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so many headcanons for all ma ladies that i need to start writing down


Petyr/Paul x Sansa : Quantum Break AU 

Sansa was Paul Serene’s girlfriend at the time of the accident, she was told he died not 24 hours ago but the last time Paul saw her was 17 years ago…

“Paul…I-what happened they..they told me you died…” 

“Sansa I am so sorry the something malfunctioned and-”

“How long ?”

“Sansa I-“

“How long Paul ?”

“seventeen years…”

Remorseful - Theme #24 | Preview message me for the code 


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PKMN Variations! Ancient Magikarp & Gyarados

Magikarp & Gyarados – Magikarp and its evolved form are famous even in regions where they are not found for different reasons. For Magikarp, it’s their incredibly pathetic nature that gets them labeled as one of the weakest Pokémon in the world, whereas Gyarados are infamous for being highly destructive. Information from the past claims that ancient Magikarp were once powerful Pokémon, but their descendants are so weak today that it seems impossible. But at a dig site in a certain region, a fossil was unearthed and later revived, revealing an Ancient Magikarp. The following is based upon the research conducted on that individual Magikarp.

Though the appearance of the Ancient Magikarp greatly resembles its descendants—albeit with a constantly upset expression as opposed to a witless one—its behavior resembles that of its present day counterpart’s evolved form: violent and often willing to attack with fatal intent if angered. Attempts to perform tests on it led to several injured researchers. Because of its great resemblance, the Ancient Magikarp test subject was placed in a school of normal Magikarp to see how ancestor and descendants would react to one another. It led to the Ancient Magikarp attacking and badly wounding most of the males, but left the females alone in order to mate with them. After placing the Ancient Magikarp in a tank with all female present day Magikarp, it was observed that most of its time was spent mating. But unlike ordinary Magikarp, who are able to breed eggs within days of mating, the Ancient Magikarp was unable to impregnate any of the females within the span of six months, leading researchers to create Ancient Magikarp eggs via Ditto breeding.

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