serena wins

i love the fact that the commentators are acknowledging serena as the greatest athlete the sport has ever seen, rather than the greatest female.

one of them just outright pointed out shes won more grand slam titles at 23 than any of the men (even federer), and is one short of equalling the all time champion, Margaret Court, who won 24. Serena has won the most grand slams above any other athlete in the sport.

serena is absolutely the best tennis player in the world. by a long shot.

she deserves the win.

Serena Williams is arrogant?


You lucky she not me. I win that many times and I’m bringing my entire family on to the Wimbledon court to do the Wobble, The Electric Slide, The Cha Cha Slide, The Cupid Shuffle and we doing a Soul Train Line. We Crip Walking, Whipping, Nae Nae’ing, Butterfly’ing, Tootsie Roll, Charlie Brown’ing, Kid-N-Play’ing, I Put My Hand Up On Yo Hip, When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip’ing, A-Town Stomping, Chicago Two Stepping, Indy Dip’ing ALL DAY LONG. 

And I might serve up some ribs on that Trophy. That’s what MY arrogance would look like if I was one of the, if not THE greatest athlete on Earth right now. 

Serena Williams humbleness to win ratio is something you should respect. She deserves to show out on ALL of us.  

Pokémon Expectations Vs. Reality:

Fans Expectations:

Serena wins master class and becomes Kalos Queen - Ash notices something special about her.

Ash Wins Kalos League, takes on Elite 4, wins, takes on Diantha, wins, becomes Kalos Champion - Serena’s feelings intensify.

Team Flare attack AFTER the champion battle. Ash & Co. Sort them out.

Ash and Serena head to Alola with Serena still not having confessed her love.

Ash and Serena get together… At some point…


Serena loses.

Ash loses.

Team Flare destroys Alain’s award ceremony… (Their own co-worker’s crowning glory!!!) That’s pretty much where we’re at.