serene beach


Ocean Beach, Serenity Isle, Isla Paradiso- Following an amazing two days of great waves and stunning surfing performances, the Paradiso Classic is officially over. Coby Sheffield won the Gold after posting two big scores of 9.00 and 8.20. As well as flawless rail-to-rail surfing, Sheffield demonstrated a mastery of the board that had him hanging tens and fives and the rapt crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.
“It was a really close final, and everyone got decent waves,” said Sheffield as he waved his Gold Medal for the crowd. “My strategy was not to have a strategy. I didn’t want to overthink it or worry too much about the score. I just tried to have faith in my surfing. That always seems to work best for me.”
The Silver Medal went to Starlight Shores’ Tyler Anderson, and the Bronze to crowd favourite, wildcard Dario Delmar.
By becoming the Paradiso Classic Champion, Sheffield earns himself §25,000 prize money, a Gold Medal worth § 5000, a Tag Heuer watch, and jumps to 6th position from 8th on the International World Qualifying Series rankings.
Islands local Dario Delmar was ecstatic to have come third.
“If someone told me that I would come third in this comp a few weeks ago I probably wouldn’t have believed them,” an emotional Delmar said. “This is *expletive* huge for me. I just can’t *expletive* believe it.”