serendipity 3 new york

Now, imagine how much harder that will be once you’re a wealthy tycoon, with wealthy tycoon friends. You can’t be caught eating that shit at your fancy operas or charity balls, even if it is the food of the gods. But who among your snooty friends could look down on you for eating the $69 gourmet hot dog at Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York. Look at it!

That bastard is “…grilled in white truffle oil and topped with duck foie gras, caramelized Vidalia onions, heirloom tomato ketchup and Dijon mustard.”

The only problem is that, knowing how competitive rich douchebags can be, eventually one of your friends will boast that they have found a better, more expensive dog. They are speaking of the $80 “McMullen dog.”

First, half a pound of beef is rolled into a tube. Next, it’s “… deep fried and rolled in truffle oil, then coated with porcini dust, sprinkled with white truffle shavings and topped with dollops of creme fraiche, caviar and fresh roe.” Unfortunately, the only place to get it is at the stadium of the Brockton Rox baseball team. So you’ll probably have to send your butler to go pick it up.

Totally worth it.

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