serena's daily sketch

I did a series of anime/video game inspired clothing but this page happened to be my favorite. The top was designed based off of Black Cat (by Yabuki Kentaro), my favorite manga series of all time regardless of it’s somewhat juvenile shounen jump title. The thirteen in roman numerals is a throwback to the lead as well as the target mark over the heart. The roses at the bottom are for the lead antagonist in the series who is also coincidentally my favorite character.

The jeans were designed based off of KING OF BANDITS: JING (by Kumakura Yuichi), another favorite and high on my rec list simply for it’s flawless simple story telling, use of imagination and fantastic art. Included the ‘WANTED’ simply because as a Bandit King, when is he not wanted by the law for something? The cat design and swirl on the back pockets were to be replicas of the art shown in the series, one of which appears on Jing’s costume, the other one that just frequently appears.

Today’s doodle! The top part was inspired by Black River Killer - Blitzen Trapper. I really enjoy that song and it reminds me a lot of Bob Dylan’s stuff for some reason. I want to do a less creepy doll drawing of this eventually.

Below it is another attempt at realism. With reference for once! I was attempting to doodle Jensen off of a picture I had on my mp3 player, which was kind of hard to do but I like how it turned out. It will never be finished but still.