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An Arranged Marriage Chapter 15

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary:  An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

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Lucifer flashing his red eyes at you, his lips pulled back in a snarl had you curling back on the bed, fear making your hands shake. You knew he was Lucifer, the devil himself, but he had seemed so loose, so at ease. But it had change in once second, reminding you this was the man who could kill thousands of people with a snap of his fingers. And you were his play toy, living in his little house until he decided what he wanted to do with you.

Pacing the room, he mumbled to himself, never loud enough for you to hear what he was saying, but his eyes occasionally flashed red, his emotions getting in the way of his planning. Turning to face you, a smile slowly grew on his face, scaring you almost more than his glowing red eyes did. “I know exactly what I want to do!” He exclaimed, clapping his hands together in excitement. “We’re going to go visit this wonderful little community I made you talk about.”

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Holding it together

Pairing: Naruhina

Rating: T (violence and Angst to Comfort)

Summary: Boruto is mad at his father who is always away and he decides to run away from home. Soon he finds himself surrounded by enemies and no one around to help. Can his parents save him in time?

A/N: kjuubi, erimonogatari, and I were discussing Naruhina headcannons and I had all these fluffy ones, but noooo Jade had to come up with horrible Angst that destroyed our hearts and that’s where this gem came from. Blame her for all of this! She plans to draw a comic based off this soon so look out for that ;D

Hinata felt a tugging on her dress and looked down to find her young son frowning at her. She placed the dish she was cleaning down and turned to give him her full attention wiping off her hands on a towel. She normally would have kneeled down to look him in the eye but her distended stomach made that nearly impossible so she settled for sitting down at the kitchen table bringing him with her and sitting him on the table.

“What is it sweetie?”

“Where’s daddy?” It took an effort, but she was able to keep a smile on her face. Their son was a daddy’s boy through and through, and it was getting harder to explain to him that he was busy. Being Hokage wasn’t an easy job for Naruto, and he couldn’t be home as often as they would have liked, and it was starting to affect Boruto negatively.

“We talked about this honey, he has to take care of all the people of Konoha so he can’t be home as much as he used to,” The explanation did nothing to appease her son and he started puckering his lip. This was going to be a hard day she could already tell. Her precious son was going to be moody all day.

“I wanted him to teach me some techniques today!” He swung his little fist down and if he were standing up he surely would have stomped his foot. She knew her child like the back of her hand.

“What did you want him to show you? Maybe mommy can help you.” She smiled softly at him but he shook his head rapidly. She suppressed a sigh; he was as stubborn as somebody else she knew. Once his mind was set there, was no changing it.

“It has to be Dad! It’s his specialty,” Faster than she could react he jumped off the table and ran out the door. She watched as he ran across their backyard and into the woods out of her sight. Her old instincts kicked up, and she instantly felt dread wash through her. She took a deep breath and let it out, they were no longer in a war, that had long passed and these were times of peace, but still she worried about her son’s safety. She couldn’t shake the feeling of unease.

She bit her lip. To chase after him, or to leave him alone to work through his emotions, which would benefit him more? She stood up and walked towards the glass looking out at the sky. She saw only a serene blue sky spotted with puffy white clouds, but still she couldn’t shake the feeling of alarm for her child. She clutched the curtains and released them coming to a decision. She put on her shoes and walked out the door following after him.

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Liveworks Company & Singles Magazine’s Update:

Liveworks Company:

Shin Hye Sung’s picture and interview with Fashion Magazine Singles -
You can meet the interview in the October issue of 2017.


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Dating Kurt Wagner would Include...

Originally posted by claracivry

  • Awkward first touches. 
    • Your first kiss together would be a spur of the moment thing, where Kurt just couldn’t hold it any longer, cupping your cheeks in his hands and pressing his lips to yours in a rather, and surprisingly, dominant fashion.
      • Whenever the two of you hug, it usually starts with his tail snuging around your waist, pulling you closer before his arms wrap around you.
        • Kurt trying to hold your hand, but being self-conscious because he only has three fingers on each hand. You tell him that you love it, and work around it to secure the most comfortable hand holding position.
  • A lot of stumbling over words. Kurt has to process his words before speaking, because German is his first language.
    • Him speaking German to you, knowing you don’t understand, but it’s usually things he’s too shy to say otherwise.
      • Learning bits of German so you can understand what he says.
        • Him teaching you how to speak German, though you know you’re not very good at it.
  • Going to bookstores with him, and trying to understand as he jumps from one section to another, explaining the differences between genres. He speaks fast though, so you don’t catch everything.
    • Watching him sit in the middle of a bookstore simply because he loves the smell of books.
      • Listening to him read you passages from his favorite novels, or from the bible on a late Sunday afternoon, your head leaning against his arm.
  • Spontaneous dates where he decides to take you somewhere special. (Usually a spot of serenity and peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the school).
  • Being afraid the first time he transports the two of you somewhere. You’re holding onto him for what seems like dear life, he wraps his arms around you, along with his tail, and before you know it. POOF.
  • Kurt asking your permission to do something before proceeding. Happens when he’s about to touch you before going ahead and doing it. Like, if he’s about to dive in for a hug, he’ll ask you, “Is it okay to do this?” And your answer is typically pulling him towards you.
  • Sitting on the couch in front of the T.V, his head in your lap as you brush your fingers through his hair. This is something he loves, and has been known to purr and curl up against you while this happens.
  • Reassuring him that he’s beautiful, and always has been to you, no matter how much he may digress against you.
  • Kurt getting territorial with you, especially when he senses someone staring at you for longer than he thinks is needed.
    • Tends to get animalistic and will glare, snarl and growl at whoever is looking/implying anything ill towards you.
  • Hearing him say ‘I love you’ for the first time, and he’s actually surprised because he found the person he wants to love for the rest of his life.

MORE Tiny Horse Adopts!

My second set of vacation inspired tiny horses! I’ve moved Dappled up to this set too to keep all the available ones on a single post. 

If you’d like to claim one, please send me an IM! My rules for adoptables are in the link above. Prices are in USD. 

Serene Spots costs $25!  (She’s based on my bathing suit/floppy hat outfit I wore that made me feel SUPER CUTE so I like her a LOT)

Sandbar is $20

Finbar is $20

If you buy them both as siblings, they’re only $30!

Abalone is $10

Dappled is $10

Aw thank you! I’m glad it made you smile! and I’m always up to write for my favorite cyborg ^.^. I hope you enjoy it!

               Walking through the halls of Gibraltar at the wee hours of nine in the morning was not how you wanted to spend your day off. But here you were, hunting for your missing cyborg boyfriend. Well he wasn’t really missing per say, considering you knew exactly where he was. But if he wasn’t cuddling with you in bed you would count it as missing.

Another yawn escaped as you opened the door that lead to Genji and Zenyatta’s usual mediation grounds. It was just a simple cliff on the side of the base. But it was open and on a nice day the breeze from the ocean would whistle through the air. It truly was a serene spot that suited meditation. Upon closer inspection of the area Zenyatta was nowhere to be found, however you did spot the back of your favorite cyborg in his usual lotus position.

He seemed to be deep in his meditation still and an idea popped into your head. The thought caused a mischievous grin to stretch across your lips as you snuck up behind him 

“Guess who?” You sang as your hands slipped around his visor. It was an awkward position granted considering he was sitting and you were practically draped against his back.

“Oh could it possibly be my lily flower? I didn’t think you would have been up for a while.”

“Well I missed you. There’s no point in sleeping in if you’re not there.” The words must have struck a chord with the cyborg because before you knew what was happening you were in his lap. His visor looked down at your shocked expression and you could practically feel the smile radiating from behind his mask.

“Why must you say such adorable things?” He said as he buried his face in your neck. One would think that it would be uncomfortable having the visor against your throat but it was extremely ticklish, and it pulled a string of giggles from your growing smile. True Genji might not have been with you sleeping, but cuddling here seemed like a pretty good substitute.  

Delfino Plaza! 

It’s such a serene vacation spot, full of the nicest Piantas you could ever meet! I always felt really cool when I was hopping around on those rooftops. Like a superhero!

Plus it’s kinda the only place where there weren’t a bunch of monsters trying to kill me. That’s always a big plus. 

- Mario

serenityhayashi  asked:

-Serenity could smell a new scent as she entered the lair, glancing towards to live room area she noticed some girl hitting on Mikey. Frowning slight let out a low growl, for some reason she didn't like this and would of dashed at the chance of getting this new girl away from him. But the question struck her as why? Why was she feeling like this? Was it possible she had grown feeling for the turtle? Sighing she couldn't do anything, it wasn't her place and if he was happy then she was happy.-

He wasn’t used to all the compliments, the girl wouldn’t stop. But in a way, he liked it. What was that feeling, when you enjoy and hate something at the same time. He couldn’t trust her, he barley knew her. But at the same time, he wanted her. He looked over the girls shoulder, when he spotted Serenity. Running over to her, he noticed the disapproving look she had on her face. “You okay? What’s wrong?”