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MmmmMmMM maybe I AM gonna serenade you (and your ushi pillow) with Disney songs 🌚🌚🌚

No you leave my pillow alone.

I want to write an Art School AU drabble all about how the characters spend Valentine’s Day.

Potionless: there’s probably a horse-drawn carriage involved. Hand made gifts. Candle lit dinner. Possible serenade. Dancing. Unbearable sweetness.

Butterfly Bog: Now officially a couple but still boycotting the holiday. Except that they found the perfect gifts for each other … 

Gwill and Fam: Rod and Gwill make Adeline breakfast in bed. “The eggshells in the omelette are from Gwill.” Roderick gives Adeline flowers, chocolates, and a completely sappy card.

Any other ideas? Prompt me.

[ always down for them dankn munday memes 

 not to confuse me for Red who made the super cool 10/10 100% incredible base for this over at @ask-wottersquad!

(coughs, if its totally 100% hard to differentiate between the two of us you can call me Red Rose because that’s the characters full name if i wanna get technical about my ocs, but i digress)

i wont actually serenade you friends, i must study ]

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Hey new anon :) Please check out the tags - Harry is so painfully in love, he do anything for his boy. Look at his body, the rings, the blue bandana, him serenading, him lighting up and laughing out loud when Louis tells a joke (even it's not that funny like c'mon). Oh and listen to If I Could Fly. This song tells you everything you need to know. Oh and don't forget all the hidden touches and glances H throws Louis' way like basically all the time. That boy is gone since 5 years <3

Aaaaah, you said it so very well! Thank you!!

How could I not mention If I could fly? Absolutely my bad! And god, it’s true, Harry can be so embarassing when it comes to his boy, too! When he can’t help but find Louis the most endearing and amusing creature in the whole universe and laughs as if it was his last day of life! Really, new anon, scroll down a bit, I’m sure it’ll be pretty easy to change your mind ;)

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Does Darcy ever start singing "hey bucky you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey bucky" to Bucky to see him being extremely annoyed? Because I can see her doing this, and I laugh a lot thinking about it. (Bonus points if she can make Bucky blush, then it's even more awesome) Also, in how many songs could she fit Bucky's name? What would be Steve's reaction? Would anyone dare to join her while she serenades him? I need to know. (If it's not clear enough, love your 'run verse!)

Okay, but I think we need to consider that Bucky Barnes may just be a little bit of a troll himself. Who made Steve go on the roller coster that one time that made him puke? Huh? Bucky Barnes. 

I imagine, being you know, Darcy and a Stark, she is exceptional at being irritating. Perhaps they get some sort of old-timey jukebox for the bar and she’s carefully selected every song on the playlist for maximum potential obnoxiousness. (Clint maybe helped – Clint was the one who bought the karaoke machine, anyway, so …)

Steve would think it was absolutely hilarious, I have to believe. 

And it would be Clint, of course. Absolutely Clint. Clint has a wonderful singing voice, he’ll have you know. And he’s not afraid of the Winter Soldier.

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If I were dating you, I would take my time to court you from afar. I would send you letters holding small, pressed flowers; dried, fragrant herbs; and soft, vibrant feathers. I would take small bottles and fill them with beautiful sands, charming shells, and scraps of colored paper covered in tiny poems and ramblings. As we become more serious, I'd gift you with hand-strung beads and delicate bones attached to magnets. I would plant the flowers left on graves outside your door, and...

Fill a small journal with the poems that you inspire. You would wake to your favorite sweets baked fresh on the weekends, and come home to a cluttered kitchen filled with the scents of both yours and my preferred dishes. I would use my Jeep to take us to the seashore one day for time spent serenading the waves; to a hidden field one night so that we might enjoy the company of the stars and their stories; or to a small bookshop before ending our outing in a charming cafe. Memories from around us.

Oh, you precious, dangerously charming thing. You would steal my heart away like a fairy changeling, for sure.

I was tagged to do this thing by @vananasmccann , @pepperlandings , && @s-dawson26 . thanks yo.

1.) Spell your name with song titles!

H – Hourglass || Catfist and the Bottlemen
A – After Glow || Foals
R – Reckless Serenade || Arctic Monkeys
O – One || Ed Sheeran
L – Last Nite || The Strokes
D – Don’t Try || Everything Everything

2.) Why did you choose your URL?

Because every single time I see Van’s stupid fucking face I’m just like “Shit, Van”. The End.

3.) What is your middle name?

Harold lmao.

4.) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

Bob Hall’s beautiful voice.

5.) Favourite colour?

Pantone 317 c

6.) Song you like right now?

Paraffin || Catfish and the Bottlemen ( or asa i dont know )

7.) Top 4 fandoms? 

i like doctor who kinda lmao
jonas brothers 4 lyf
alex wolff could raw me and i’d be okay with it so whatever fandom that is

8.) Tag 9 people!

@arcticdad , @vanmctrashcann , @mathewhealy@fuckvan , @nicevan , @benjamin-blakeway , @whatthehallbob , @catfishandthebottlemn , && @catfishandmonkeys

Klaine Valentine’s Day 9: Can’t Help Falling in Love

I know I haven’t posted day 8 yet, but I couldn’t wait on this one. This song was always on my short list of ones I wanted Blaine to sing. And what better episode for him to sing it in than A Wedding?

“Heads up, oh twin in bitchdom. Your hubby’s already planning on taking the microphone.”

Kurt turns to Santana, who looks as amazing as he feels today, bright and light. “I thought we were going with that Amy Winehouse cover you played while we changed suits?”

“And that’s supposed to stop him from declaring his love for you for the ten thousandth time in a sappy serenade? You pulled him away from Karofsky and it’s like he’s back to his old self, the male Berry clone.”

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catch ,me in my room every single night with a supply of xanax and frozen vegan burritos that nevwer seems to run out 

zizek lecture plays on the TV w the captions on, NIcki Minaj serenades me through my headphones

when i’m 26 and a studious accademic and THE sexiest living Marxist social theorist and cultural critic alive i will look back on this and feel nostalgia (this is what i repeat to myself, this is what my therapist tells me to make me feel better)

maybe by then i will be able to accomplish an orgasm and won’t be forced to choose sanity over normal sexual functioning 

i think i might be ready to try hard drugs, what’s fucking on cocaine like, i need to feel alive 

i was tagged by Molly @vananasmccann, Katie @pepperlandings & Sarah @s-dawson26 thank you very much ladies! xx

1) Spell your name with song titles!
K - Kathleen // CATB
I - If Only // The Kooks
R - Reckless Serenade // Arctic Monkeys
S - Sex And Question Marks // The Wombats
T - Taxman // The Beatles
Y - You Had It Easy // Made Violent

2) Why did you choose your URL?
it was my 3 fave bands at the time (they’re still my faves but my top 3 has shifted around a bit since then)

3) What is your middle name?

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?
Zayn Malik (granted he’s more of a God than a mythical creature but still)

5) Favourite colour?
blue, green and black

6) Song you like right now?
Pillowtalk by Zayn is everything to me rn i can’t lie and also this song by Mura Masa & Nao called Firefly

7)Top 4 fandoms? 

i kinda hate this question bc i always feel like fandom is the wrong word to use but okay i guess CATB, My Mad Fat Diary, Kasabian & Oasis??

8)Tag 9 people!
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y'all…. i got driven home by a gorgeous model type while he serenaded me and the sunset made my heart flutter and all the windows in his dirty ‘85 benz were down and we sped and i felt like the sunshine
now my house is full of my babely friends and i have juice and i’m floaty happy high and I’m pretty stoked on today

Little Girl

Her eyes are sonnets
Radios transmitting
Underground serenades
Humming through
Her spiroid of iris
Her speaker of sight
She plays jazz with her pupils
Trance with her color-flecks
Guitar with her lashes
She can sing you to sleep
With her gramophone gaze

Her lips are sunset clouds
Curling into red storm
Heaven’s thunderous kiss
An army of sweet angels
Rides from her mouth
Conquering the love soldier
Who dares to combat her

Her skin is pure yogurt
Dappled with fruit moles
A healthy vice
With dusty granola of hair
A boy’s breakfast
In snuggly socks
A love affair
In fresh apple light

Her voice is girl and woman

A girl, curious
On journey
Sifting through
Flesh-pages of lover
Testimonial-wounds of past
A human history
To cuddle with
To learn from

A woman, communicating
Abstract femininity
Watermelon sexuality
Plaintive tastes
(In music and men)

This, all in her voice

Everyday, she listens to Bryan Ferry CD’s
And swoons

– J. Mirarchi