traditions you have. This includes Solstice/Yule, of course, but also anything else that means things to you during this time.

3. Make (or buy) some wintery things for your altar. Maybe you have some winter imagery that you want to put up, or maybe you just want to decorate your altar for Solstice/Yule. The specific winter imagery/colors is up to you, but this can be a fun and simple (or elaborate!) way to prepare.

4.  Burn seasonal scented candles or incense. Just as for fall, there are a lot of options for seasonally scented candles or incense to use in your rituals. Personalize this to your tastes, of course. If you’re allergic or prefer unscented candles for some other reason, unscented candles in winter colors are also an excellent, equally good option.

5. Decorate your home with seasonally wintery things. This can be in addition to or instead of an altar decoration, and is another awesome way to get into the spirit of the season.

6. Give presents. This is a gift giving season for many. The act of giving is spiritual in itself, but to make it more witchy, you can bless the gifts in some way before giving them- perhaps endow them with some protection or good wishes.

7. Find time for stillness. December is often an incredibly busy month for people, and it’s hard to just find some time to relax and enjoy it all. But do find the quiet times to keep that inner peace. Meditate. Breathe. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself calm and centered.

8. Reflect on the past year. What has gone well? What have you learned? Winter, as still as it is, is a good time to think about life and all that it brings, both the good and the bad, and consolidate it into one collective experience.

9. Focus on renewal. Winter is a time of many new things. Nature seems to die away and be reborn; January is coming and with it a New Year. Whatever your goals are, this is a good time to look to the future and renew your resolve, values, and plans.

I hope you all have a wonderful winter season, enjoy whichever winter holidays you celebrate, and have an amazing New Year.

~Blessings, VK

I missed the first tornado that touched down about 20 miles north of Fort Morgan, CO as I was too far south. I decided to swing over to the cell near Wray, CO because it looked promising. As I was I just north of Wray, CO I heard the sirens go off, took a quick look at my radar and realized there was rotation traveling directly in my path, I decided to move to the east of the cell to regroup as I was sitting on the side of a gravel road watching the storm there was something about this little house that seemed so serene.

i just want to live in a quiet apartment by myself, with a friend, or someone I love, in New York or something. i want to walk to cafés and stores close by. i want to sit by the window to watch traffic go by, watching how the stop light turns from green, to yellow, to red, then over again. i want to sit in front of a fire place and watch the fire dance around the wood. i want to watch movies with pillows and blankets all around me while drinking tea. i want to make pancakes or pizza in a small, old kitchen. i want to take long showers in an outdated bathroom for as long as i want. i want to go to bed on a huge mattress with books and coffee mugs surrounding me. i want to wake up. and do it all over again.




After seeing it countless times on my dashboard, I finally went to visit floatingpresents’ town of North. It lived up to, if not surpassed, my expectations. It is beautifully set out with very minimalistic, natural paths and colour-coordinated flowers. I even saw Beau! ^^ The music is really pretty and there’s something very serene about the rainy weather. I hate rain but it works beautifully in this town.

If you haven’t visited North yet, then you should do so right away! :D