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Some old Sailor Moon screencap re-draws but with me @munbbi and @goblinqueenbluebie‘s characters ( Obviously this is Veruca’s anime dream where Trish is the evil Queen Beryl trying to brain wash her prince (ಥ Д ಥ)


Venus Williams is on to the Wimbledon Finals!!!!

Venus played her first Wimbledon twenty years ago and three of the last four women she faced in this year’s tournament weren’t even born when she turned pro. She just won her semi-final match and now has more Wimbledon match wins than any other active player (having previously been tied with Serena) and will go on to play her NINTH Wimbledon final on Saturday.

Serena casts a huge shadow on the sport, but with her out on pregnancy/maternity leave, it’s really great to see Venus reclaiming the spotlight. At 37 years old in a career that most of us thought was over six years ago when she dropped out of the top 100, Venus has played an Australian Open final this year (lost against Serena) and if she wins Saturday, she’ll be four years older than Martina Navratilova was when she became the oldest woman to win Wimbledon back in 1990.

(And, she’s been mowing down the competition in this tournament under a cloud of negativity stemming from an improperly investigated car crash that all but proclaimed her a murderer before further video evidence came out earlier this week.)

Wimbledon is Venus’ best tournament and I can’t tell you how badly I want her to win Saturday. Y'all put out some good energy for Miss V!

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