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A not so Spooky Halloween TG:

Act 1:
“Hurry your ass woman!” Carla yelled from behind the bathroom door, tonight was the big Halloween party downtown at the bars and Carla was in no mood for being late. Serena on the other hand had better plans in mind as she pulled up her skimpy knee socks to finish her outfit for the night. “Like wow, we look so bitchin’ don’t we Sethy-poo?” she giggled as she turned back and blew a kiss at her ass suffocating in her tiny white booty shorts. While many other women were going for the cliche outfits this year like a nurse or Harley Quinn, Serena found a much more forward approach at her look was needed as she stepped out the bathroom to show off for Carla. “Girl what the hell are you supposed to be a slut?” Carla sneered jealous of how sexy the outfit looked on Serena as she spun around for her to see all the goods.

“Like no you silly goose, i’m like a fitness watcha-ma-call-it…trainer!!” she said proudly remembering the word she was looking for. “What kind of trainer wears that?!” Carla asked only to get a smartass remark back, “A slutty one, duuuh!” Serena said sticking the tongue at her friend. “So, should we be worried about our friend making an appearance tonight?” Carla asked putting her bunny ears on to finish her playmate outfit, “Hmm, no he’s been very quiet these past few weeks, like since he gave in it’s just been me me me!” Serena giggled. “Yeah but we are not out of the woods yet with that so to play it safe put this on,” she said handing Serena a ring that only made her stare wide eyed at the shiny object. “Like so prett- oww!” Serena yelped as the ring dug into her finger, “think of it like a chastity belt for werebimbo’s, as long as you have that on he can’t come out,” Carla said while Serena tugged at it effortlessly.

“Aww but like what about if I wanna use his cock for an extra fun night?” Serena whimpered, Carla knew how much she loved having that thing to the point it almost worried her. “That’s the Seth in you talking, he’s a horny boy just like you,” Carla said playfully slapping Serena on the cheek. Serena pouted but didn’t want her night to end early either so she nodded then proceeded to fix her tight sports bra. As she fiddled with it one of her breasts fell out making Carla turn red in the face, it had been over a week since they’d last had any sex and they were craving it badly. “Like oops these things are just so big!” Serena said sheepishly as she noticed Carla’s slack jaw expression fixated on her tit. “Bad girl!” Serena said giving Carla a slap back as she shook her head regaining her composure, “sorry it’s just been so long…” she said panting. “I know but don’t you worry, like tonight we are sooo getting laid,” Serena said jumping for joy as her other breast bounced its way out of her top.

After a few minutes of adjusting her top and Carla fighting the urge to jump Serena and say the fuck the party, they eventually got her outfit fixed and made their way out. “So like where is this big party at anyways Carla?” Serena asked as she watched her boobs wobble nearly smacking her in the face with every step. “Top floor of this really fancy nightclub, we have to take an elevator up a few levels this place is pretty exclusive,” Carla said leading her through the swarm of people walking about town. “So how’d you like get in then?” Serena said staring at all the cute boys that stopped to do a double take of her body, this only made her hornier as her shorts began to get wet. “I fucked the owner one time, now he’s a permanent werebimbo too, this is kind of like her thank you,” Carla said dragging Serena on.

Act 2:
Terry sat in his living room having flashbacks of the previous conversion to Zyra as he felt himself get hard nearly ripping his pants open. He panted and heaved as he began to stroke his erection unable to fight the urges his memories gave him, all the while a voice in his head egged him on. “Oh Terry doesn’t that just look so fun?” “We should go and do it again tonight,” the voice chuckled as he continued stroking himself. As he felt his orgasm coming on his nipples began to harden and a familiar pulsing began in his chest while he stroked faster. His body locked up as he came and his breasts began to rapidly swell out ripping his tank top as they perked up.

He sat panting feeling himself come back down from his high as the memories faded and he noticed he now had tits. “Holy fuck this is gross!” he shrieked as he watched them jiggle left and right with each movement. He almost thought he was in a dream as he touched his nipple lightly causing him to bite his lip, his new breasts were very sensitive making him hold in a moan. “This isn’t happening, this happen- nngh!” he grunted as he felt his breasts begin to suck back in causing him to orgasm again. He fell forward and was cushioned by his still large breasts as they sucked in with a loud gurgling and as he lay there the voice began to come back. “Party…downtown…let us out…” it whispered as he held his head feeling it splitting in two. One half clearly belonged to the entity and the other to him as he opened his eyes and stared in the mirror being greeted by a yellow left eye. He shook his head in disbelief and closed his eyes hoping to wake up from the nightmare but he couldn’t escape as the voice took control. “Enough of this lolly gagging, we are going to this party and that’s final!” the voice said as Terry shrieked feeling his shoulder blades crunching and growing. “That feels good doesn’t it?!” Zyra said as a pair of wings began to tear the back of his shirt off sprouting outwards.

The pain was so intense that Terry’s half of their body fainted causing them to fall forward, “oww you pussy can’t handle a little pain?!” After a few minutes of focusing she managed to take hold of his body as his right eye turned yellow opening slowly. “This would be too easy to change now, I’m all about surprises after all,” she sneered as she lifted herself up sickened by his curve lacking body. “Gross, I can’t wait to come out and play with our lucky lady of the night,” she chuckled as she stepped out the window and spread her wings to fly. She rose fast and high above the city as she glided towards the music and scent of prey, she looked around hoping for a good spot as she saw two buxom women walking towards a big building. She felt Terry’s dick grow rock hard as she focused in on the two girls admiring their enormous curves and tiny waists almost losing her focus as she fell for a moment. “I know just who i’m after tonight hehe, blondie you’re mine,” she chuckled as she descended into a nearby alley sucking her wings back in. Knowing Terry would turn tail and run she used her remaining time to make her way into the back of the club melting the handle off as Terry’s hand heated up like a blowtorch making her way in.

Act 3:
“Wow like did you feel that just now?” Serena said looking up in the sky confused. “No, what do you mean?” Carla asked, “I felt like we were being like spied on…” she said holding Carla close as paranoia crept up on her, something was off and she could feel it. Carla shrugged it off as she made her way to the front of the line and hugged the bouncer. “Mmm James so good to see you out tonight, out for a little hunting yourself?” she asked sarcastically, James was an old friend of her former self before she converted her to a hulking man. “Yeah you could say that, just enjoying the freedom tonight,” he said giving her a kiss on the cheek as he let her inside. “Like is he a you know what?” Serena asked quietly as the entered the empty hallway, “haha of course he is, most of the people we will meet tonight are or were werebimbo’s and hunks,” Carla said. As they walked down the corridor Serena was amazed with the decorations illuminating the hall, each side had two long fish-tanks filled to capacity with exotic fish as she stopped occasionally.

Terry awoke sitting in a dimly lit hallway as he heard footsteps approaching, he jumped up confused and afraid thinking he had been captured. “Who’s there?!” he shouted as the dark figures stopped, whoever they were they had insane figures he thought to himself. The two figures giggled and began to approach him once more making Terry turn and run only to be greeted by a cold steel door. “Like oh no he’s hurt,” a voice said as he sat dazed watching the room spin while a pair of giant tits swirled around his head getting closer. The two figures squatted down to check on him as he felt a soft hand rub his cheek, when he looked up he was greeted by what he thought was an angel. “Who are you two?” he said holding his head while he rose to his feet, as he locked eyes with the mysterious blonde he felt a fire ignite in his loins. “I’m Serena, and like this is Carla, we’re like total besties.” “What’s your name cutie?” Serena asked flashing him a wink that only made the fire intensify.

“T-Terry,” he said stuttering as he tried not to give in to his desires, “So you like going to this party too?” Serena asked. “Uhh…y-yeah I just kind of got lost in this dark hall,” he said as he followed them towards the elevator door. “Two at a time people sorry,” the elevator man said as Carla stepped back and told Serena she’d catch the next one as she stood next to the man and began to chat. “Well, like it’s just us two then,” Serena said biting her lip as she gave Terry a teasing wink gesturing him to look at her ill-hidden breasts. “L-look maybe this was a bad idea,” he said as the voice in his head began to get angry, “You’re not ruining this, she is asking for it fuck her!!” the voice echoed. “Oopsie, like my shoe is untied,” she said as she bent over and played with her Converse giving Terry a full view of the business making his heart race faster and he began to sweat. Tired of waiting, Serena pretended to fall backwards as she leaned into him with her ass knocking them both to floor as she mounted him. “Like this is our stop,” she giggled as she pushed the emergency stop button and began to grind on his crotch. Terry attempted to get her off but her pussy felt so good rubbing against him, he wanted her so bad he could feel his blood boiling as he buried his face in her boobs.

“Wow, see how easy that was?” she giggled as he pulled her top off letting her massive boobs bounce free, as he stared at the them Serena swore she could almost hear a girly moan from his mouth. “Like you’re a werebimbo too?!” she asked jumping for joy smothering his erect shaft each time as he stared confused. “W-werebimbo?” he asked, “like quit messing around I wanna see the good’s,” she said as she reached into his pants. “Oh I hope she can totes grow a cock like me too!” she said excitedly as she leaned down and swallowed his dick whole, he came instantly from the suction of her lips as the voice in his head began to laugh. Serena moaned as she slurped him down feeling him pump what felt like a gallon down her throat, as she continued to suck she could clearly hear his voice rising in pitch. “Please…stop, I can’t control her much longer…” he moaned feeling his lips plump up while Serena ignored him and sucked even faster.

What was only a few minutes felt like hours for Terry as his body began to stretch out to make room for the coming growth, just as before his nipples began to get hard while his hair began to lengthen. “mmrgh,” was all Serena could mumble as his ripped shirt began to make more sense now to her, as she stared at his change beginning the odd feeling she had before returned. The sense of dread and excitement from outside the club, it was this werewoman or so she thought he was a werewoman as she let go of her hold on his member. “Oh baby, like I can’t wait to see,” she said happily as she turned around and shoved his changing face in her ass making her moan in delight. Terry was so lost in the change and pleasure he had no clue he was eating her ass out, all he knew was he could taste strawberries as he continued on. Serena used her massive ass to shove him back down as she angled herself for a sixty-nine wrapping her lips around his shrinking cock.

Terry’s moans were completely feminine making Serena want to clap her hands from joy but her mouth was full at the moment. She felt her face begin to be smothered as fat rushed into his thighs tearing his pants to shreds as he thrust roughly into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she moaned wrapping her tongue around his shaft as he went down the back of her throat as he shot another load. As he came his balls began to deflate and suck in along with his dick making Serena whine as she was not done with it yet, as it sucked in though a tail began to appear from under him. “Like, uhh what’s that?” Serena asked confused, this wasn’t her normal experience around werebimbo’s something was off. She shrieked as she saw his thighs gain muscle as well making them grow even bigger as her skin began to turn a bright red. “Oooooh, this is like so exciting and such,” Serena said half-scared and half-intrigued as his calves toned out and his feet became delicate.

She fell forward hitting her face as Terry’s breasts erupted forth knocking her off causing her to look back in anger. “Like a warning would be nice!” she said before staring in awe as his massive tits turned red along with the rest of his body. His waist sucked in as he turned on his knee’s clutching it tight feeling it slim out before the six pack popped out making him cramp up. As he lay on the floor writhing his back and chest caved in shrinking to become more feminine as his arms bulked up slightly. He lay there moaning and panting as he felt the voice begin to take over once more, the last thing he saw was Serena standing over him confused. “Mmmm, here’s where the real fun begins,” Zyra chuckled as she rose up, “bend over bitch momma has got a brand new bag of toys…”

To be continued…

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