Help Me || Michelle & Serena

Michelle woke up from her nap. She wasn’t at all refreshed. In fact she was still tired, but surprisingly she was in a lot of pain. It felt like something inside her was kicking her. She looked down and realized how big her stomach was. At first she thought she was dreaming. The girl rubbed her eyes and pinched her arm a couple times. But it wasn’t a dream. How could this happen? Why did it happen to her? What’s going to happen? All these questions filled her head as she started to panic. She needed to call someone quickly. Maybe Celeste! Wait-no she was on vacation with Rain. Michelle thought that calling her would just ruin her vacation. She didn’t know where Alex was, nor did she want to know how he’d react to this. This left two people. Kevin and Serena. Of course, Michelle was too scared to tell Kevin about it. So she quickly picked up her phone and texted Serena. “Serena I need your help. Please come to my door ASAP!!!"She sent the message to the girl. Then she waited for a reply.

Soft whimpers escaped the newborn baby’s lips, causing Aileen to giggle softly as she watched her son squirm in her arms– the baby getting used to the extra room and his new senses of feeling. To be honest, Aileen was still in awe. She couldn’t believe that the miracle both she and Spencer had created, after a long nine months, was finally here–  that Aiden was here: real, healthy, and breathing. Yes, he certainly gave her a tough time during delivery– her mother stating after all the excitement had subsided that the baby boy definitely inherited it from Joshua’s side of the family, the stubbornness running deep in the Xiao blood. Of course, that was before they both realized that stubbornness wasn’t too far off within the Choi genetics either making it a toss up. Even so, Aileen was happy. Undeniably, inexplicably happy for Aiden’s existence. He was her baby boy.

Paler than the norm and hair messily tied up into a bun, Aileen laid there on the hospital bed with her son in her arms, unable to keep her eyes off of him. Since the moment she arrived at the hospital, this was her first time alone with him, There were no doctors, no family members, nor friends with them at the moment. Not even Spencer who was probably the most insistent on being at her and their son’s side. As much as she wished that Spencer was there to witness how cute their son was, he needed rest just as much as her– the man being on edge and sleepless as Aiden’s due date came closer and closer. Thankfully, her mother-in-law stepped in and made Spencer take a break and have dinner with his family, leaving the new mother with their son alone as her family went to do the same.

Only about twenty minutes had passed when there was a soft knock on the door, alerting Aileen that she had a visitor. “Come in.” She spoke barely loud enough as she raised her voice slightly, not wanting to sudden startle the newborn.

Best Starter Ever (No not really)||Ryan & Serena

Ryan looked over at his phone. He was starving and really wanted something to eat. He was in the mood for some korean or chinese. But he didn’t know where to go since he doesn’t go out that much. The dancer got up and decided he should try to go find a good place to eat. He started to roam the halls while playing on his phone. Ryan was so into the game he was playing he didn’t see where he was going. Nor did he remember where he wanted to go. The boy bumped into one of his friends, causing him to drop his phone. “Shi-” He looked at the older female, “ps.. ships.” Ryan picked up his phone to check if there was any scratches on it.

Boy Troubles?|| Serena and Michelle

Michelle sat down on the bench in the garden. Valentines day was coming up and she didn’t know what to do. Should she talk to Kevin or go talk to the counselor like Celeste suggested. She picked a flower and started to pull its petals. As she pulled the petals off the flower she said out loud, “Go to the counselor, talk to Kevin, Go to the counselor, talk to Kevin.” When the last petal landed on talk to the councelor, Michelle shook her head and picked another flower. Then she tried again. To be honest, she didn’t really know what to do. She wasn’t even sure if any of those would work and how they would affect her. Michelle let out a small sigh and tossed the flower to the side.