serena kay


So I remember first hearing about the attacks of the vicious plot bunnies, but it didn’t really kick in until I started getting into fandoms, and from there, my own ideas. 

Most of my inspiration comes from childhood experiences with sci-fi and fantasy. The Hobbit was one of my first fantasy novels, along with the Chronicles of Narnia. But even those didn’t influence my writing as much as sci-fi… Star Wars and Star Trek Voyager were/are my main influences. 

Where do you guys get your inspirations? And what genres do you like to write/read? What gives you the most inspiration?

sometimes i just think

what is with the shipping war of kalosshipping vs amourshipping?

because it both has serena?
well the thing is, to me

kalosshipping has GAME serena in it.

while amourshipping has ANIME serena in it.

i consider them 2 different serena’s in 2 different universes
also i know serena is hella bae but i just think the two different serenas are not something to fight over…….

so please that anon who asks about amourshipping on my ask blog

you are asking GAME serena, kay?