One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been in to is Mamou — “A Home Kitchen”. When AV and I went to Manila to watch Taylor Swift’s concert we stayed there for three days. Before we left Manila we spent our remaining hours in Rockwell and AV’s mom decided to eat at Mamou. It was the best food I’ve tasted.

One of my favorite food in their menu. It’s bread with butter. The bread is soft and warm and very tasty especially when you butter it. 

It is also great for special occasions. Their steak is the best especially when you eat it with rock salt.

Mamou also has a family theme to it with it’s wide tables that can fit 4-5 members of the family. 

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posted by: Jana Aguilar

Eat: At Katsu

The bf and I celebrated our one-year anniversary last month with a fun-filled day:

  • Lunch at Katsu,
  • Watching Zombadings part 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington, and
  • Dinner at Fez

For this entry, though, I’ll focus on Katsu (The Fort Strip, Taguig) and Fez (Serendra).

The place has a good ambiance and pretty interior. I have a strong penchant for asian furniture and design, so I really digged the look and feel of the restaurant.

The place is great for dates or after-dinner intimate drinking sessions (they serve alcohol and have a bar).

Their food is a bit pricey, but just about right for the serving size and taste. We ordered one of their specialties - the Katsudon (Php265.00). It came with a Miso soup already. The Miso soup was the usual. I don’t think there’s that much variety with how Miso soup tastes anyway. The Katsudon was a pretty big serving. The pork cutlet itself was thick and very filling. Plus the rice occupied I think ¾ of the whole bowl. If we’d known earlier, we would’ve just ordered one serving and divided it between the two of us.

For dinner, we went to Fez at Serendra. It was a cozy little place, but mostly visited by guys for a bottle of beer or two. We ordered Fez Nachos (Php295.00) and Pita Pockets Chicken Tandoori (Php260.00). These were all just starters, mind you. They’re good for 2-3 people and they will satisfy your belly.

June 28, 2011

Fort & Serendra

Inspite my lack of sleep situation and the list of things I have to do, I just had to make the effort of spending the night with my Bacolodees to make up for the absence during the past month. I missed everyone.

Becca & I left Taft around 8 and met up with them at Jollibee Fort, yes we drove to Fort to eat Jollibee.

Inno, Jio, Robyn and Sir Inno :

I really like this photo of the boys; I dunno, its a good picture of the three of them, they really look like buddies.

We just had to tease Becca with packing her strawberry Yogurt with the Jello.

L-a, Dani & CJ followed. These people had such a huge appetite. They gymed so they were extra hungry. They ordered at least two meals, each.

Sir CJ.

We went to CJ’s condo afterwards where we all hung out and watched, “No Strings Attatched”. Its such a funny, sweet and kinky movie. I really adored Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher’s acting.

I missed my girls, its really been weeks and weeks since the last time I’ve seen them. I’ve known them since pre-school!

As always, Sir CJ starts mixing. Then around one in the morning, the front desk calls, telling us to keep the volume down low. Neighboring rooms are probably complaining. Haha. Sorry! We’re just kids.

Ela, RObyn, Gio and me started playing games; like tossing pinches of banana in the air and catching it directly in our mouths. that was funny.

We went home around 2 in the morning, and again, for two nights in a row, I went home at 2 in the morning. Atleast my class tomorrow is still at 2:45. Great night with everyone!:)

pampanga-laguna-manila :)

What I like most about my work is the chance to see and travel the Philippines for free. It’s not about how much you get paid but I believe its more about how and what you have become beyond the four corners of the classroom. It’s not about where and what company you work for but most importantly, it’s about personal growth, continuous learning and stimulating mind-boggling challenges. :)

You have to bear the motorelas in Pampanga. Grbeeee k.gamay! haha

Rizal’s hometown, Calamba Laguna. 

from Bahay ni Rizal. I don’t know whose room is this. hehe. 

Team Pacquaio for the win! haha. 

Serendra + AWESOME Furniture!

Just got home from a long day of traveling and sitting~ Yup, sitting… on AWESOME CHAIRS! waha it was my first time going to Serendra :> It was so much fun~~

Ate desserts first :)) Cupcakes by Sonja!

Tiny Shop looks uber cute! I especially loved the wall patterns and deco!

Here’s what we got :> Vanilla Sunshine with Chocolate Icing is mine :D

Looks like pooh~~ but totally scrumptilidumptililicious ;P

Next stop: Muji, a Japanese Store

Muji is awesome! But items are so expensive T.T They have clothes too which are very ‘mori’ and ultra kawaii! Clothes that you can see in Japanese Magazines :>>

Then we went to Bo Concept :)~ the true agenda why we went there :) Awesome furniture which we only saw on photos and books came to life! Vitra!!!

We were like crazy girls roaming around the store :)) We touched and knocked on everything XD

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman.

Timer mode for the win :))

Verner Panton’s Chair :>>

Awesome!!~ Too bad we can’t sit on this one XD do you know how much this beautiful creation costs? 257,048 pesos T.T :)

Erika’s Weather Forecast: It was exciting to see chairs :) I hope to come back and see more :> Oh~ For tomorrow I’ll post about my recent visit to Etude House in Market Market and a HowTo ;D