Who [of the female characters in Magi] is more badass than Arba or Morgiana?

Very easy: Rurumu

Because she is:

A Princess

A Imuchakk warrior 

A leader 

Is so intelligent and patient

A loving wife 

A true mother 

so feminine and strong

A kind person 

A great person

Rurumu need more love because she is in other level of just be a badass character. 

  • Sinbad: Okay guys, try to fill in the blank!
  • Sinbad: Sinbad is very ______
  • Ja'far: Obnoxious
  • Hinahoho: Ridiculous
  • Serendine: Irritating
  • Drakon: Arrogant
  • Mystras: Disturbing
  • Sinbad: ....
  • Sinbad: Jesus fucking christ